R.C.O. Profiles

Abid Sherani

Abid Sherani; an education reformist, M.Phil Scholar and a social activist, has been working with a number of local & national organizations and consultancies on different positions for the past 5 years. He has experience of working for the education sector, research and women empowerment programs. Belonging from Sherani, Balochistan - for years he has worked with National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) as technical facilitator to Govt School teachers to ensure quality education. He has also worked with Change Through Empowerment (CTE) Balochistan based organization as Project Coordinator to educate the voters, ensure voters registration and raise the voice of voters to minimize their issues related to election. He is also the founder of AWARE- Balochistan, an organization working actively towards vocational trainings & education in Sherani and Zhob area. In November 2016, He joined Alif Ailaan as the Regional Campaign Organizer to invest his efforts in order to facilitate the poor and unprivileged members of the region gain access to education, by involving policymakers, politicians, students, teachers, parents, civil society and media.

In 2014, he worked on out of school children of district Zhob & Sherani. He identified two communities and demanded informal schools from the Federal Ministry of Education which was granted. Secondly, he proposed 60 students for Prime Minister's Youth Skill Development Program (PYSDP) of Zhob & Sherani for vocational trainings which also provided a monthly stipend of Rs. 3000 to the students who were approved. The students are currently enrolled in a training of six months.

Abid holds a Master’s degree in Sociology and is currently enrolled in M.Phil with his research in progress from Balochistan University. Being a student he conducted his Master’s research on “The effects of Tribal Traditions on Girls Education”.

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Asif Mughal

Asif Mughal has over 15 years of diversified experience of educational programs/project management in development sector with different NGOs and consulting organizations.

He started working in the social sector as a member of Liberal Forum and later became General Secretary of the forum and worked there for 4 years. He is currently working as General Secretary of Roshan Pakistan Foundation since 2005. He has worked as a Coordinator at Civic Education Network in Pakistan from 2005 to 2009 in Jhang and also served as a Monitor in Local Bodies Elections 2005 with ECP. Furthermore, Asif has worked with various well reputed organisations as such as AAWAZ pilot project, CDCP, IDS, BISP, RSPN etc. He also facilitated UNICEF in establishing NFBE Schools in far flung areas under the Labor Department Project and served as a bilingual correspondent for a media organization. His hard work and efforts for Alif Ailaan to improve literacy rate led to appreciation from the JICA team.

He joined Alif Ailaan’s campaign in 2012 along with 4 other National Coordinators and was responsible for implementation of program activities for improvement in literacy rate of Pakistan through promotion of primary education, volunteerism, and non-formal education. He worked in close co-operation with the community & politicians at grass root level and led a team comprising a large number of volunteers and professionals of different fields.

Being an active campaigner, he organized events/programs in Bahawalnagar, Layyah, Bhakkar and Khaniwal. He engaged thousands of persons as volunteers for the campaign. In 2015, he was promoted to Regional Coordinator which requires him to organize events, seminars and conventions on provincial level.

Asif has good interpersonal skills, including the ability to operate effectively across organizational boundaries; ability to establish and maintain effective partnerships and working relations in a multi-cultural environment. He has been on the receiving end of many awards and appreciation from the District Government and the Education Department.

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Hafeez ur Rehman

Hafeez Ur Rehman has over fifteen years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He holds a Master’s degree in English. In the most recent capacity as Regional Campaign Organizer for Alif Ailaan - a project by DFID, his responsibilities include establishment of networks at regional and local level with civil society organizations, for-profit and not-for profit organizations to advocate Alif Ailaan’s campaign objectives and turn them into coherent pressure groups. Prior to this, Hafeez gained work experience as a Markaz Coordinator NCHD, Social Moblizer at PRSP, Social Organizer at ISWDO-CRS, Managing Director at SIAM College Kohistan and Coordinator Kohistan Qumi Tehreek. In April 2014, when Hafeez joined Alif Ailaan as a Network Coordinator, there were many ghost schools in Kohistan and majority of teachers were absent from schools, many schools were being used as residential houses and Hujras. Hafeez helped mobilize the Education Department’s officials and they paid visits and punished the responsible authorities.

Throughout Hafeez’s experiences he has gained skills in communications, monitoring, reporting and advocacy. With a strong passion for and firm belief in human rights and education, he is interested in focusing on developing human rights standards and increasing awareness in Pakistan on education and its policy. Through his work as volunteer for a number of organizations like PRCS, SRSP, Awaz Foundation etc, he is committed to increase capacity development of local organizations, in turn assisting those less fortunate through conceptual understanding of participatory approaches and sustainable development interventions. He is passionate about travels and exploring other cultures.

