Storytelling the education story

Storytelling the Education Story

There are 25 million children in Pakistan today who do not go to school, while the majority of those who are enrolled are not learning enough. Of the global population of children out of primary school, roughly one in 12 is from Pakistan. Given our current rate of progress, it will be the year 2088 before every Pakistani child is in school.  

Urgent action is needed to address the country’s education crisis but the large-scale structural and systemic changes needed to produce results will take time. Meanwhile it is easy to lose hope.

But all is not lost and there is reason for optimism. Communities, organisations and government officials across the country are working diligently to put our children in school and improve the quality of education they receive.

With this special screening of nine short films, we hope to give you a fresh perspective on the good work that Pakistanis are doing on the ground to empower parents, build political will for reform and help education providers do their jobs more effectively.

Alif Ailaan presents the story of education campaigning in Pakistan…

... Thora Beemar Hai

Pop band Strings, supporters of Alif Ailaan, visit a school in Karachi to talk to the students. This short film shows what children think about education and why every Pakistani child needs to be in school.

Director: Shehryar Mufti

Length: 6 min 20 sec

Making Education the Priority

Oscar-winning documentary film-maker and Alif Ailaan ambassador Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy talks about the education crisis in Pakistan.

Director: Shehryar Mufti

Length: 3 min 34 sec

Politicians Knocking on Doors

In the run-up to the 2013 general elections, Alif Ailaan in collaboration with Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) launched a campaign urging politicians to ensure that all children in their constituency go to school. As part of this campaign, 20 politicians went to the homes of their constituents and personally enrolled children in school.

Director: Ghulam-e-Sughra

Length: 1 min 58 sec; 2 min 17 sec

Mein Bara Ho Kar

Alif Ailaan’s television commercial prior to the 2013 general elections. Children talk about what they would do if they were Prime Minister.

Director: Shehryar Mufti

Length: 30 sec

Education Baithak, Shikarpur

Parents play a critical role in ensuring that their children receive a quality education. This documentary features one of many baithaks (community gatherings) organised by Alif Ailaan and ITA across Pakistan. These gatherings give local communities, teachers and parents an opportunity to discuss problems in education and to find solutions.

Director: Ghulam-e-Sughra

Length: 10 min 09 sec

Taqdeer Apne Hath Mein

In partnership with the Rural Support Programme Network (RSPN), Alif Ailaan is working in 7 districts and 56 union councils across Pakistan, setting up a network of local support organisations (LSOs) that work to improve the quality of education and access to schooling. This documentary highlights the work of these dedicated individuals.

Director: Furqan Haider Bhatti

Length: 9 min 39 sec

Government Officials in Balochistan

Balochistan has some of the lowest education indicators in the country. Currently, 66% of children in the province between the ages of 5 and 16 are out of school. Alif Ailaan organised a seminar bringing together politicians, policy makers, teachers and members of civil society to discuss and formulate a plan of action to improve the state of education in the province.

Length: 3 min 42 sec

Taleemi Karvaan 2013 Promo

A sneak peek into our upcoming documentary on Alif Ailaan’s enrolment drive in August 2013. The Alif Ailaan Taleemi Karavan 2014 will take to the road in March this year to coincide with the beginning of the school year.

Director: Shehryar Mufti

Length: 1 min 32 sec