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There are 25 million children in Pakistan today who do not go to school, while the majority of those who are enrolled, whether in government or private schools, are not learning enough. Urgent action is needed to address Pakistan's education crisis but the large-scale structural and systemic changes required to produce results will take time. As the problem grows, it is easy to lose hope.

But Alif Ailaan's work with the government, political parties, education providers and communities convinces us that there is reason for optimism.

Across Pakistan, families, teachers and education administrators are finding ways to address education issues for themselves. These solutions come in all shapes and sizes: some are small-scale and informal, others are large, formal and supported by the government; some are implemented locally, others operate at the national level. What they all have in common is the manner in which they seek to solve problems rather than be paralysed by the scale of the challenge.

Over the past year Alif Ailaan has highlighted the scale and urgency of the education crisis in Pakistan. We now shift our focus to talk about solutions. Innovations in education are helping provide solutions on the ground. Our goal is to make innovation for solutions part of the national discourse on education reform.

Starting on February 13, Alif Ailaan will showcase stories of education innovation from across the country. Your story could be one of them. If you know of an individual or organisation making change happen, tell us and we'll tell the world.

Join us in celebrating the very best of education in Pakistan.

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  • Nominations will be assessed by a jury of prominent educationists and media personalities.
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  • Deadline for submission: January 18, 2014.