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Moot stresses early childhood education, care

“It is the milestones of early years that will enable our children to complete transitions to primary, post-primary and secondary education. The young need carefully crafted attention, includingnurturing, nutrition and teaching, so that they can grow up as tall, well-supported, informed and responsible citizens,” said senior minister for education and literacy Nisar Ahmed Khuhro. He was speaking at the two-day Right to Education and Early Childhood Education and Developmentregional conference titled ‘Foundation for quality learning evidence from South Asia’ organised by the Idara-i-Taleem-o-Aagahi in collaboration with the education and literacy department of Sindh and the South Asia Forum for Education Development in a hotel here on Tuesday.

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Students Continued Protest for the solution of the issues of Asifa Dental College

Students of Asifa Dental College Larkana, continued their protest for 19 days for the solution of their issues. Student said, three years have gone, but, still college does not have its separate building, dental lab and library are still incomplete. Students boycotted the classes and said, three years ago, under the management of Shaheed Benazir Medical University, Asifa Dental College was established and 150 students have been given enrolled, but, till now, required facilities have not been given to the students. Newly appointed Coordinator of Asifa Dental College Professor Asad Mahar talked to students and said that some members of PMDS are opposing the registration of college, but, we are trying our best to resolve all the issues of college. He further said, separate building of the college is about to ready and soon funds will be released to resolve all the issues of Asifa Dental College. On the other hand, students said, until we will not be given in written that management has agreed to resolve our issues, we would continue our protest.

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Girls’ Primary School Building occupied by landlord

Primary school village Astad Ghulam Ali Solangi, taluka Daur, district Shaheed Benazirabad has been occupied by influential person. Villagers said Gafar Dahri and Ali Hassan Dahri have occupied the school building. Divisional General Secretary PPP Cultural wing Mr Rajab Ali Solangi protested in front of the press club Nawab Shah said that Gafar Dahri and Ali Hassan Dahri have occupied the girls’ primary school building and police of Jam Sahib instead of vacate the school building, it is supporting to occupiers. Mr Rajab Ali solangi and others have appealed to deputy commissioner Nawab Shah and PPP MNA, Ms Azra Pechoho to bring occupiers to court to vacate the school building so that girls could get education.

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550 school Buildings have been collapsed due to Rain and Storm

District Education officer Mr Allah Dino Mallah of Badin while addressing the workshop on education in Gymkhana Badin has said that 550 school buildings have been collapsed, due to heavy rains and storms, in district Badin. After the last flood and storms, 900 schools are running without roofs in district Badin. Education situation has reached to its alarming position. Only 39% population of district Badin is a literate.  Out of it, 54% are male and 22% are female. On the occasion, former UC Nazim of UC Seernai Mr Fida Medhro said that we need to take collective action for the improvement of education in the district. Civil Society Activist Sara Haleem said it is inefficiency of government that education of district has reached to its alarming position. Workshop was organized by MDF. 

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Deserving Teachers Neglected for the Promotion

Action Committee of teachers protested in Johi, district Dadu against the promotions given to the junior teacher and neglecting the seniors and deserving teachers in district. Representatives of Action Committee Mr Ali Ahmed babar, Mohammad Suleman Rind, Mohammad Bux Shahani and Maeen Khoso protested in front of the press club Johi and said Governor Sindh Dr Ashar ul Ibad has rejected the promotion of junior teachers, but, its implementation is still remaining to be done. They blamed, education department has given promotion to junior teachers on the bribe; therefore, senior teachers have been neglected. Action Committee of teachers has demanded to reject the promotion of junior teachers and give promotion on seniority basis in the district.

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Protest Continued against the merging of Sindhi Medium School  

Members of the Qomi Awami Tahreek protested against the merging of Sindhi medium middle school into Urdu medium High School Kot Ghulam Ali, district Meerpur Khas. Representatives of QAM Mr Abraba  Nohani, Aftab Alam Khaskheli, Murtaza Chandio, Muneer Nohani and Anwar Khaskheli said this is conspiracy against the Sindhi Language and Sindhi nation. They demanded from the Government of Sindh to reinstate Sindhi Medium Middle School to its original Position and transfer back all the teachers to its same place.

