sajjad turi

commented on Education campaign launched 2014-03-17 23:09:31 +0500 · Flag
Plz read it and forward to responsible person;;;
I Belong to Village balish hel Kurram agency Na37. in my village first girls school building were built in 2003 but till now we dont get staff for that. i personally talk to mna sajid turi for the staff but just promising… please help us to have staff for our school….
2nd; in our village the boys primary school was built in 1958. i studied in this primary school, now i am engineer because of this and many more,, but unfortunately till now this is primary. most of students left education because other schools are so far and can pay the daily fare. please help us as you can ,, we male ,female want to be educated. please call on this nos na37 mna sajid turi for this,,03009801010,,03333388833, 03055555382

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