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On top of rubble: Green Town students still waiting for govt to rebuild school

Around 60 girls sat under a shabby makeshift tent on uncomfortable floor mats that have been placed on top of the rubble that once used to be their classroom. The premises, where a total of four public schools operate at the moment, appeared akin to bombed structures in war-torn areas; scattered debris and roofless classrooms with not even a single chair for the visibly uncomfortable students to sit on. The schools are situated in Shah Faisal’s Green Town, within the heart of Karachi.

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Rally for promotion of Education Conducted

Government Degree College Ratodero organized rally for the promotion of education in the area.  Rally was led by the director colleges Mr Afzal Shaikh, Principal College Mr Shams udin Sario, President Press Club Rato Dero Mr Gulbahar Shaikh, leader of PP Shaheed Bhutto Mr Asadd Umrani, JSQM leader Mr Bashir Junijo and leaders of many other political parties. They said that education of Sindh has been destroyed; therefore, we jointly need to play our role to save education of Sindh to save our nation. They appealed to the parents for enrolling their children into schools to protect the future of their new generation.  Rally marched into different parts of city and chanted slogans like educate children to develop your country. Rally also invited parents to send their children into degree college Ratodero, district Larkana.

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Protest continued against the forced transfers of female teachers

JSQM, STP and Sindh Adabi Sangat protested in Samaro, district Uamr Kot protested against the forced transformation of female teachers and against the merging of Sindhi medium middle school into Urdu medium high school Kot Ghulam Mohammad, district Meer Pur Khas. Political parties showed their grave concerns over the decision of education department and termed it as conspiracy against the Sindhi Language. They demanded from the government of Sindh to review its decision and reinstate the Sindhi medium Middle School into its original position and transferred all teachers back to school, otherwise, protest would be extended across the district.

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Khuhra Higher Secondary School in Running without Education, SMC Funds disappeared

Historical Higher Secondary School Khuhra which was established by Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto has reached to its alarming situation. Head master usually remained absent. Teachers are coming to have chitchat and killing their time.  Corruption has reached to its peak, as SMC funds are taken away by the head masters and local education department jointly. Old and big trees beautifying the school building were sold at very cheap price.  One million allocated for the electricity fitting was taken away without having worked for electricity fitting. Citizens and villagers have appealed to senior minister education and Sindh Government to take notice of it so that the education of the higher secondary school of Khuhra could be improved.

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Only 3 teachers are for 400 students in the middle school Khanpur Junijo    

People from village Mohammad Yousif Naich protested in front of national press club against the shortage of teachers in the middle school. They said, only 3 teachers are educating 400 students which is not justice with the students. Parents said, education of children is gravely disturbing, because of shortage of teachers as only three teachers will not be to teach 400 students. We have also complained to local administration, many times, but, nothing could have happened. Therefore, we appealed to senior minister education Mr Nisar Khuhro sb to take notice of it and appoint more teachers for the middle school Mohammad Yousif Naich so that our children could get qualitative education.

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Parents Protested for school building

Parents and students of village Sain Dino Keerio protested for school building, as, they said their school in running since 1988, but, we do not have building for more than 60 children. They said, they were given furniture in 1993 only, after that, no support has been tendered to this school. They have constructed thatched house from the SMC fund to continue our education. They appealed to education minister Nisar Khuhro and Adi Faryal Talpur to provide them school building so that their children could be protected from the rain and heat and could study smoothly.

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Conference Organized against making Schools Relief Camps

Conference was organized by the Wahdat Network at Mikli, Thatta, opposing the decision of Sindh Government for making schools as relief camps. Speakers said, in the flood 2010 and 2011, education of Sindh, particularly of Thatta had been disturbed badly. Furniture of the schools was burnt, buildings were damaged and children were compelled to be engaged into agriculture work etc. Speakers demanded from the Sindh government to provide alternate places to flood affected population so that education could not be disturbed and be continued.

