Sindh's Promise To Its Children

Sindh's Promise To Its Children

A political charter for 100% enrolment and dramatically improved quality of education in Sindh

We the political parties of Pakistan, proud of our association with Sindh and concerned about the future of this great province, hereby come together to pledge that:


We are committed to ensuring 100% enrolment in Sindh so that every child between the ages of five and sixteen is in school, in keeping with Article 25-A of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and the Sindh Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2013.

We are determined, notwithstanding our political and ideological differences, to support each other in making sure that our collective commitment to ensure 100% enrolment in Sindh is widely known and widely owned within our parties and among our cadres. We may disagree on many issues but we are united in the pursuit of 100% enrolment across the province of Sindh.

We believe that Sindh cannot progress without literacy and numeracy. We are committed to dramatically improving the quality of education our children receive, particularly in reading Sindhi and Urdu, and in mathematics.

We promise to sustain our interest in education in Sindh. We will come together through parliamentary and extra-parliamentary measures to revisit the state of affairs and assess progress at least once every three months.


Will you endorse?