September 5 2014



The last straw: Teachers’ protest to continue until demands are met

The teachers’ sit-in to protest their unpaid salaries since August 2012 entered its second day on Thursday with the pledge that they will not leave until their demands are met. They lashed out against the government, claiming that one Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) education minister gave them the jobs and another had declared them illegal. The 200 protesters represent the 3,600 teachers who received their appointment letters in June 2012 on the instructions of former education minister, Pir Mazharul Haq, but have not received their salaries for the last two years. The protesters shouted slogans against the education department’s additional chief secretary, Dr Fazlullah Pechuho, who in one of his statements had said that the protesting teachers were appointed in violation of the government rules and regulations.

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Sit-ins will not do any good, Khuhro tells protesting teachers

The Sindh education minister made it clear to teachers appointed spuriously during the previous tenure that the provincial government will not bow down to their demand of paying them the past two years’ salary.

Speaking at a hurriedly-called press conference at his office to respond to teachers staging a sit-in in front of the Bilawal House, Nisar Khuhro said: “There was no way” salaries could and would be released to them since their appointments had been made by the previous government “over and above” the sanctioned vacancies available at the education department and “in sheer violation of merit”.

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The scam: One PPP minister gives, another takes away

The four-member committee, headed by the education department’s special secretary, Shafiq Mahesar, had submitted its report, confirming that thousands of illegal appointments were made in collusion with the education department’s 12 officials, who took hefty sums in return.

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Joining hands: IBA Sukkur and Amantech sign partnership

 A partnership to establish vocational trades at Khairpur and Naushahro Feroze community colleges was announced by the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Sukkur, and Amantech. As part of this partnership, Amantech announced its first model implementation project with IBA, Sukkur, on Wednesday. With the help of AMANTECH’s best practices, the project will involve development and customisation of curriculum for multiple technical trades and supply of simulators for technical training at IBA, Sukkur, community colleges.

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Fight for rights: BADC students stage protest

The students of Bibi Aseefa Dental College (BADC) held a large demonstration at Chandka Medical College on Thursday for the third consecutive day after boycotting the out-patient department and their academic sessions for the acceptance of their demands. They also shouted slogans against the government for its failure in running this dental college along modern lines. Their demands include recognition and registration of the college with Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and Higher Education Commission (HEC).

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40 schools of UC Sawro are closed destroying education of thousands student in Kachho, district Dadu

Villagers complained that many schools are closed destroying education of thousands of children in the area. Teachers are not ready to come to teach our children and our children compelled to look after their livestock and get involved into agriculture work.  Due to absence of teachers, schools have been turned into cattle farms, Otaqs and storage for grains. Villagers further said, they have gone to administration, elected representatives and many others requested them to help them in opening these schools in the area so that their children study but no response is received yet.  

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Main Boys Primary School of Nao Kot is undated, Students are compelled to study in the Open Sky in district Meer Pur Khas 

Two rooms of school are still under water and students are compelled to study in scorching beam in open sky. And, due to water standing in school it has created cracks causing fears among students and teachers. This school has been constructed in 1972, but since then it has not been touched to repair it. Mr Abdul Qadir Nahriyo, head master said. He further said that he had timely informed to administration and asked them to repair and helped us in getting water out of it, but, they did not heard us, nor responded. He said, I have also written letters to higher authority told them the entire situation, but, still waiting for their response.

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After six months, principal was appointed in the Girls Higher Secondary School Meer Pur Bathero, district Thatta

Education of hundreds of girls was continuously at risk. Many complains were registered and news about the destruction of the education published into many newspapers after then authority took notice of it and Mr Abdul Qadir Kaka, DO education Thatta appointed  principal to restart the education of the higher secondary school.  At least after six month, Rukhsana Lohar was appointed principal of higher secondary school Meer Pur Bathero.