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Protest Continued against the principal of Law College

Students continued protest for the resolution of their issues like library to be established, able and competent teacher to be recruited and many other issues. STP leaders also joined the protest as solidarity with the students. Students brought sheep and played instrument in front of it. Symbolically, it showed that students are protesting since last 17 days but local administration is not ready to hear their legal and reasonable issues.

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Protest conducted against threats received by Teachers

Teachers and students of government boys’ high school Bandhi, district Shaheed Benazirabad, boycotted the classes and protested against the threats given to teacher Mr Murad Ali Rind. Couple of days, students Mr Wasem Gori and Saqib Gori misbehaved teacher in a class and later they threats teacher to face the dire consequences. After that teacher went to police station for lodging FIR against these two students, but, police refused to take action against these students. Therefore, teachers and students protested and blocked the main road from Bandhi to Sukkur and demanded to arrest of these two students who were giving threats to teacher. Protest was led by GUSTA leader Mr Abdul Khaliq Jamali and Mr Murad Ali Rind.

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Hundreds of schools of Turned into Relief Camps across the Sindh

Report revealed that 198 schools of Nao Shahro Feroz, 20 schools of Qazi Ahmed, 146 schools of Dadu,  44 schools of Larkana, 11 Pano Aqil and others have made relief  camps, and education process have been stopped temporarily. In addition to this, many colleges of Sindh have also been declared as relief camps for the expected flood in upcoming days. Sindh Government has said process of declaring many other schools as relief is also continued.

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Flood compelled us to Vacant the School Buildings, Education Minister Said

When nation is facing such calamities then we need to vacant schools buildings. I have directed to official to avoid vacant schools buildings but wherever is necessary then they should go for this option. Education Minister further said we have experience of past. Flood affected people do not go back to their villages.  But, we need to made arrangements for the flood affected people, because, where they will go, if, government will not do for them.

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Sindhi Students have Greats Abilities to utilize them for their nation building

Students should get higher education for the development of Sindh and Sindhi nation, Vice Chancellor LUMS said, while addressing to program of speeches in Latif Hall LUMS, Jamshoro. There was program of speeches of 16 universities of Sindh. Students from different cities and universities made speeches. Mr Sabgatullah Sindhi from Petaro College took the first position in Sindhi, Ms Madra Hamdani from Karachi University took first position in Urdu and Mr Faiz Alam from Sindh University took first position in English. Vice Chancellor LUMS Mr Noshad Ahmed further said Sindhi students have great talents and can be good politicians. Program of speeches was attended by VC, many professors and Pro CV of LUMS and others in latif Hall LUMS.

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Problems of teachers will be solved

SDO Education Mr Abdul Majeed Khaskheli conducted meeting with the leaders of P T Alf Thano Bula Khan, district Jamshoro, and, said them that problems of teacher will be solved on the priority basis and my  doors are open for very one.

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After resolution of tribal conflict School of village reopened

Primary School of Village Hahim Gopang was closed for the last 12 years due to tribal conflict between two communities.  After the resolution of the conflict between two communities, now school has been reopened, after 12 years. Villagers seemed happy and are praying for PP Sindh Council member Mr Nisar Ahmed Shar who brought dispute to an end.

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Sudden visit to Thari Merwah, Report Submitted to Ghost teachers

District education Officer Secondary Naseer Ahemd Joghi visited different schools and found many teachers absents and those who found absent were asked to report in office.  While visiting to schools he checked attendance sheet of students and directed teachers to take efforts for development of education. He also said that ghost teachers will not be tolerated. He pointed out to parents said that to cooperate with teachers and send their children to schools.

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Protest continued of students of Asifa Detal College for the solution of their issues

Students continued their protest for the solution of Asifa dental college Larkana. Students chanted slogans against the administration and said our protest is continued since last many days but no one is hearing us. Our protest would be continued till our demands are met.