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Protest Continued against the closed Schools and illegal appointments

P T Alaf continued its protest against the closed schools and illegal appointments in district Matiari. They said, they have been protesting since last 7 days, local administration instead of listening, they are threatening us now. They blamed, bureaucrats have made illegal appointments and have abused the rights of quota system. All funds have been misused. Our protest is against the closed schools. They warn, if we receive any harm, education department and higher authority of district will be the responsible for that. They also demanded that above 50 teachers have been died so their survivors should be given jobs in the district. They said, they would continue their protest until their demands are accepted.

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 Appointments of Teacher will be made purely on Merit Basis

Senior Minister for Education Mr Nisar Ahmed Khuhro while addressing in seminars in Karachi has said that due political crisis in the country we could not have paid due attention towards education. Mr Fazullah Pechoho, additional chief secretary said no one will be allowed to enter into education department without merit.  We want to appoint those teachers who could education our children in better way. B.Ed is prerequisite for the appointment of teacher. Another speaker, Ms Saba Mahmood said, 120 early child schools are running in Sindh, in which 3 to 5 years children are getting education. Mr Abid Allah Kaka from KPK said working on early child school is going on across the Pakistan. In KPK, 40 early child schools are running and in Punjab these schools are about 1000. Social Activist Ms Amina said there is good curriculum in Sindh, but, children often are out of school in Sindh. She further said that main reasons that children do not go to school is that they have been tortured in schools. Seminar was attended by people from different countries like India, Nepal and Bangladesh. 

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Students Announced Protest against the missing facilities in Boys Degree College

Student wing of nationalist political party JSSF, protested against the problems Boys Degree College Thatta is facing. Students blamed that there is shortage of safe drinking water, teachers are not coming properly and repairing work is left incomplete since last two years that have disturbed the education of   students in college. JSSF district president Mr Shahzado Lashari along with others conducted press conference at press club Makli and announced struggle to be launched against the administration of  Boys Degree College Thatta. He further said that all teachers appointed in college are from Karachi and Hyderabad that’s why they are coming to college after weeks. If, local administration will not resolve issues on the immediate basis they would launch struggle for the solution of the issues.

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Primary and Middle Schools are Collapsing, Parents and Students protested 

Primary and middle schools Lanwari Sharif, district Badin have been constructed 20 years ago, now, these schools are collapsing, but, education department is treating that it has nothing to do with it. Parents and teachers said these schools have become risky for the students and staff. Any time, they can harm to life of students, teachers and other staff. Therefore, they demanded immediate repairing of these schools to provide comfortable environment to students and teacher for the quality education.

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Girls Primary School Momal Mari Lacks Basic Facilities  

Girls’ Primary School village Ali Mahar, near Momal Mari, district Ghotki lacks basic facilities. For 300 girls, there are only 2 rooms are available. Sewerage water is standing around the school building. Teacher and students get difficulty to enter into the school. Villagers said that due to shortage of room girl students are compelled to study in the open sky. Boundary wall has also collapsed and there is no latrine facility for the teachers and girls students which create difficulty for them. Villager said, they demanded to DC Ghotki and Senior Minister for Education Mr Nisar Ahmed Khuhro to solve the problems of primary girls’ school village Ali Mahar, near Momal Mari.  

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NTS Qualified Candidates Protested for Job Orders

NTS qualified candidates protested in front of press club Nawab Shah for job orders. They blamed that nepotism have been adopted in giving job orders in education department in Nawab Shah. They said, they had passed NTS test in 2011, but, they are still looking for their job orders. They further blamed that local administration have given orders to their own people, but, we are still waiting. Therefore, we appeal to former President of Pakistan Mr Asif Ali Zardari, PPP MNA, Ms Faryal Talpur, and Senior Minister for Education Mr Nisar Ahemd Khuhor to give us job orders.