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Education Department did not take notice of cracks appeared into newly constructed school building of primary school Sabu Kartiyoo,  Nao Dero , district Larkana

Cracks have appeared into newly constructed school building of the primary school of village Sabu Kartiyo before handing over building to the education department. Contractor used poor material while constructing the school building. Now contractor and local administration are struggling to hide their corruption which they have made during the construction of building.  Although, building has been cracked down from 26 different sides, but, Education Works Engineer Mr Khalil Shaikh is saying school building is constructed properly and there is no risk in this building. On the contrary, he claimed that it would sustain for at least 50 years.      

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Senior Minister Education Mr Nisar Khuhro termed previously appointed 13000 teachers fake appointments and without merits

PPP party chairman Bilawal Bhuto and minister education Mr Nisar Khuhro sb have declared previously appointed 13000 teachers as fake appointment and without merits.  They said those who will pass NTS test will be given job as teacher now.  Simultaneously, they have also said that those officers who have been involved into the fake appointments have been punished and have been removed from their position. Now, new appointment will be made purely on merit basis. On the other hand, teachers said their struggle will be continued till to get the salaries and confirmation letters.

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Intellectuals, educators and academicians showed serious concerns over the deteriorated situation of the education from primary to higher education in Sindh

Yesterday a program organized by civil society actors attended by different intellectuals, academicians and education experts in Karachi. They seriously raised concerns over the overall conditions of education in Sindh and demanded from the government of Sindh to pay heed towards to education and take immediate actions for its improvement in Sindh. They said teachers’ organizations, parents and students are responsible for this worst situation of education, but, prime responsibility goes to the government of Sindh for this condition.  They proposed some actions to be taken to improve the education are including that the retirement age of teachers should be reduced to 55 years, instead of 60 years. Vigilance should be tightened; copy culture should be removed and banned totally.  Teachers should be appointed on merits and teachers should regularly go to school and to teach. In addition to this, parents and student should also be equally serious towards the education. Otherwise, education will not be improved in Sindh.

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More than 70% girls schools are locked and teachers are enjoying free salaries in taluka Khairpur Nathan Shah, district Dadu

Girls’ education of taluka Khairpur Nathan Shah is destroyed, as 70% girls’ schools are closed currently. Teachers are paying penny to the higher authorities in the Taluka. Supervisor who reported about the closed schools was forcedly transferred.  Villagers protested against the EDO female for her illegal actions and corruption made in education department. They illegally blamed EDO female that she is taking millions of rupees from teachers for allowing them not to teach in the schools. Therefore, 70% girls’ schools are closed in the area. Villagers demanded from the higher authority to take notice of it so that the girls’ education could be started in the taluka and justice could be done with the supervisor Apa Rooshan Parveen who has been transferred.     

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Non gazetted EDO appointed in District Jamshoro, Schools have been tuned into cattle farm and Otaqs of influential persons in Taluka Majhad

Schools of taluka Majhand have been turned into dairy farms, storage of grains and otaq by the influential persons of the area. Teachers never turned to schools and are enjoying free salaries and leisure time. Political back up have encouraged teachers to get salaries without performing their duties. Politically interference has made education department of district Jamshoro unproductive and less effective. It is an alarming situation that the charging of EDO has been given to Mr Mohammad Ayub Mallah who is actually in 16th grade.  All funds of SMCs have been badly mismanaged. Parents, students, social and political workers of the area have demanded form the authority to take notice of the destruction of education in the area.

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Social Welfare Association protested for closed School in village Gelo Nonari, taluka and district Hyderabad

Representatives of the Social Welfare Association protested in front of the press club Hyderabad for long closure of the primary school of village Gelo Nonari, near Wanaki Wasi, district Hyderabad. Mr Rashid Leghair, Muhab Azad and Farhana Naz said school is closed since last many years. Although, they have written many applications to minster education and Sindh government, but still today, no action has taken for its opening. We urged from the government of Sindh and education department to open the school, protestors said.