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Progressive Curriculum should be introduced to end the adhoc system in the education of Sindh

Nationalists and student leaders demanded yesterday during the conference in education Hyderabad. They said that vice chancellors should be recruited purely on merit basis and retired bureaucrats should be removed from the all sort of positions of universities and education department. They demanded that the lectures from different politicians should be organized for the enhancing the mental abilities of students in the universities. Likewise teachers, students should also be awarded research scholarships to increase their capacity as researchers. Student unions should be allowed to do healthy politics inside the universities. They further demanded that all the education institutions should be vacant from the armed forces and as well as other occupiers.

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Education is the guarantee of a better life

Additional Secretary Mr Ghulam Mustafa Suhagh said that education is the only tool to get ride from out dated taboos and customs of the society. He visited the girls Primary School Manghwari. He further said to villagers that education is a guarantee of development and it is as necessary for human being as water for fish and it is symbol of developed and civilized society.

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Protest continued against the attack of Mr Riaz Lund Principal of law college, Malir

A protest conducted by lawyers for arresting the culprits who attacked on senior advocate and principal of college Mr Riaz Lund, couple of days ago, in Karachi. Advocates also boycotted from the court. Protest was led by the president of Bar Association Malir Mr Aijaz Bangish, Mr Latifullah Seelro, Mr Ishad Shar and others. They said that five days have been passed, but, attackers are still free. Advocates warn, if attackers would not be arrested soon then the scope of protest would be extended across the Sindh. Protest was also attended by the students of an area, along with advocates and others.

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NTS qualified candidates protested for their appointment letters

NTS passed candidates of Shaheed Benazirabad are still looking for appointment letters. NTS qualified candidates said that since last 2 and half years we are still looking for our job orders. Although, on March 9, 2014, 491 candidates received job orders from the Zardari House Nawab Shah, but, still 483 candidates are remaining to get job orders. We appeal to government of Sindh to give us job orders as we have passed NTS test and it is our right to get jobs.

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Teachers continued their protest for releasing their Salaries

Teachers of the district Qambar observed hunger strike in front of press club Qambar. Teachers said, treasury office have closed 430 IDs illegally and demanded for the justice. 13 days have passed, but, treasury office Qambar is not releasing our salaries, teachers said.  Teachers continued their protest since last 10 days and said protest would be continued till our salaried are released.

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Results of intermediate students of ARTS Group announced

Board of intermediate Karachi announced the results of students of intermediate ARTS group, both regular and private, for the year 2014. Ms Ashna Aslam took first position, Ms Areza second and Ms Sania took third position in the board. Whereas in the private group Ms Saba Adres took first position, Warda Fared second and Ms Nazia took third position.

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Students protested for establishing library  

Hundreds of students from high school and college protested for the establishment of library in Warah city, district Qambar Shah Dadkot. Students said there is no facility of library in schools and college so they feel difficulty for studying. Therefore, they demanded for establishing of library in city and opening of closed college.  Students from different schools also developed an alliance named Alam Dost Athad.  Protest was led by Mr Zahid Pakistani, Mr Raja Altaf Chandio, Mr Sudheer Chandio, Arfan Sahito and others.

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P T Alaf protested for their demands       

P T Alaf members protested for their demands like deceased Quota, Time Scale and against the ghost and closed school in Bhit Shah, district Matiari. Leaders said that protest is continued since last week but they we are given threats for ending protest. Mr Asad Allah Memon, general secretary P T Alaf district Matiari  said that education department is doing injustice with teachers  since long time and we are  protesting against these injustices happening to us. They warn, we would not be back with threats given to us but would continue our protest till our demands are accepted.

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Self Assessment test for medical universities of Sindh conducted

Sindh Testing Service introduced sample for the students who are interested in appearing into pre entry test for the medical universities of Sindh. Large numbers of students appeared into self assessment test. Executive Director Dr Dhanis Kumar and Advocate Parshotam Khatri said introducing of such tests is to prepare students for the entry tests for the medical universities in Sindh and by appearing into this test students will be assessing themselves and would find out gaps to be filled while sitting into real pre entry tests in upcoming days.