Hameeda Noor

Hameeda Noor is a qualified professional social worker, education campaigner, and human rights defender committed to enable people to live and lead towards healthy lifestyles. Hameeda holds a Postgraduate degree in Political Science and recently got enrolled in Business studies. She started her career from the grassroots level in the public sector where she learned the basic status/condition of the community particularly in their social status and the rights. She got the opportunity to work at provincial management level positions with different organizations and government institutions which enhanced her working skills and knowledge. Being a volunteer she intends to utilize her socially learned skills for betterment/ development of an individual/society.

She is an active member of human rights groups and clusters in Balochistan, majority of her work experiences are on Girls Education Promotion and Development; related to Women’s Rights and Empowerment in the region where women are very destitute and kept behind due to very strong tribal beliefs. Her work is recognized by various organizations including government departments by running campaigns for identifying closed schools which were occupied by tribal chiefs and landlords. Her campaigns brought many positive developments by re-opening closed schools, identifying absent teachers and enrolling kids in schools, specifically girls whose parents refused to enroll them. Her efforts made education a priority in her area.

She got opportunities to work all over Balochistan and few districts of Sindh province as well, she is leading the self-initiated, women-led organization SHADE; which aims to promote girls education, empower women and marginalized communities.

She received awards for her work especially with women and marginalized people both in Balochistan and Sindh provinces. She was among the award winners in emerging women leaders’ congress 2015 by Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies; she received her award from the world Nobel Peace winner, Ms. Tawakal Karman.

Hameeda Noor got selected and graduated in EWHA Global Empowerment Programme (EGEP) by EWHA Women University and Asian center for women studies on Course of Transnational feminism and women's activism 2017 in Seoul, South Korea. Government of Sindh recognized her services and honored by awarding for the women empowerment and girls education on International women’s day “Be Bold for Change” 2017.

She is an active member of civil society of Balochistan, women networks and human rights groups. Currently, she is working for Alif Ailaan as Regional Campaign Organizer in Jaffarabad, Balochistan.

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Hamza Bilal

Hamza Bilal hails from District Mansehra, Khyber Paktunkhwa. He holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from Hazara University, Mansehra. He is an education activist and social sector professional. Right from the start, Hamza loved to serve humanity in every capacity. He is a member of several welfare societies at local level including blood donor societies and he is also a volunteer of Pakistan Red Crescent Society, district Mansehra.

Hamza has 11 years of working experience. He served the victims of deadly earthquake of 2005 as volunteer and later on he joined a humanitarian organization “MSF-France” which was providing medical relief to the injured of earthquake. Since then Hamza has worked with different national and international organizations in different capacities and in different parts of the country. Hamza has worked with MSF-France, ICSOS-CISL, World Vision International, American Red Cross, Haashar Association, Pak Rural Development Program (PRDP), Oghi Development Organization (ODO), Save the Children International and last but not the least Coffey International Development Ltd. Hamza has worked in different projects including education, Mother and Child Health Care (MCH), Food Security and Livelihoods, emergency relief (Food and Non-Food Items), Cash for Work (CFW), Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) and Rule of Law. He is very passionate about quantitative research and has good knowledge of quantitative data analysis in excel and SPSS.

In December 2016, Hamza got the opportunity to work for the cause of education with Alif Ailaan. As he also remained the victim of the inefficient education system of the country, he feels grateful to be given the opportunity to work for the improvement of education system in Pakistan. Hamza feels an inner satisfaction and peace of mind in working for the underprivileged and deprived children of the country. Hamza believes that putting your efforts for the provision of quality education to the children is a Sadqa e Jariyah and it is enough for one’s forgiveness (Maghfirat). Hamza invites others as well who are looking for peace of mind. He strongly believes that it is the responsibility of everyone to demand better education for our children.

Dr. Jawad Iqbal

Jawad Iqbal hails from Swat; he is a youth and education activist and a writer. Albert Einstein once said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them’’. This quote triggered his thinking and helped him understand the environment and the situation around him.

He thinks that the situation is deteriorating ever since terrorism has gripped the country and the only way to resolve it is through education.