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Committees for the Improvement of Education Established

Meeting chaired by PPP MPA advocate Remana Leaghair in high school Sajawal in which officers related to education department from across the newly created district Sajawal participated. During the meeting following decisions were made and agreed by everyone. First, all supervisors at union council level would visit the schools and report within the month, and those supervisors who would neglect the duty would be removed. Second, list of closed schools would be developed. Third, list of ghost teachers will be developed separately. Fourth, all the missing like including dirking water, boundary walls, washrooms, furniture etc would be provided to schools on the priority basis. PPP MPA, advocate Rehana Leghari, further said we would not compromise on the education and no one would be allowed to do politics on the education, because, we have to educate our new generation. She also said that the entire stakeholder including teachers’ organizations would be taken on board. At the end, she inaugurated the skill development center established by NCHD.  

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Protest Conducted Against Additional District Account Officer

GSTA Ghotki protested against the Additional District Account Officer Mr Arshad Qureshi, in front of press club Ghotki. Teachers blamed, said he is already under investigation at NAB in corruption cases and again he has adopted anti teachers’ policy in the district. Representatives of GSTA Mr Lutifallah Malik, Mr Liaquat Hussain Shah, Mr Zahid Hussain Pathan and Mr Rais Saeed Ahmed blamed that Additional Account Officer is asking for bribe for releasing the amount of G P funds and those who are not giving him bribe to him whose amount is not release. Teachers demanded his removal immediately; otherwise, they launch a movement against him.

Complete Story: Daily Khabroon, Hyderabad Edition, Page No. 3          


School Established for the Child with Special Abilities is Non Functional.

In village Wahro Sharif, the school for the children with special abilities was established in district Umarkot, three years ago, is non functional. Despite of having school for children with special abilities they are still not able to get education. Report revealed that 36 children are showed as rolled children in school, but, practically there is only child is enrolled. 17 employees are appointed in the school, but, none of them is performing his/her duty. They all give bribe to School in charge Mr Narso Meghwar and doing their work at home. All funds coming for the children with special abilities are going directly to the pocket of in charge. Citizens of Umarkot demanded from the higher authorities to take notice of it and recruit honest and committed staff who could run this school benefiting to the children with special abilities in the district.

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Girls’ Education is destroying, Education Department has turned blind eyes towards it

The education of girls’ middle school is destroying in Arzi Bhuttom, district Qambar Shahdadkot, but, education department has turned blind eyes towards it.  For 400 children only 3 teachers are appointed. One is teacher in not coming to school since last 10 years, whereas, only two teachers are teaching huge number of children. Girls’ Middle School has also reached at alarming situation. Out of 4 teachers appointed in middle school, only 2 teachers are coming. Due to shortage of teachers and basic facilities in the schools, mostly parents have changed the schools of their daughters. Only 50 to 60 girls are enrolled now. Villagers said they have written complains to authorities and education department, but, nothing has happened yet. Villagers said, they demand from Senior Minister for Education Mr Nisar Ahmed Khuhro and PPP MNA, Ms Faryal Talpur to take notice of it and to take action against the teachers to save the education of daughters.

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Higher Secondary School Lakes Basic Facilities

The higher secondary school was established in 2003 is now facing many problems in Khanpur, district Shikarpur. School does not have fans and furniture; students are compelled to study on the ground floor. There are 150 students are enrolled in higher secondary school. Only 4 students are studying in class 11. Teachers are regularly coming to school but students are not coming. On the other hand, principal of the college, Mr Nisar Ahmed Memon has said they are trying their best to develop school. He further said, education department taken back 1.3 million rupees given for the development of higher secondary school and we have not received SMC funds yet. 

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Seminar on Education Organized

Mr Ibrar Qazi, former president of Awami Jamhori Party while addressing to a seminar said that education of Sindh has been destroyed deliberately. Honest and committed officers in education department are sidelined, whereas, corrupt and dishonest officers are given lavish posts in Sindh. He quoted era of former Army Dictator Zia ul Haq said he had introduced copy culture and arms in universities and schools of Sindh. For the alarming situation of education, ruling party is the responsible that is not taking serious actions for the improvement of education in the Sindh. Infrastructure is destroyed, but, government is busy into corruption. Other party leaders also spoke in the seminar.

