September 12 2014



Police use batons to disperse protesting teachers

As the teachers’ protest at Boat Basin intersection entered its ninth day, the education minister once again appeared at the site to present a proposal from the government. The minister, Nisar Khuhro, visited the protesters at their camp at around 7pm. He started off by saying that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leadership had been meeting every day to discuss the issue. “I am here for the third time on the direction of the PPP co-chairperson Bilawal Bhutto,” he said. According to Khuhro, the situation had arisen due to the illegal activities of some officials, who he did not name for obvious reasons. The protesters represent the 3,600 teachers who received their appointment letters in June 2012 on the instructions of former education minister, Pir Mazharul Haq, but have not received their salaries for the last two years.

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Dialogue between the Minister for Education and Teachers Action Committee went unresolved

Dialogue between the Teachers Action Committee and Sindh Education Minister remained unresolved which triggered protesters to be more outbursts. Thereafter mob of the teachers went to the Bilawal house where police used water can to disperse the mob of the protesting teachers, however; they seem adamant to end the protest until the Sindh government agreed to meet our demands. Three women and men were arrested by the police. Minister education Mr. Nisar Khuhuro ensured the teachers’ action committee to end the sit-in and come in service through following the pure merit system of passing the NTS test in so far. Mr Shakeel Memon representative of the Minister Education said that the department will never repeat the mistake again in recruiting the teachers through non merit process in any way, therefore; has set standard for all the candidates to be appeared in the test.

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Villagers protested for unavailability of school teacher  

A large number of people of village Muhammad Khan Chandio protested before the national press club tando bago on unavailability of the school teacher in their village. The protest was headed by mumtaz Chandio, mujeeb , alahdino and others who were the local residents of the village. The demanded from the minster for education to appoint and send he school teacher that their children can continue education.

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250 schools are closed and turned to be sitting places and cattle yards of landlords in district Sanghar

Apathy of the education department in district of sanghar can be measured by understanding the stoppage of 250 schools in district of Sanghar where local landlords have turned the all school building for their personal use as sitting place and cattle yards. According the reports above 100 teachers either are doing job at sanghar sugar mills or at other private industries available over there. None has dared to take any action against the teachers for absenteeism which has kept the future of children at the stake. School going age children are going to work on brick clan, however; many a times villagers and students raised voice against this injustice but all their efforts were taken in negation.

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Three school children injured owing to collapse of school building

Prialo boys school building’s top roof suddenly collapsed while children were getting sitting in whereby there school children got injuries. Naeem, Jawed and Mujahid got injuries while escaping themselves who were taken to the nearby hospital by the school administration.

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School, students protested against the irregularity of the School buses

In fareed abad while the hundreds of the school children were protesting against the administration and the Rangers rushed upon them violently on them all to disperse the peaceful protesting students. The protest was headed by Asif Chandio, Mansoor, Imamdin, Anwer Khaskheli, Piaro,  Ali Raza Dero, Yaseen ,tanveer, Jameel Khoso, Imamdin Brohi , Amjad Khaskheli and hundreds of others. Asif Chandio and Imamdin Brohi got inuries by the rangers. The rangers were following the protocol of Gas Field officers who passed the orders to disperse the protesting school children to end the sit-in. On the occasion , one of the journalist captured the photos of the event but all were forcibly deleted by the rangers officers.

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Government Girls School Sultan Senahri is falling down disturbing education of girls

Government Girls School Senahri is falling down, as, it has been demolishing since last many years. Villagers said that it could be ruined any time and can damage to girls because it has been ruined. Therefore, villager Mr Abdul Hameed and Khan Mohammad told the media that they it would be repaired soon to secure the life of children to avoid disturbance of education.

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Young Girl was harassed by Principal of Shah Latif Public School Arzi Bhutto, Taluka Mero Khan, district Qambar Shah Dadkot   

School registration was terminated by Deputy Director Private School Mr Ahmed Bux Bhutto as news appeared into newspapers about the harassment of girl by the principal.  Deputy Director further said that school was opened without permission that’s why registration of the school has been terminated. Many schools are running without the proper registration so that should inquire about it before enrolling their children into private schools. Those schools that are running without proper registrations are playing with the career of students hence will be taken actions against them.

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Student Wing of Political Party JSSF protested against the Principal for corruption in College funds in Qambar  

Students, members of JSSF protested and chanted slogans against the principal degree college Qambar in front of the Press Club Qambar. They blamed that there is no facility in college, shortage of roofing fans and books in library but principal is not reading to use funds for the development of college. On the contrary, all the funds are taken away personally. They demanded from the higher authority to take notice of it and remove the corrupt principal of degree college Qambar. Otherwise, protest will be extended into other cities of the district.