Despite of having a background in medicine, Jawad Iqbal started struggle for the uplifting of education related issues in the region. As Swat suffered during militancy, Jawad used his pen and wrote more than 400 articles in country’s widely published newspapers. He wrote stories for children to contribute positively to the society. He is also a founding member of Innovative Youth Forum consisting of more than 4000 youth members across Pakistan. Jawad has actively been highlighting education challenges faced by communities living in Swat through national and international media. Jawad has been working with Alif Ailaan since November 2012. Among his numerous success stories, Jawad helped re open 1000 closed maktab schools in Khyber Pakhunkhwa with a continuous struggle of 3 months. He has also organized one of the largest education rallies in Swat in which 2800 people participated demanding increase in the education budget. He is known widely as a reference for education and worked closely with politicians, media and community. Jawad has a Doctorate in Pharmacy, with Mphil in Public health and Epidemiology from Khyber Medical University. He has also studied communication skills from University of Washington, USA.

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Junaid Ahmed Dahar

Living for the care and growth of others with a focus on giving without any expectations has become the prime objective of Junaid’s life. In the professional career, he likes to work in a challenging environment; and learn new things in process.

He has been working in the development sector since 2010. He has expertise in Education, Youth Empowerment, Advocacy, Human Rights, Minority Rights, Project Management, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Training, Event Management, Information, Data Management, Effective Coordination, & Liaison with Stakeholders.

He has worked with reputable organizations (Alif Ailaan-DAI, British Council, SAP- Hyderabad, Ghazi Social welfare organization, and Shah Faisal Social welfare Organization) as a full time employee and also worked as a freelance consultant for various baselines. He has also conducted training for teachers and community development workers on child centered teaching methodologies and community empowerment.

Mr. Junaid is a dedicated and committed social worker who believes in religious harmony, peace and tolerance through strong awareness for the masses and he has always worked for the vulnerable and marginalized groups of the society particularly in the field of Education. He is a team player at heart and known to eagerly take on work load to help his teammates.


Khalil Roonjah

Mr.Khalil Ahmad Roonjah comes from a small village of Wang in district Lasbela of Balochistan. He holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from University of Balochistan with years of experience in community development and campaigning around critical social issues. Khalil Roonjah is a well-recognized activist in his native Balochistan.

As an active young leader, he is playing very important role both at ground and institutional level in uplifting human development around his area of work. In the last few years, his focus remained on Education, as he believes education is one of the powerful tools that can speed up the process of development in backward areas like Balochistan. He has been helping his local organization WANG with the support of British Council to run a mass level campaign under the idea of “Parhega Lasbela Barhega Lasbela” which has contributed amazingly and has been recognized at local and national platforms. Similarly, his passion towards education redirected him towards Alif Ailaan, where his contribution as a Regional Campaign Organizer is helping him to give his best to society with skills and deep understanding of the subject in the community, by engaging stakeholders and developing better relationships.

Mohammad Laraib

Mohammad Laraib, has five years of service to the marginalized of the society. As a student at Government College Lahore, he had a chance to show his best at the institute’s societies, enabling him to volunteer at Pace2 Life Welfare Foundation, an NGO based in Lahore. At Pace2 Life, Laraib was able to collect donations from all over Pakistan to facilitate the deserving disabled, with wheelchairs. He did not stop here and continued from this platform to help the IDPs children, with free books and toys. His services rendered him to lead from the front in areas that are less talked about and glaringly backward in education.

At the moment, he works as Regional Campaign Organiser at Alif Ailaan. Laraib is charged with the responsibility of districts like Tank and Bannu, which are abysmally poor in education. He is working together with the local decision makers to constitute an education supervisory board consisting of educational experts that would be advancing valuable suggestions for improving the overall education standard. Bearing the brunt of operations in their adjacent agencies of Waziristan, both the districts of Tank and Bannu pose a significant security risk. Yet, despite all odds, Laraib continues to work for education and motivating natives with unflinching spirit.

Laraib has many credits to his dynamic personality. He has worked as a social researcher at Inspiring Pakistan, an Islamabad based progressive policy unit; and has contributed to different researches published by the same institute. He also has the distinction of being selected by DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) for a visit to German Universities and Deutsche Foreign Office. He shared his experience of Afghan refugees in Pakistan and addressed German foreign office by sharing some useful knowledge in the wake of European refugee crisis.

Currently Laraib is enrolled at Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad pursuing his MPhil and he is also the HEC’s scholarship holder for MPhil leading to PhD.

Mohsin Naseem

Passionate about the social change, Mohsin hails from Rawalpindi district with an aim to create an impact through education. A graduate of Quaid-i-Azam University, Mohsin has worked for over more than 3 years in the development sector of Pakistan. He is the founder member of Civic Face, Pakistan - an organization working for civic education in Pakistan. He has organized demonstrations against controversial Hudood Laws in Pakistan gaining notable space in local and international media. He has trained youth on Federalism, Democracy and Devolution of Power across far flung areas of Pakistan.