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Sindh Education Foundation has planned Programs for the promotion of education in rural areas of Sindh

Yesterday, Sindh education Foundation has issued press release showing that it has planned different programs for the promotion of education in rural areas of Sindh. They further said that SEF is going to plan international day of literacy on September 8th in Karachi to aware the people of Sindh regarding the education in the Sindh. Newly, appointed Managing Director Aziz Kabani sb has said that program will be organized though out our regional offices to promote the education in Sindh.

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Primary School Waras Dino Machhi has no teacher; children are deprived from their basic rights to education

Primary Schools of Kamal Chandio and Wars Dino Machhi are without teachers. Students are compelled to do agriculture work and look after their cattle.  Villagers complained to media person saying the education of their children are destroying. We urged from the higher authorities to appoint teachers into our schools so that our children could get education.

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Laptop, Computers and other material were stolen from Girls Middle School Bozdar Wada

It is learnt that laptop, computers and other material have been stolen from the girls’ middle school.  Guard is not coming to perform its duty.  Till now, no FIR has been lodged.

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Disable children are deprived from their right to education, as mental Health Children Center has been turned into ruin in village Soomar Kandani, Malir, Karachi

Mental Health Center has turned into ruins. Disable children do not access to education and other health services.  Government has turned blind eyes towards it. Since last 16 years, no repair work has been done to center. Grant Rs: 200 receiving disable children have also been stopped. Neither government not the elected person took notice of it.

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Protest against the shortage of water and lack of electricity in D G Science College Karachi

Islami Jamiat Tulbai protested for drinking water and electricity, as, since last three days college does not have neither drinking water nor electricity, and due to it study is getting disturbed. Taking play cards in their hands, students protested and demanded for the immediate availability of the water and electricity.

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Education Committee Disappoints

Education Committee disappoints in loralai said by GTA, they also added that no one is taking responsibility as Vacancies are free in Schools. Students and Teachers are looking towards Education Committee with hope.

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District Education Officer’s Absenteeism

District Education Officer is continuously absent and Teachers problems are increasing day by day. When an Officer is showing such type of  carelessness , how teachers presence can be insured in Schools.

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Khyber Pakhtukhwa


Education is a privilege that the people of Kohistan have never had

Allah Dino has six daughters and two sons but none of them go to school. He believes that the ‘luxury’ of education is only for those who can afford it. “There is a school near my village but it has been closed for a decade now,” he said. “We cannot afford education. I don’t think there is any school in this entire area where the students attend classes on a regular basis.” Allah Dino’s village, Rek Joi, is around 30 kilometres from the taluka headquarter, Thano Bula Khan. Lack of education plagues not only Rek Joi but also the rest of Kohistan. Some of the villages have schools but there are no teachers there.

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School enrolment drive planned in Karak

The elementary and secondary education department has decided to begin an enrolment campaign across Karak. This was stated by district education officer Zahid Rasheed Khattak while talking to reporters here on Thursday. The DEO said the people should send their children to government schools for enrolment. He said the elementary and secondary education had already begun its enrolment campaign in the district but it would be intensified by holding awareness walks in the every nook and corner of the district. Zahid Rasheed said it was the firm resolution of the elementary and secondary education department to bring all out-of-the-school children back to educational institutions.

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Academic modification: JI wants secular material removed from textbooks

Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) is not against the inclusion of famous personalities in curriculum textbooks; “We just want Islamic chapters removed during the previous government’s tenure to be restored and all secular, un-Islamic chapters be removed,” said the K-P local government minister. JI member and Minister for Local Government Inayatullah Khan told The Express Tribune on Thursday the party also has reservations over a chapter in the ninth-grade Pakistan Studies textbook. “In the said chapter, Kashmir has been shown as a part of India, and pictures in the book are against our culture,” Khan added.

