The education emergency Pakistan is facing stems from a lack of political will. The solution is immediate actions by politicians, parents and citizens. The upcoming elections provide a unique opportunity to the Pakistani nation to mobilize politicians and ordinary citizens for education, making the issue a part of the national discourse. In this context, Alif Ailaan, a social campaign for education reform in the country, and Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi, a leading national NGO advocating for education for many years, have launched “Politicians Knocking on the Doors”, an initiative aimed at engaging politicians to find solution of the problem that they are often rightly blamed for.

Prominent politicians will demonstrate political will and a personal interest in education by enrolling at least three out of school children. They will also speak to the potential voters about the importance of education. The initiative will bring education up on the election agenda, giving a platform to citizens to demand better access and quality education from their political leaders. It will put a lot of pressure on other politicians to take actions to address education emergency for their own political interests if not for the advancement of the society.

We have started the initiative from Balochistan, the most impoverished province of Pakistan. Zubeida Jalal, the former federal education minister and a prominent politician, enrolled three out of school children in a local school in Quetta on April 2, 2013.    


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تہاڈی سرکاری تے دفتری زبان انگریزی ہے۔ تساں خدمت خاک کریسو
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That’s true for politicians who beg votes instead of education….ha ha ha
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PML-N has never done this and they cant. why? reason is that i cant accept that a buisnessman whose business is increasing but when he rules the country the country goes down. at least pml-n cant do that for education. zubaida did nothing when she was education minister. the solgan " give vote get education" is ridiculous, you are asking for begging. it means if you will come in power you will do that otherwise not. the developed nations have a think tank always and they never compromise on their country policies. we dont need rooti kapra makaan, we need education and environment and other things will come itself. when you are a family and have kids, you always think for kids education then about any of your luxuries. these politicians have preferred luxuries. we dont need them.
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These politicians have done nothing and cant do because they cant prioritize. Look at zindagi trust, when such vounteers of pakistan and young can do that then what was the problem with the people in power. the reason is they want subordinates. the only thing is that
1: one education system in pakistan
2: less dues so that everybody can approach.
3: for people who cant afford, education is free
4. “rule” to impose fine if someone doesnt send the kid to school even education is free.
5: same level of education, style and environment in each school
6: be proud to be Govt school and discourage private schools
7: strongly discourage/forbid academy system of education after school time.
8: Teacher may give full time in school
9: syllabus update specially for early 5-6classes and updated in a way that they may groom themselves rather than get frustrated.
We can do it but problem is who?
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gud job
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Plz taleem kay maydan main hamri madad karen 03458692230
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In my pinion we have to launch “tick tick education” campaign by all the supporters of alifailaan. This campaign will be initiated by distributing stickers, leaflets, and badges to every voter of between age 18 to 30 years.


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