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School turned into Gambling Ground

Primary School Rawal Kandar, Sajawal, district Thatta has turned into gambling ground. Village is comprised on 3000 population and students are engaged into different games there.  Gambling is going on into school with the support of landlord. Elected persons and education department maintained criminal silence over the situation. Villagers seemed worried for the destruction of the education of their children. Villagers appealed to education department and higher authorities to take notice of it to save our young generation from such social evil.

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Students of Asifa Dental College continued their protest for the solution of their problems

Students continued their protests for the 17th day for the solution of the issues Asifa Dental College is facing.  Leaders of protest said that 17 days have passed but administration did not have contacted for the solution of the problems like registration of college and facility of separate library for the college etc. They further said that their protest would be continued till to solution of the problems.

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Hundreds of schools are closed, education of children are destroyed

Hundreds of school Taluka Ghulam Hyder, district Tando Mohammad Khan are closed. Thousands of students are compelled to be engaged into labor works. Their future is at risk. Schools in main villages of taluka like Yousif Chang, Raheem Ali Chang, Suleman, Dilawar chandio and many others are closed. Education department is not ready to pay attention towards the education of the taluka. Large numbers of teacher are not ready to perform their duties in the schools.  Villagers said they have complained to education department and elected representatives, but, nothing has been done yet. They demanded from the higher authorities to take notice of the destruction of education in the taluka and ensure the presence of teachers in schools so that education of thousands of children could resumed.

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Students of Law College Protested for required facilities     

Students of law college larkana have continued their protest for 10 days. They demanded from the collage administration to resolve their issues like establishing library, appointing qualified and competent teachers and regularizing classes etc. They said, their protest would be continued until the problems of college are not resolved.

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Movement announced against the fake appointments of teachers

Teachers Association announced movement against the fake appointment of teachers in the district Jacobabad. President of Teachers Association Mr Sajjjad Bhutto said corruption is openly going on, but, bureaucrats of education department do not ready to listen.  IDs of teachers are being changed on bribes which will violate the rights of deserving teachers.  Higher authorities have been informing since last month but they are listening but on the contrary, they are violating the rights of deserving teachers. If such illegal actions would not be stopped against the teacher they protest across the district Jacobabad.

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Protest for the removal of Principle Degree College, Nasirabad conducted

Members of PPP Shaheed Bhutto, political party, and students protested against the principal. They said Principal Mr Sikandar Gaincho is a corrupt principle and his behavior is not good with the students. They blamed that principal is misusing all the funds college and getting excessive fees from the students. Leader of the protestor Mr Habib Tunio said, we demand his immediate removal and appointment of the sincere and committed principal. Otherwise, protest will be extended at large scale.  

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Commitment to ensure presence of teachers in the schools

PPP MPA Mr Nazir Jan Sarhandi said that Mr Sardar Shah made Standing committee who will work for the promotion of education.  Being a member of standing committee, we would work for opening the closed schools in Taluka Samaro and ensure the presence of teachers into school so that the education of the area could be started.

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Protest continued against the forced transfer of female teachers of middle school

Different nationalist political parties including JSQM, Qomi Awami Tahreek, Sindhi Adabi Sangat and other parties protested and said according to conspiracy Sindhi medium middle school has been merged into Urdu medium high school. They said, we condemned this act and demand from the higher authorities to review their decision of merger otherwise protest would be extended. Leaders of the different parties warn, if their demand was not accepted they would be compelled to organize sit-in in front of the house of Mr Mir Munwar Talpur, PPP MNA.

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Subject specialist teachers are not promoted for last 19 years.

19 subject specialist teachers have not been neglected since last years in taluka Dighri, district Meer Pur Khas. According to action committee many teachers will be retired in this ongoing month. Leaders of Sindh Professors and subject specialist committee said that after notification of promotion committee, teachers who were waiting for 19 years are disappointed for the negligence of authorities. They further said, despite of 200 vacant positions, teachers have been neglected. They appealed to chief minister of Sindh to take notice of injustice have happened to teachers. Otherwise, teachers will go to court for their rights.