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Seminar titled Education in Our Right is Organized Akri Chodaghi, district Nao Shahro Feroz

Seminar under title Education is our right is organized by private school Sachal Sarmast Public School. Chief Guest of the seminar principal of RayaL City College Mr Mohammad Aslam Shaheen said that private schools have contributed too much to fulfill the gap of the education in Sindh. Other speaker Mr Abbas Awan while talking in the seminar said that education is such treasurer which cannot be stolen. They praised the school management for taking such initiatives to aware people regarding the importance of education and said that such program should be organized widely so that people should be sensitized about the education to send their children to schools.

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Protest continued for last seven days against the principal Mr Shahid Qureshi Law College Larkana

Students protested against the Shahid Qureshi the principal law college Larkana declaring ineligible him for college. They demanded for urgent removal him from running position. They alleged that the designated person is completely failed to protect the rights for the students and in addition he has dumped all funds reserved for development.

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Hyderabad Intermediate Board announced the results of 2014

Hyderabad Board of intermediate has announced the results of FSc part-2. The total no of students appeared in pre-Engineering Science groups are 18281. Out of that only 11199 could pass the exam. The ratio of the students who secured A-1 grade is 1869, the students having A grade 2770, having B-grade,2736, having C-grade 3369 and the students getting D-grade is 419 while 6478 candidates could not pass the exam. The First position is secured by Arif Mehdi, belonging to Superior College Hyderabad, While the 2nd position is secured by Humza Shaikh, the students of same college while the 3rd position is secured by Moeen Baig, belonging to Government Boys College Hyderabad. While 21440 students appeared in Pre-Medical group, out of that only 18672 could pass. In Pre-Medical Group 2142 secured A-1,2008 secured A-grade,5414 secured B-grade,7673 secured C-grade while 1400 candidates could secure D-grade.In From Pre-Medical Group The First position achieved by Hareen, the Student of County Girls College Hyderabad, the second position is got by Sidra Anwar while the Third position is secured by Soomal Rafique Raho. Only 36% candidates from science group could pass the exam .While from TOP-10 only one position is secured by the student of Government College.

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Teacher locked Primary school Mitho Shaikh, as villager threw garbage into it

In village Mithoo Shaikh, Taluka Bakrani, district Larkana, teacher locked school owing to throwing wastes in and outside the school by its villagers, disturbed the education of hundreds of students. Teacher said that this is unethical act of villager is throwing garbage into it. One of the school teachers Mr Zameer Bhatti, while briefing to Media said that teaching and learning process is very much disturbed due to the wastage threw into it as it spread bad smell and it must be stopped. Otherwise, it would be difficult to continue the education process in such environment.

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Controversy continues between Teachers and treasury officers for banning I.D’s IN Kambar.

Teachers protested against the treasury officers for banning their I.D’s and the have been on hunger strike since last week. On that occasion, Mr Inam Memon, Mr Nazeer Chandio and others said that Treasury officers have stopped their salaries and put them into hardships. They warned until or unless treasury office we would continue our protest. After the protest by teachers Deputy Commissioner took notice of it and asked treasury Officer to resolve the issue immediately.

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The director of Schools admitted at High Court closure of 581 schools in Larkana

Village Mr Atta Mohammad filed petition into high court against the closure of 581 schools in Larkana. Court issued order to director education to appear into court for the said matter. Mr Mr Ahsan Ali Soomro appeared into said and admitted that total 881 schools were closed, out of that 300 have been opened and others are in process to be opened.  High court further director to Mr Ahsan Soomro to reappear at court with all the documents and record of staff since when staff is getting their salaries and since how many years schools are closed. High court ordered to reappear at court 25th of September 2014.

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Students protested against the principal of Benazir Bhutto Law College, Larkana.

Dozens of students having banners and play cards in their hands protested against the principal of Benazir Bhutto law College for resolving their issues. They claimed that Law College lacks basic facilities and Principal has failed to resolve the issues of the Law College.  They demanded removal of the principal and solution of their issues.

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Modern Education builds the Sindh at the Peak says AJP leader

Sindh cannot be developed without adopting modern educational system. Government should pay full attention to the stagnant education system where major amount is needed to be spent over to meet the targets. President Awami Jamhori Party (AJP) Karam was an insisted on the government to form policies which triggers the educational system on modern standard. Ayaz Chandio,, haeem zangejo and others spoke on the accession about the importance and proper implementation of the public funds for education as well.