Mohsin has been part of Khudi Pakistan, a social movement for change through propagating peace, tolerance and diversity. During his association with Khudi, Mohsin collaborated with the core team of Festival of Ideas engaging with over 700 young community leaders from across Pakistan over a period of three years to inculcate the idea of social justice through dialogue and informed debates.

Mohsin has worked with Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies (IPDS) as program coordinator with a successful demonstration of organizing international conferences, leadership camps and seminars on the subject of non-violent resistance, peace and non-traditional security. He organized Young Diplomat School (YDS) for youth aspiring to learn process and methods of diplomatic relations in bringing peace across the world. He has organized Emerging Young Women Leaders Congress (EYWLC) for women change makers from Pakistan. Furthermore, through robust efforts, he invited Dr. Johan Galtung, founder of the discipline of Peace studies in the International Conference on non-violent resistance, held in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Mohsin has been passionate about nuclear non-proliferation and has served as a Campus ambassador for a Washington D.C. based anti-nuclear arms campaign, Global Zero. He mobilized youth through organizing number of demonstrations, study circles and informed debates on horrific implications of arms race in South Asia. Mohsin’s Masters Dissertation focused on the emergence of right wing political fanaticism and its implications on foreign policy of South Asian region. He has assisted noted Pakistani statesman, Raza Rabbani for the launch of his acclaimed book, A Biography of Pakistani Federalism Unity.

Mohsin has worked with Mehergarh Youth Consortium and advocated for inter faith harmony, gender empowerment, and other human rights issues by conducting workshops and other activities in solidarity with marginalized communities in Pakistan including religious minorities. Moreover, he has been a part of several philanthropic activities such as setting up medical camps for under privileged communities in Rawalpindi. He is currently working as Regional Campaign Organizer in Rawalpindi Division.

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Mukesh Meghwar

Mukesh Meghwar was born on 04-04-1988 in Kapri Mori district Badin, Sindh. Academically, he is a law graduate from University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

He is a researcher, blogger, writer, and human rights activist. He is also the Vice Chairperson of Pakistan’s leading Youth Forum, PYF (Progressive Youth Forum Pakistan) and an active member of Soc Dem Youth Network Pakistan. He is in the board of directors of UELECT Pakistan and, Co-founder of Pakistan's first Hindu Rights based Newspaper "Sandesh" which represents the minority community in Pakistan. He has also implemented successful promotions of Hindu community and their rights through a variety of national and international channels.

Currently, he is working with Alif Ailaan as Regional Campaign Organiser in Thatta region to create a meaningful and informed conversation around education by engaging policy makers, politicians, students, teachers, parents, civil society and media.

Apart from this he was selected for highly competitive fellowship ELP (Emerging Leaders of Pakistan) based Washington DC based think tank Atlantic Council South Asia Center, due to his contributions in human rights activities and education. He was interviewed by voice of America Urdu as motivational and inspiration young activist. In 2015-16 as a youth activist of Asia, he was selected in (SI) Swedish institute’s program (YCF) Young Connectors for Future Fellowship.

Some of the other issues he has worked on are blasphemy, talibanisation and minority rights. He has experience of social mobilization and trained in capacity building and leadership with solid background in organizational development and operations.

He was also a Regional Coordinator at the Mehergarh - a Center for Learning, regional office Hyderabad from 2008 to 2012. Here he acquired significant and progressive experience for three years. In addition, he assisted in strengthening individual capacities for health, human rights, education, domestic violence and Mehrgarh graduates performance assessment through monitoring and surveys.

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Noman Akhtar

Noman Akhtar has over 8 years of experience in the non-profit sector. He has done his master’s and currently working as Regional Campaign Organiser in Multan with a national education campaign named Alif Ailaan. Noman Akhtar is a British council facilitator and has got National SAP (Social Action Project) award twice from British council as well. His work has mostly focused on areas of education. He was the steering committee member of British council in Ilmpossible project and due to his dedication and hard work he got scholarship of Scotland (UK) from British council. Noman has also worked with international organizations like World Vision International, Plan International and Save the Children. He is also a national trainer of Y-Peer Education.