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VC asks HEC to grant funds to KP universities

The Abdul Wali Khan University Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Ihsan Ali said that the Higher Education Commission should grant funds to the universities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa having been affected due to militancy and poor law and order situations. Talking to The News here on Thursday, Dr Ihsan Ali said that Mardan was the central city and the second big city of the province, the people of Mardan could afford education and had taken admissions in AWKU. He said that the education and peace were co-related to each other as without peace no one could excel in the field of education. He said that about 77 out of 140 teachers were currently abroad doing Ph.D on scholarships in UK, Cyprus, Spain, Canada, Australia etc. The VC said that the financial aid given to the university by HEC was RS220 million which was spent only on disbursing salaries to the universities employees for four months.He said that there were nine PhD holders in Archeology Department in the field and there would be no impact on the department if they would be shifted to the administration.

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ASER sets about finding disability factor

The Annual Status of Education Report’s (ASER) 2014 fifth survey has gone into the field with additional questions to find the status of disability prevalence in Pakistan. The survey this year will also present results of education status of 5-16 years of age children on the basis of constituencies in some districts, said ASER Programme Manager Sehar Saeed here on Thursday. Ms Saeed said the ASER Pakistan was the sustained rights-based journey, tracking learning and education of children for public debate and action. It’s the largest citizen-led household based initiative that aimed to fill a gap in the learning outcomes and provide reliable estimates on the schooling status of children aged 5-16 years residing in the rural districts of Pakistan. She said the ASER team had imparted training to some 10,000 volunteers to conduct the survey in 145 rural and 22 urban districts of Pakistan.

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Students advised to focus on education

IUB Vice Chancellor Dr Saleem Tariq assured the 1st year students of Govt Sadiq College Women University that maximum academic facilities would be provided to them and advised them to concentrate on their education. He was addressing the welcome ceremony at the Women University, Bahawalpur on the starting of 1st year classes. He advised the new students to be disciplined and fully obey the teachers as complete favourable atmosphere would be available here for studies and guidance. He said, “The intermediate classes would been given equal attention here as we want to develop sound basis for further education.”

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Autumn cleaning: Three directors sent to parent institutes

Several measures are being taken to get the house in order at the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), which has been reeling under a muddle of administrative and bureaucratic affairs for the last many months.

As part of these measures, the newly-appointed acting Director-General (DG) Qaiser Majeed has sent three FDE directors back to their respective institutions. The FDE oversees over 424 educational institutes in the federal capital which are under the administrative control of the Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD). Training Director Abdul Waheed was sent back to his school and Director Schools (male) Asif Niazi has taken his place on additional charge basis. Administration Director Ashraf Nadeem was also relieved of responsibilities, with Budget Director Ghulam Soho filling the seat on additional charge. Director Schools (female) Farida Yasmeen has also been ordered to rejoin her school.

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Save the Children urges parties to protect children affected by political impasse

All children in Islamabad lost crucial education time due to one-week extension in summer break. Its uncertain schools will even reopen on September 8 as announced by the government. According to media reports, 57 schools are being used for hosting police that is called in from different parts of the country to manage security situation. Use of schools as boarding facilities damages education infrastructure and learning materials.
Save the Children urges all stakeholders involved in the process including the government, demonstrating parties, police, health and education departments and media to uphold the best interests of children in the current situation and ensure that the negative effects of the whole episode are minimized on children as much as possible. 

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Pakistani IDPs Children in Afghan School

80 Schools are open now for Pakistani IDPs Children in Afghanistan, so that they can study for their future said by Governor of Khuwast.

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Negative indicators, missed targets   by Salman Ali

Global standards of primary education are particularly depressing in south and west Asia, and western Africa. The countries in these regions, including Pakistan, are behind in virtually every index. Education can singlehandedly turn the fortune of any nation and can be the best and most appropriate step for any problem any state is going through. If we see nations that have developed their infrastructure and are at the top ranking it is just because of their focus on the educational system. According to various surveys and studies undertaken by national and international agencies, all of Pakistan’s basic education indicators are in the negative zone. A policy paper recently released by Education for All Global Monitoring Report (GMR) and UNESCO pointed out that Pakistan has the second highest number of out of school children (5.4 million) in the world after Nigeria. Almost 60 percent of the out of school children are girls. What is more, the number of out of school children in Pakistan has stagnated since 2009.

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