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Clover School announcesits Open House

Clover School announced September 13 for Open House, launched in January 2014, Clover School is a sister project of 65 year old Happy Home School System. Shirin Husain Principal of Clover School said, “I have been in education for over 25 years. I believe Clover School has a unique factor, which all schools do not. The way we have designed the curriculum and the building of the school is to cultivate the want and motivation for a child to learn”.


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Students explore innovative ideas to uplift society in Pakistan

The 26 teenagers who recently graduated from the Kerry-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (KL-YES) programme vowed to use the knowledge they had gained to work towards uplifting societal values in Pakistan. They were sharing their ideas and plans on how they will contribute towards the alleviation of poverty, women empowerment and improvement of health facilities at Alumni Innovation Camp, organized by the US Consulate at the Marriott hotel on Wednesday. Some proposed empowering women by providing them employment opportunities. Others suggested introducing message alerts to spread awareness among the rural population regarding health issues. Yet others agreed that the need of the hour was to set up a website for counseling that would provide simple tips for students to help them make better career-oriented choices.

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Focus on Education

Teachers should focus on Children Education, We will take action against teacher absenteeism in near future , said by EDO Sohbatpur

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Khyber Pakhtukhwa


15 schoolchildren injured in Mansehra road accident

At least 15 schoolchildren were injured, four of them critically, when two school vans collided in Hamshirian area of the district on Thursday. `We received 15 children at the King Abdullah Teaching Hospital (Kath) after the accident, and four of them were referred to Ayub Medical Complex in critical condition,` said a doctor on duty in the emergency ward. The vans were carrying students from different areas to schools in Barkund. Both the vehicles were damaged and people retrieved the injured students after breaking doors of the vans and took them to Kath. The injured were identified as Sajjawal Khan, Sonia Bibi, Rafaqat Ali, Maimoona Shah, Sajjad Ali, Mahnoor, Mohammad Javed, Waqar Khan, Khursheed, Bilal Ahmad, Mohammad Shoaib, Salma Bibi, Mohammad Yaisr, Ans Rabbani and Khursheed Ali.

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Disaster averted: Bomb defused at private school

A five kilogramme bomb planted near the boundary wall of a private school was defused by the bomb disposal unit (BDU) in Matta, Shabqadar. Ghafirullah, a Shabqadar police official, confirmed the presence of a bomb at the school. He said the explosive device was planted at Cambridge Public School. Fortunately, the school’s administration discovered the bomb. The school was immediately vacated and the police was contacted. According to the police, after the building was vacated, the BDU personnel went in to defuse the bomb. Ghafirullah added nearly 20 government schools in the area have been blown up in the region over the past few years.

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Education termed only way to progress

IUB/GSCWU Vice-Chancellor Dr Saleem Tariq Khan asked the parents and guardians to ensure admission of their children. He said that people from low-income groups could change their destiny by getting their children educated. “If they want a bright future for their families, they must care for their children’s academic career,” he stressed. Addressing the participants of a walk taken out to mark International Literacy Day, he said that the improvement in literacy rate was the need of the hour. He urged the teachers as well as parents to utilise their energies to boost literacy in society.

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Teachers Promotion

Formula for teachers’ promotion up to four Grade is accepted, Notice Issued.

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District govt, interior ministry ‘reminded’ to vacate schools

The Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) has sent another reminder to the interior Ministry requesting that 27 schools and colleges that are being occupied by out-town security officials be vacate, citing the disruption of academic activity.

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Students Future at Risk

Future of 27000 Students are at risk  because of these sit-ins in the city. Therefore, we request to end these sit-ins, said representatives of Federal Teachers Association.

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Disturbance for female students  

Female Students are mentally disturbed due to presence of Police in Post Graduate College for Women. Female Students in Post Graduate College coming for Masters Examination feel pressure due to their presence.

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Students take to the streets to raise funds for flood victims

Vishraj was knocking the window of each vehicle, one by one, at a traffic signal on the intersection of the 7th Avenue and Khayaban-i-Suhawardi, near Aabpara market in Islamabad. He was trying his best to convince the drivers and the passengers of the vehicles to donate money to the flood victims in Punjab and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). The 24-year-old is a resident of Larkana district and is studying in the Electronics department at the Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) Islamabad. “It is difficult for me to explain the situation of the people of my country due to the floods in Punjab and AJK,” said Vishraj, “I believe that is the right time to work for the welfare of the people, who are suffering due to these floods.”

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AIOU to hold int’l conference on English language

A three-day international conference on ‘English language’ would start today (Friday) at the Academic Complex, Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU).The Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT), in collaboration with the Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics, AIOU and Oxford University Press, is arranging the international conference. More than 70 international and national experts would deliver lectures and conduct workshops on various aspects of teaching English.

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