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Today for the first time there is national political consensus in Pakistan on the need to radically transform the state of education and the quality of learning. Prior to the 2013 general elections, all major political parties made commitments to focus on education and allocate resources accordingly. Our leaders acknowledge the scale of the education crisis and have committed to substantive reform of the system. The next step is for our leaders to make education a top priority and to work together to make sure that the necessary funds -- at least 4% of GDP -- are allocated so that these commitments can be turned into action.

Election Manifesto Promises

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What our leaders have to say

Ilm har marz ka ilaaj hai. Without education no country will get prosperity nor maintain good governance.”

“If we don’t make education our top priority, Pakistan has no future.”

“Education is the best tool to eradicate extremism from society. I will put my shoulder to the wheel for bringing about a revolution in the education sector to achieve national goals.”

“All parties should work together. The government should not take the raising of problems in education by the opposition as criticism, but as concern.”

“The urgency to solve this issue has been realised by our friends in all the different political parties of Sindh.”

“We have to put aside our political differences to come together for the cause of education.”

“Without investing in quality education and skills there is no development possible.”

“What I want to see and work for is education taken out of the realm of charity. It’s not a social cause. It’s a fundamental human right. It ought to be the utmost duty of the government to provide education, it’s not a side matter.”

“The government of Sindh is spending a lot of money on education but we are not seeing any change.”

“The need for spending maximum resources in education sector is the only way to develop human resources and eventually the whole nation.”