Partab Shivani

Partab has been a part of the development sector since a decade and is with Alif Ailaan since the last two years, working as Regional Campaign Organiser - Mirpurkhas region. Child rights generally and education particularly have been his areas of interest. While working with Alif Ailaan, he has been closely affiliated with policy makers, politicians, media, think tank groups and parents. He has worked on education budgets, reactivation of School Management Committees, teachers union, role of parents, SESP, and other education related stuff.

Having passed Master’s from Agriculture University, he opened an English language Institute in August 2004. Within a short span of time, the results went beyond expectations and hundreds of the students and professionals have been a part of the journey. He has voluntarily been a part of SPARC as District Coordinator and received the “Best Child Right Activist” award in 2007. In addition to that he opened a model school with like minded individuals in August 2007 through which a number of students were sent out of country under different programs and he personally served as Principal for two years. He was also called for the Global March against Child Labor in Delhi-India in 2008 as a key speaker and by UPM-Malaysia to read paper on “Minority rights conditions in Asia” in 2009.

He worked with SEARCH organization as Executive Director in southern region of Sindh where he coordinated with federal and provincial government departments as well as international and national non-profit organizations. He contributes in different English/Sindhi newspapers on issues pertaining to education, youth and minority empowerment, skills development etc. He has also been invited as guest speaker on different TV talk shows as an analyst on education and minority rights activists.

He has conducted research, delivered talks and also serves on the board of different organizations. For him, education is the only tool that could bring the change, so he voluntarily supports a number of youth for their innovations, career counseling, and scholarships.

Rahmatullah Balal

Rahmatullah has been investing efforts in development sector since last 10 years. His learning journey started from his village where he set up a community based organization. Having worked vastly in development sector and taking experience from grassroots, he developed his capacity by growing up the ladder and worked with national level organisations and government departments. He has achieved substantial results by utilizing his expertise in education, training, advocacy, research and monitoring.

He has been working for education development in Sindh as volunteer campaigner before joining Alif Ailaan. He filed a case on government of Sindh in Supreme Court of Pakistan in year 2013. The case was about re-opening of the closed schools in Sindh. He fought that case without any financial support and also worked as an advocate for that case in Supreme Court of Pakistan. On apex court discretion, he won that case and re-opened closed schools in Sindh.

Apart from that, he has initiated various petitions for corruption in education sector. Being a part of Alif Ailaan family, he has been making continuous efforts contributing towards improving state of education in Sindh. With time Rahmatullah has built a strong network of volunteers’ base which proves vital in making campaign effective in the region.

He is also skilled in communication, network building, implementation and monitoring on projects, management skills, organizing and directing programs. He also possesses exceptional interpersonal, supervision and coordination skills.

  • Highly skilled in planning, organizing and directing programs
  • Strong donor communication and management skills
  • Excellent team management, and adjusting with multicultural teams.
  • Good Budget managing and expenditure forecasting skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines-proven expertise in result base management.
  • Excellent resource mobilization skills

Roohullah Gulzari

Roohullah Gulzari, an education campaigner and human rights activist, has been involved with number of civil society organisations and campaigns in different capacities from the past 8 years. His work has mostly focused on areas of education, youth empowerment and social inclusion programs. Originally from Quetta, Balochistan, for years Roohullah has worked with Ummat Cultural and Educational Organisation through its voluntary teaching program. Roohullah has also worked with Lahore based Youth Development Foundation as Program Officer and later as Monitoring and Evaluation Officer to promote inclusion and interfaith harmony in grass-root communities of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In November 2016, Roohullah joined Alif Ailaan as Regional Campaign Organiser to create a meaningful and informed conversation around education by engaging policy makers, politicians, students, teachers, parents, civil society and media.

In 2013, Roohullah became ‘Emerging Leaders of Pakistan’ fellow at Washington D.C based think tank ‘Atlantic Council – South Asia Center’. For his contribution to the causes of education and youth empowerment, Roohullah was selected as one of the emerging leaders from South Asia by Swedish Institute (SI) under its ‘Young Connectors of Future’ (YCF) program in 20015-2016.

Roohullah holds Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. There, he was also the president of the Debating Society. As a speaker he has appeared at TEDxKinnaird and TEDx FAST to talk about the need for an education system that regards diversity as strength rather than liability. He has been quoted/interviewed by leading international and national media outlets such as New York Times, Huffington Post, BBC Urdu, Express Tribune, DAWN, The Friday Times and The Nation.