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Malir School is Without Teachers since last 7 years

Middle School was built at village Qaisarani, Malir, Karachi in 2007, but, till now teacher has not been appointed. Therefore, education of above 60 children has been destroying. In this school, children from more than 15 villages were coming but now their education is at risk. Villagers said, they have been tired to travel to Mr Sajid Jiokhiyo, MPA of ruling party but nothing has been done yet. They appealed to higher authorities to take notice of it and to functionalize this school as soon as possible.

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Protest conducted against the closure of school

Villagers of village Qader Bux Bhutto protested that school is closed since last 7 years and teachers are drawing their salaries at home.  Basically, school is showed functional on the record, but, practically, it is closed since last 7 years.  Funds are taken away without utilizing them on the school building and others. Many complains submitted, could not make school functional. Therefore, we appealed to the senior minister education Mr Nisar Khuhro to take notice of it and make this school functional.

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Construction work of 10 schools is left incomplete

Construction of 10 schools is still incomplete. Due to incomplete construction of schools buildings, education of thousands of children is disturbing. Construction was supposed to be completed in the August but still it is incomplete. On the other hand, civil society organization that is responsible for the construction of School has said that 80% work has been completed only 20% work is remaining which would be completed soon.

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Governor took notice of out of turn promotions in education department

Governor of Sindh Dr IshratulIbad has asked education department and director schools to submit their reports regarding the promotion of teaching and non teaching staff. Promoted junior teachers and bureaucrats are worried about the situation. It is revealed that 1500 promotions have been made out of turn. Governor has also asked director education Hyderabad and EDO Dadu to submit their reports regarding the promotion of employees in education.

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Education Institutions in Sindh have been destroyed with conspiracy, Professor Imdad Chandio said

Young educational Society organized seminar under the title Current Situation of Sindh and Student Politics in Taluka Dokri, district Larkana. While addressing to seminar, Professor Imdad Chandio said that in early 80s, Kalashin Kof culture was introduced in the universities to destroy the education. In addition to this, law and order situation was created to harass the Sindhi people so that they could not think for the education and for the development of the children.

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Schools established for special children closed and lack basic facilities

 8 schools established for children with special abilities are closed in Hyderabad division, whereas, schools in other divisions are lacking basic facilities.  Due to lack of interest of the education department these schools have been closed and are lacking basic facilities. Employees are getting salaries at their homes. Children with special abilities are deprived of their basic right to education.

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NTS qualified teachers protested for their salaries

NTS passed teachers of Sukkur region are looking for their salaries since last 8 months. They protested in front of Sukkur Press Club for their salaries.  Representatives of teachers, Mr Ahsan Bhatti said, we are performing our duties since last 8 months, but, till now, we have not been given our salaries. They demanded from minister of education to issue their salaries. 

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Girls get top positions in humanities group exam

I`m satisfied with the current examination system as it is more transparent. Still there is room for improvement in the course and syllabus, said Ashna Aslam of Federal Government Girls Inter College, who stood first with 918 out of 1,100 marks to get an `A-1` grade with 83.45 percentage in Humanities group (regular) as the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) announced the results here on Monday. All the top six position holders in the subject category happened to be girls. Ashna was followed by Tarfia Khan (884 marks) of Zubair Public Higher Secondary School and Sania Sohail (883 marks) of DA Degree College for Women, Phase VIII. Tarfia Khan said she felt that the standard of education of private colleges was far better than that of government colleges. `I also feel that the teachers of government colleges pay little attention on how their students are doing in class due to which there is also drop in attendance at these institutions,` she said while sharing her ambitions of becoming a teacher herself one day.

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Khyber Pakhtukhwa


Govt of Iran, KP decide to implement accord in energy, education sector

Governments of Iran and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) have decided to implement the agreement of bilateral development in letter and spirit that were inked as well as to form committees at ministers level to benefit from each other’s expertise in energy generation and education sector. KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak made clear friendly relations and cooperation with neighbouring countries were ‘the top most priorities’ of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) saying the coalition provincial government was following the same principles. During the meeting the chief minister and the Consul General of Iran discussed matters of bilateral interest and agreed on enhancement of cooperation and exchange of delegations in different sectors including energy generation, exploration of oil and gas, education, health, agriculture, livestock and tourism.

