ISLAMABAD: The Alif Ailaan campaign to end Pakistan’s education emergency, MKRF’s Zara Sochiye campaign and Pakistan Coalition for Education, are concerned about the contradictory and damaging statement allegedly made by Shazia Marri on the floor of the National Assembly.


She is reported to have said that the politicians are being held responsible for the poor state of the education sector in the country and that this is a conspiracy against democracy.


“The real conspiracy against democracy is the scandalous state of education in Pakistan,” said the education campaigns in a joint press release.


“Politicians are most certainly responsible for education in Pakistan. They are the source of both what is good and what is bad about education in the country. Politicians are peoples’ representatives they are responsible for the fulfillment of the people’s aspiration. They cannot abdicate responsibility by making such statements.


“The most pertinent fact of the politicians’ responsibility is the national consensus that politicians have helped forge on the importance of education. The historic passage of the 18th Amendment, which includes Article 25-A, guaranteeing children between 5-16 years the right to an education, is a huge achievement of politicians and of politics. However, its implementation is still a question mark.”


Alif Ailaan, Zara Sochiye and the Pakistan Coalition for Education all believe this first step must be followed by many more.


“If Shazia Marri, other politicians and their parties really believe that education is not the responsibility of politicians, then it is a sad day for the children of Pakistan. As one of the largest national parties, the PPP has expressed repeated commitments to education. We sincerely hope that Shazia Marri shares that commitment,” they said.

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