Radio Interview with AJK Education Minister

Radio interview with AJK Education Minister Mian Abdul Waheed

Alif Ailaan facilitated a dialogue in the media in AJK about the preparation, allocation, release and utilisation of education budget. The Alif Ailaan education activist in AJK worked with FM 105 to organise a radio programme on the issue. AJK Minister for Elementary and Secondary Education Mian Abdul Waheed and the Alif Ailaan Civil Society Campaign Manager participated in the programmes. The Education Minister said that Rs 0.8 Billion had been allocated for Education Development budget, apart from recurring budget of Rs 17 Billion. He said that new schools will be built with the development budget and that the funds will be released on time and spent judiciously. Alif Ailaan civil society campaign manager underscored the importance of social accountability for education funds and rational allocation and spending.