Pakistan is in the midst of an education emergency. Yet to date, we haven’t been able to galvanise the necessary political will to tackle the problem. Almost every Pakistani has a story to share about the education emergency. Learn more, and share your experiences with us below.


Isn’t it time to do something about education?

Consider this: Half of Pakistan’s population is under the age of 22. Pakistan’s fortune depends upon these young people and what they can do as adults. They need a world-class education to succeed for themselves and for Pakistan, and yet:

- Fewer than half of Pakistani children ever complete a basic, primary school education, so over half enter adult, working life unable to read and write properly.

- Three out of every four Pakistani children lack basic mathematics skills.

- Pakistan ranks in the bottom eight countries in the world for its education spend.  While India is spending over 4% of national income on education, Pakistan spends less than half that amount.



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“The World Bank tell us that Education of women is one of the most important investments a society can make, yet, we know from UNESCO that in Pakistan, three-quarters of girls are not in school. Two thirds of the out-of-
school children in our country are female.”

“…the importance of education and the type of education cannot be overemphasized…there is no doubt that the future of our State will and must greatly depend upon the type of education we give to our children….”  Muhammad Ali Jinnah 1947

“Pakistan is one of eight countries worldwide that spend less than 2% of GDP on education. Less than half of students ever complete primary school.”


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