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Saad Ullah Baloch

Saad Ullah Baloch is a socio-political activist and an education campaigner, originally from Quetta, Balochistan. He has been involved with number of civil society organisations and campaigns such as Khudi Pakistan, Progressive Youth Forum- PYF, Sustainable Development Policy Institute - SDPI, Red Crescent and Alif Ailaan in different capacities from the past 6 years. Due to the unrest in Balochistan for more than a decade, he moved to Islamabad in 2009 to pursue further studies and now he has a master’s degree in the field of International Relations. Since his student life he has remained involved in volunteering and initiating platforms for multiple youth groups working for youth empowerment, social inclusion programs, education awareness and political awakening.

Saad Ullah Baloch has also remained the chairman of an apolitical organization “Baloch Students Council” in Islamabad, and later in September 2014 he started his political career with National Party (a middle class political party, currently part of the ruling government in Balochistan) from Islamabad and was remained an elected office bearer of National Party as "Senior Vice President, Islamabad" from 2015 to 2016. In November 2016, he joined Alif Ailaan as Regional Campaign Organiser- RCO from Quetta with the responsibility of creating a vibrant and meaningful network to advocate for education on provincial, district and tehsil levels by engaging policy makers, politicians, civil society, parents, teachers, students, and media. Prior to his experiences as a campaigner, social and political activist, he believes that now his personal and professional goals are aligned with one another. The goal that he has, is to continue advocacy for education which is the dire need of 21st century, so that it becomes more sustainable and profound as people of Pakistan, especially the people of Balochistan are facing crisis particularly in education.

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Sajjad Ahmad

Sajjad Ahmad is an enthusiastic development professional with vast experience of working with communities. He works for the development of down trodden communities through best use of learned & practiced techniques in organizing and mobilizing as well as in coordination with the set objectives. Sajjad has experience of working in close coordination with local NGOs, INGOs, local, district and provincial government departments, and other local key stakeholders.

Sajjad Ahmad is an education campaigner and a human rights activist. He has been involved with number of civil society organisations and campaigns in different capacities for past 6 years. His work has mostly focused on areas of education, youth empowerment and social inclusion programs. Sajjad Ahmad belongs to the rural area of district Mardan. He has labored for his own education at different places. After the completion of his Master’s in Political Science, he started voluntary teaching at his own village and as a lecturer of Pakistan Studies at Iqra Education System and got best teacher’s award. Sajjad Ahmad has also worked with different organizations including IRC, CVO and RAHA in the capacity of Social Organiser, Protection Officer and Field Officer. In Jan, 2015, Sajjad Ahmad joined Alif Ailaan as Network Coordinator to create a meaningful and informed conversation around education by engaging policy makers, politicians, students, teachers, parents, civil society and media.

During this period Sajjad Ahmad has re-opened closed schools, activated PTCs, got the budget released for providing basic facilities in 60 government schools by the education minister, launched an enrolment campaign in collaboration with district government, successfully campaigned for the construction of new classrooms through school councils budget, sensitized local government representatives, inclusion of Nazims’ in PTC by district government, formation of budget watchdog committee, worked closely with media in highlighting local challenges and issues, and worked in collaboration with the education department. Sajjad Ahmad has successfully engaged the provincial policy making body in different programs and attracted national and international media.

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Sami Ullah Khan

Sami ullah acquired his Master’s degrees from Hazara University & Sargodha University. He has been working as community development and research professional for more than 9 years and currently working as a Regional Campaign Organiser in Alif Ailaan - an Educational Campaign funded and governed by DFID – UK aid. He is responsible for the implementation of the programme activities for primary education, volunteerism, education, non-formal education and improvement in literacy of Pakistan. He has worked in partnership with the government line departments and in close co-operation with the community & politicians at grass root level. He believes in delivering practical bespoke solutions by utilizing consultation and negotiation with all relevant stakeholders plus an ability to make strategic and informed decisions.

He has considerable experience in managing people and projects in plain, remote and hard areas of Sargodha region. He has worked on several positions and developed very close liaison with the community, Local Govt. & NGOs. Besides, he has exposure and participated in many national seminars, workshops and training activities.

He is a confident presenter and supportive leader with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. He has delivered training to more than 80 local CCBs and CBOs on proposal writing & project cycle management during the Flood Affected Community Early Rehabilitation (FACER) Program with the collaboration of Devolution Trust for Community Empowerment (DTCE). He got training from different national & international organizations on different topics and is still working as a freelance trainer with Counselling Development a consultancy firm for NGOs based in Mianwali. He has conducted trainings on different topics and in process trained more than 200 professionals in development sector.