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Afghan delegation calls on ICU VC

Officials and students from Consulate General of Afghanistan in Peshawar made a courtesy call on Vice-Chancellor of Islamia College University Ajmal Khan on Monday and discussed matters of mutual interest with him. The Afghan consul general expressed satisfaction over the high quality educational learning of Afghan students acquiring education in the Islamia College Peshawar. He assured the vice-chancellor that the Afghan Consulate in Peshawar would extend all possible assistance to its students.

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Pindi’s private schools can’t escape commercialisation now

A decision has been taken to commercialise the buildings of private schools and colleges operating in Civil Lines area among others. Private schools and colleges buildings located on 6th Road have already been commercialised. In the area of civil lines the private schools are charging the monthly fee ranging between Rs 11,000 and Rs 15,000 per student and are paying monthly rent ranging between Rs 200,000 and Rs 500,000. However, these schools have not been commercialised owing to the weight of influential buildings’ owners.

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No more Punjab’s Centralized System of Education

Board Examinations for Grade 5th and 8th will be held and Checked under the Supervision of Education District Officer as Punjab’s Centralized System of Education will not be applicable from February 2015.

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School Teacher’s Punishment

Teacher named Farrukh Broke the arm of a Metric Student as he was not done with his Homework at Government Boys High School Pardial, Rawalpindi. Application for FIR against the Teacher has been submitted.

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Women varsity gets VC after two years

The Government College Women University has finally got its own vice-chancellor two years after its establishment. The provincial government has appointed Dr Farhat Saleemi as the vice-chancellor who has assumed the charge of her office. The newly-appointed vice-chancellor pledged to make allout efforts for making the university among the top ranking institutions of the province. The Punjab government had upgraded the college to university in 2012 with the efforts of Khawaja Muhammad Asif, now the Federal Minister for Defence, Water and Power.

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Since June: Over 400 staff of community schools yet to be paid

The education ministry has been accused of dragging its feet as more than 400 employees of Basic Education Community Schools (BECS) have yet to receive their salaries since June this year. It is the third time in the last two years that the employees have faced salary delay with the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training dragging its feet and not resolving the issue for good. The schools are based on the non-formal basic education system with a single home-based room for class one to five, with premises provided free of cost by local communities across the country.

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100 students to go to Turkey on scholarship

The Turkish Embassy in Islamabad organised a ceremony for students who were awarded scholarships to study in Turkey under the Turkiye Scholarships Programme for academic year 2014-2015. Families of scholarship recipients and Pakistani graduates of Turkish universities attended the event which was aimed at providing basic orientation and exchange of experience for new scholarship-holders and their families.

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5th & 8th Class Admission 2014 Schedule by District Elementary Education Board

The District Elementary Education Board has announced the complete schedule for the submission of admission forms and fee in the district Bhimbar for the annual exams of 8th and 5th classes for 2014. The Controller of Examination, Ch Muhammad Aslam has announced the schedule for the district Bhimbar. The candidates will have to deposit the fee of Rs. 420 and Rs.320 for 8th and 5th classes respectively. The candidates will have to deposit the fee till November 30 and with late fee of Rs.100 till December 05, 2013. The candidates can submit the admission forms with double fee till 10th December and with triple fee till one month before start of the exams.

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A new direction: Girls seminary in Wana to incorporate formal education

A seminary for girls and women in South Waziristan Agency will now work towards incorporating formal education with the help of the government. According to the FATA Directorate of Information, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between Madrassatul Banat in Wana and the FATA Secretariat and FATA Administration Infrastructure and Coordination (AIC) Department to promote education for women in the agency. In a handout issued on Monday, the documents were inked at the secretariat by AIC secretary Muhammad Abid Majid and Dr Taj Muhammad Muhtamim of the seminary.

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