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Notice issued against the demolishing of school building to prepare plots

Mr Rana Faizul Hassan had filed petition against the demolishing of Pakistan Boys Secondary School Malir, Karachi by the local constructor. Application adopted the opinion that Pakistan Boys Secondary School building has been given to a local constructor who is now demolishing that building to prepare 9 plots. High Court was filed petition to stop this illegal action taken by the parties. High Court has issued the notice to Karachi Building Control Authority, KMC, Education Department and others to appear in the court for the issue of demolishing the building of Pakistan Boys Secondary School Malir Karachi. 

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Student Protested for Excessive Fess

Students of Degree College of Shahpur Chakar, district Sanghar, protest against the vice chancellor for increasing the annual admission fees of BSc, BA and BCom. Students’ Action Committee protested in front of press club Shahpur Chakar. They said that corrupt clerks are getting 1200 instead of 1000 and 200 is going into their pockets directly. Students’ Action Committee further said that students are hardly able to afford their education expenses. Therefore, they are demanding from the higher authorities to take notice of anti students’ policy of college and to bring fees to its original position.

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ARTs Education is Equally Important

Professor Anwar Ahmed Zai, chairman Board of Intermediate Karachi while addressing the program organized to give honour to students who have taken positions in recent results of Intermediate Board of Education Karachi said subjects of ARTs should not be considered less important. He further said that ARTS subject are very much important for promoting languages Urdu, Sindhi and English and developing good teachers in these languages. Therefore, ARTS subject should not be considered as less important ones. Later one, he announced that Board will organize different programs for different languages in forthcoming year. Program was attended by Mohammad Imran Khan Chusht and Mr Mohammad Rashid Siddiue , Secretary Board, Karachi.

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Extra Curriculum Activities Contribute in the Personality Building of Students

Professor Dr Zafar Iqbal, Vice Chancellor, Federal and Urdu University, while addressing to students in the program said extra curriculum activities contribute in the personality buildings of the students. Due to these activities, inclinations of doing different things are developed within the students. Dean of Science Professor Dr Arif Zaber said students have a lot of abilities, and, for promoting their abilities we need to organize such programs. Chief Organizer of the program Dr Nuzhat Fatima said we would try our best to organize such programs after every semester. Program comprised of speeches and many other extra curriculum activities, was organized by the bio chemistry department of Karachi University.   

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Education of Sindh has reached to its alarming Situation

The president of Muslim League (F) Shahid Shah, while addressing to education seminar at Latifabad, in Hyderabad said that the education of Sindh has reached to alarming situation. Discrimination in education system is creating inferiority complex among the people. Private Schools recruiter inters pass teachers and poor people enroll their children into private school and afford heavy fees despite of that quality education is not attained. The education system must be equal for the rich and the poor. The education system of Sindh is destroyed. During our government dual system in education will be abolished.

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There is need to Promote Extra Curriculum activities in education Institutions

Mr Salman Khalid, Nazim Islami Jamiat Talbai Sindh while conducting conferences said that extra curriculum activities are supportive and help students in personality building. He further said that ban on student unions should be removed and forces should be asked to vacate the educational institutions.  He said that we are going to launch a movement naming “Hum Se Hai Pakistan”. He further said that the purpose of this movement is to aware the students about the corruption, lawlessness, unemployment, poverty, religion, good governance and social problems and to tell them how to deal with these issues. The seminars, lectures, refreshment and literature would be distributed among the college and universities students of Sindh.

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The copy case students is called by the controller of board Hyd

The student FSc-part one belonging to humanities group was attempting his yearly paper was captured while doing copy. So, he is informed to assure his presence on 18th September in examination controller office, board Hyderabad.