Shakeel Ahmad

Shakeel Ahmad, a motivated and creative individual, with 5 years part-time and 2 years full time experience within education sector in different roles and capacities, specifically as motivational speaker, community mobilizer and career counselor. Hailing from a remote village of Punjab’s district Kasur, Shakeel has been fortunate to work with Khudi Pakistan as Coordinator, Pakistan Youth Alliance as Social Entrepreneur, Verita-LDI as Trainer, Bullah Shah Group of Colleges as Management Consultant, The Bright Leaders College as HR Consultant and National AIDS Control Program as District Monitor.

He wished to continue his professional career by applying and developing his skills and knowledge within a dynamic and fast-paced organization in education sector, this quest encouraged him to join Alif Ailaan as Regional Campaign Organizer for Okara region.

Successfully incepted the Bright Leaders College, the fastest growing institute of district Kasur. From the platform of United Social Welfare Foundation, Shakeel has been able to access hundreds of students of class 10 at public sector schools of Tehsil Kasur for their career counseling.

His devotion and dedication for the cause of education has resulted in both tangible and intangible achievements. Tangibly, in collaboration with different stakeholders and SMCs, he successfully facilitated the process of constructing additional classrooms in the public sector schools, provision of furniture and securing land for construction of girl’s school. Intangibly, he managed to prioritize education in the remote and educationally neglected villages of Kasur, motivating SMCs to play their role in developing the schools is another attainment. While for him, career counseling and stressing upon quality education was the best part of his accomplishments. These small achievements are just milestones, he still has a long way to go and he is self-assured about it, because what he believes is, if you are persistent, you will get it and if you are consistent, you will keep it.

Shible Shabkhaiz

Shible Shabkhaiz belongs from tribal area of Dera Ghazi Khan. An education, peace and human rights activist; has been involved with Sahara Development Organization and Alif Ailaan and campaigning for promotion of education and health development for past 5 years. He is a dedicated and motivated social sciences scholar with proven leadership and community developmental skills.

In September 2013 Shible Shabkhaiz joined Alif Ailaan - a project by DFID as Network Coordinator and now working as Regional Campaign Organizer to put education at the forefront and center of public discourse and create a meaningful conversation around education by engaging policy makers, Politicians, parents, civil society, education managers and media in Dera Ghazi Khan.

Shible shabkhaiz holds Master’s degree in Rural Sociology from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad where he was also President of drama, art and debating club and also recently completed M.phil in the field of Anthropology from Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan.

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Sikandar Bizenjo

Sikander Bizenjo is an Economist, Developmental Practitioner and an Educationist. He has completed his undergraduate degree from Monash University in Economics and International Business, including a semester abroad in Copenhagen Business School, in Denmark. Pursuing further studies from University of East Anglia (UEA) in the UK, he has completed his Masters degree in Development Economics. With this degree, he is equipped with strong analytical and data handling skills and is well-versed in statistical software, such as STATA, SPSS, Microsoft Office etc.

His research interests are education and gender and his postgraduate research thesis; “Low-cost private schools in Pakistan – and are they reducing the gender gap?” sits amongst the top 1% highest scoring postgraduate papers.

He has been very active in student clubs and societies throughout his educational journey, including debating societies. Sikander is a recipient of prestigious UEA Award’ 2016 for his combination of academic and extracurricular activities.

In 2016, he has been voted and selected to lead a strong delegation of 13 ethnically diverse students in world’s largest debating competition – Harvard World Model United Nations in Rome, Italy.

For years, Sikander has been involved in volunteerism in different capacities. He has taught underprivileged children for 2 years in Malaysia and was a volunteer at Danish Red Cross in Denmark. Apart from his full-time job, he regularly takes part in the activities of Robinhood Army Karachi – a volunteer organisation that strives to end hunger in Pakistan by feeding poor and needy.

Sikander, who hails from Nall in District Khuzdar of Balochistan, is the founder of “Balochistan- An Undiscovered Paradise” – a social media platform dedicated to portray the hidden beauty of Balochistan and has a strong following of over 31,000 people. His work was also featured in many local newspapers.

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Surriya Manzoor

Surriya Manzoor is the Regional Campaign Organizer in Gujranwala Region since last four years.She began her journey by contesting elections at Union Council level and for that launched a door to door campaign. Being a female with no previous work and political background, her own family resisted initially due to social taboos associated with working women, however, being persistent paid off and she successfully changed the mindsets of her family and people around her. She continued her political journey and was elected as City Councilor. Having taken experience of working for the people she struggled her way through and in collaboration with Aurat Foundation secured funding of PKR 600,000 from the district government for the development of school in her locality and marriage of 30 underprivileged couples. She started a project with SPO to provide CNICs to women and register them as voters for the election.

Currently, she is working with Alif Ailaan to help sensitize people about issues regarding educations such as enrolment, infrastructure, missing facilities, shortage of teachers and quality of maths and science education in government schools.

To her credit, she along with the help of local communities reclaimed a girl’s high school building by holding protests with teachers and student. Due to media coverage, notice was taken by CM Punjab and direct orders were issued for non-school related departments to evacuate the premises. Secondly, she successfully established SMC committees involving teachers and parents for utilization of non-salary related budget in schools.

Syed Niaz Ahmad Gilani

Syed Niaz Ahmad Gilani, an education campaigner and human rights activist, has been involved with number of civil society organizations and campaigns in different capacities from the past 16 years. His work has mostly focused on areas of education, youth empowerment and social inclusion programs. I am from District Layyah, Multan region, Punjab, for years Syed Niaz Ahmad Gilani has worked with Different National & International Organization in different projects, Campaigns in different areas of the country. His area of focus is to highlight the educational issues with different organizations through their voluntary teaching program. Syed Niaz Ahmad Gilani has also worked with Acted Pakistan, SPO, NCHD, Human Resource Development Organization, Society for Health and Education, Marie Stopes Society, TEKSER, SAPPK, Awami Development Organization on different managerial posts. He is also a member Radio Deutsche Welle (Germany), Radio China, BBC Urdu service, Radio Voice of America, Radio Moscow and Radio Pakistan, Youth Forum with Plan Pakistan. Syed Niaz Ahmad Gilani is also working with different Human rights based organizations as a volunteer and activist to promote inclusion and interfaith harmony in grass-root level communities of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In August 2013, Syed Niaz Ahmad Gilani joined Alif Ailaan as Regional Campaign Organizer to create a meaningful and informed conversation around education by engaging policy makers, politicians, students, teachers, parents, civil society and media.

Syed Niaz Ahmad Gilani holds MSc in Sociology, Women's & Gender. He was also the president of the Debating Society and District Youth Group. As a speaker, he has appeared at different educational, political and social forums, to talk about the need for an education system that regards diversity as strength rather than liability. He has been quoted/interviewed by leading international and national media outlets such as, Geo express, AAJ TV, Radio Pakistan, BBC Urdu, DAWN, Dunya News and The Nation. Syed Niaz is also a master trainer and got different trainings from national and International departments regarding, Health, Reproductive Health Education, HR, Political System, Logistics, Finance, Tax & Service Laws, Social affairs and HR Laws in Pakistan. He has been associated with USAID, UKaid, Marie Stopes Society, Human rights Commission of Pakistan, Asia Watch, PLAN International, TEKSER international, SAPPK, SPO, ACTED Pakistan, FAO, UNocha, UNHCR etc.

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Tabitha Afzal Imdad

Tabitha Afzal Imdad has over seven years of experience in the nonprofit sector. A graduate in Business Administration and currently enrolled in MS program leading to PhD (distance learning). In the most recent capacity as Regional Campaign Organizer for Alif Ailaan a project by DFID, her responsibilities include establishment of networks at regional and local level with civil society organizations, for-profit and not-for profit organizations to advocate Alif Ailaan campaign objectives and turn them into coherent pressure groups. Tabitha has acquired skills, utilized in social media and print media, newsletters, calendars, fact sheets, information briefs and advocacy reports. Identifying and providing support to existing local education alliances at provincial and district levels to bring them closer to the campaign's objectives. Prior to this, Tabitha gained work experience as a Communications Officer at WWF-Pakistan, at this position, her services benefitted in skills like, assist in drafting & implementing the strategic communications strategy, organizing workshops & events for stakeholder. Media(both print & electronic) relations, including providing timely and relevant stories, key messaging and/or information to the local & national media; Prepare literature, materials for the capacity building workshop participants; design of the interactive workshops and & assist the resource persons selected for cascading workshop.

Throughout Tabitha’s experiences she has gained skills in communications, monitoring and reporting, advocacy. With a strong passion for and firm belief in human rights, gender equality and education for women, Tabitha is interested in focusing on developing human rights standards and increasing awareness in Pakistan on education and its policy. Through her work as volunteer for a number of organizations like PUAN, Dove Foundation etc. she is committed to increase capacity development of local organizations, in turn assisting those less fortunate through conceptual understanding of participatory approaches and sustainable development interventions. She is passionate about travels and exploring other cultures.