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Boosting opportunities: Aptech ‘Career Quest’ aids students in the pursuit of a foreign education

At a time when our country seems to be lagging behind in terms of technological advancement, Aptech Computer Education has taken up the initiative through its ‘Career Quest’ campaign for the second time to take information technology (IT) in Pakistan to the next level. Launched in collaboration with the Middlesex University, London, Career Quest is an educational seminar that apprises students of opportunities to study abroad along with the chance to win scholarships. As many as 400 students participated in the event held at the Bahria auditorium on Tuesday. In his address at the event, Aptech country academic head Rao Yaseen described Career Quest as ‘a true quest for a student’.

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Khyber Pakhtukhwa


College principal nabbed on charges of corruption

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa arrested Bakht Zamin, Principal Government Vocational and Technical Training Centre Gulbahar, Peshawar on the charges of corruption, corrupt practices and misuse of authority in implementation of scheme of vocational training under FATA Rural Development Project. The FRDP was implementing various initiatives for the uplift of FATA during 2008-2011. Accused Bakhat Zamin while in league with others pocketed millions of rupees reserved for hostel accommodation of poor students of FATA (Khyber, Mohamand and Bajur Agencies) and prepared nine fake rent agreements with various hotel owners, property dealers to show that he had hired accommodation for the students.

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CRM for enactment of legislation

Participants of a consultative seminar urged the provincial government for giving special attention to enactment of the pending bills and resource allocation for child related laws, policies and programmers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. They highlighted aspects of five bills including KP Right to Free and Compulsory Education Bill, KP Protection and Promotion of Breastfeeding Bill, KP Child Marriages Restraint Bill 2014, KP Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Bill and KP Abolition of Employment of Children Bill November 1990.

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Teacher shot dead for snubbing students

A schoolteacher was on Tuesday shot dead over barring students from bringing slingshots to school. Sources said that the attackers escaped the area after the incident. The victim Mohammad Arif was teaching in government primary school in Koh-i-Maidan area bordering Punjab. The sources claimed that the teacher had snatched slingshots from the students and forbidden them not to bring them to school in future. On Tuesday morning, when the teacher snatched the slingshots from students, they went straight to their homes and complained to parents about the teacher.

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Two girl colleges sans teaching staff, boys college faces shortage

The Government Boys Degree College and Government Girls Degree College are faced with acute shortage of teaching staff, particularly the Government Girls Degree College have no any teacher, putting future of girl students of this backward area at stake. The shortage of teaching staff has become a burning issue due to which the students, especially the girl students have been suffering great difficulties in getting education at the Government Girls Degree College and Government Girls Degree Rangpur Baghoor. Many years have passed but the issues still persists which is an ample proof of the negligence all the authorities concerned.

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Lack of Teachers in Degree College

Students facing problems due to lack of teachers in Degree College Pindi Ghaip Rawalpindi. It’s been 20 years since college has a chemistry teacher.

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Body formed to review work on college

State Minister for Capital Administration and Development Division Usman Ibrahim has formed a committee to review work on the planned College of Home Economics and Management Sciences in the capital. The women’s college will be set up at a cost of Rs500 million in Sector F-11/1. Ibrahim chaired a meeting on Tuesday to review work on the project and ordered authorities to expedite construction work so academic activities could begin as soon as possible. Of the total cost, Rs200 million have already been allocated for the project. CADD additional secretary will head the review committee, which will comprise CADD joint secretary, DG development, and an official from the Planning Commission.

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Female Students Protest in Islamabad

Police stay at Girls College Islamabad is creating a lot of trouble for female students. Hundreds of Female Students protested to vacate the college from Police.

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Roots Schools participate in CRI summer camp in China  

China Radio International (CRI) Confucius Classroom and the Pakistan’s Roots Millennium Schools (RMS), with a view to promote cultural relationship between China and Pakistan and to forge cooperation between the two organizations have agreed to sign an agreement to promote Chinese and Urdu Languages for the benefit of both Pakistan and China. Under the agreement the Promotion of Chinese language & Culture and establishment of Pakistan 1st largest CRI-Roots Confucius Classroom across Pakistan is the common visionary goal of the RMS and CRI. 

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HEC decided to Convert Universities into Smart Universities

Higher Education Commision decided to Change Seven Universities into Smart Universities where 24/7 Wi-Fi will be provided for Students.

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