October 9, 2014



Campuses to reopen today

Educational institutions across the province will reopen after Eidul Azha holidays today (Thursday). However in the provincial metropolis, a thin attendance is expected on the first day as many students who went outside the town with their parents to celebrate Eid with their families and loved ones would be properly joining on Monday. Similarly, a large number of boarding students at various public and private colleges and universities of the provincial metropolis are expected to return to the city on Sunday and joining their campuses on Monday.

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There is a need to fulfill our Demands: Teacher Union

Teacher Union in Rawalpindi demanded to Promote Teachers of Primary and Elementary Education to 16, 17 and 18 Grade, they said it is very important to fulfill our demand for Better Education.

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CTIs to be filled in public colleges

The Punjab government will hire services of College Teacher Interns (CTIs) to overcome shortage of teaching staff at public sector colleges, sources informed on Wednesday. An officer of the Punjab Higher Education Department said that the process of recruitment of the CTIs had been completed and the scrutiny was underway. He said that the process of recruitment of CTIs was transparent and the college principals forwarded the recommendations on merit. He said that the HED would finalize the scrutinizing process very soon.

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 No teachers show up at anti-dengue camps

Teachers say that they are being engaged in other work to bring a bad name to state-run schools.

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Public post graduate colleges and private colleges didn’t get lecture on Dengue

Just inter colleges are covered under this scheme, post graduate colleges and private colleges need attention.

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 Education information management being revamped.

The Federal Directorate of Education has decided to revamp the Education Management Information System (EMIS) and Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) to make it accessible for area education managers and education institutes.

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Women share in poverty increasing in Pakistan

The Islamabad Women's Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IWCCI) on Wednesday said that share of women in poverty is rising in Pakistan as compare to men which need immediate attention of authorities. In a statement issued here, Chamber president Dr Zakia Hashmi said that many countries have been ignoring poor in their struggle for improved economic growth which has triggered poverty with women affected most. She said that the government should revisit some policies for the welfare of poor and reduce growing inequality which is disturbing the society.

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Seminary students denied Eid holidays

Rizwanullah was knocking the door of each house in Sector I-10/2 along with his seminary friends on the first day of Eidul Azha to collect hides.

Rizwan, 13, a resident of Upper Dir district was assigned the task by the administration of Sirajul Uloom, although he was interested in celebrating Eid with his family. When contacted, Maulana Azizur Rehman, the religious scholar at Sirajul Uloom told Dawn that

“It is difficult for the management of the religious seminaries to allow all the students to celebrate Eidul Azha in their home towns because it is necessary for the students to collect hides which helps in meeting the expenses of the students of the seminaries.”

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AIOU extends admission date till October 15

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has extended last date for SSC to Ph.D level admissions till October 15 to accommodate flood affected candidates and internally displaced persons.

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9 years to earthquake has been passed but still there is no satisfactory work has been done for rehabilitation.

The reconstruction of new schools in AJK is not done, many students still need proper building.

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Abdul Malik Baloch: We’ll write letters to Prime Minister against corruption in Urdu University.

The disturbance in Urdu University will affect negatively the Balochi students.

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Primary school, seminary blown up in Jmarud

A government primary school and a seminary was blown up through explosive devises in Walo Mela, Lashora area of tehsil Jamrud of Khyber Agency, official source said on Monday.

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Army Chief promised the free provision of education to 1500 students in FATA.

In military cadet colleges quota for FATA students has been allocated.

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Nine years on, memories of quake victims still fresh; 68 projects has been completed in education sector.

An official at the State Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Agency (Serra) informed journalists that from October 2013 till October 2014, 123 projects, including 68 in education sector, had been completed, in spite of financial problems. Sardar Rahim Khan, Secretary Serra, said a total of 7,965 projects were conceived for the quake-affected areas and of those 5,156 had been completed and 1,741 were under construction.

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Two primary schools blown up in Jamrud

Two government primary schools, one for boys and one for girls, were destroyed in two separate incidents when bombs planted inside them exploded on Tuesday night in Jamrud subdivision of Khyber Agency. Irshad Mohmand, an official of the Jamrud political administration, said the boys school was targeted in Lashora while the girls school was in Walo Mela. Mohmand added unidentified militants had planted powerful improvised explosive devices (IED) inside the schools and blew them up within the span of an hour. Both schools were destroyed in the explosions.

Complete Story: http://tribune.com.pk/story/772387/separate-incidents-two-primary-schools-blown-up-in-jamrud/



Even after Nine years of Earthquake

Even after nine years of Earthquake, no development has been taken place in the Area Students are sitting under the open Sky. Funds for Earthquake were not Used for the IDPs and Development of the Area.

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Students cannot take admission in Schools

Raza Muhammad of Government Teachers Association (GTA) said that in Sibbi Students cannot take admissions in Schools, We need to Develop better Education and increase the rate of literacy.

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 Sardar Rand announced the establishment of modern residential school in Shoran.

He further said that he will bear all the expenses of this school.

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Mobile bookshop set to roll into Khyber Agency

A bus will travel across the region from Monday and hold book fairs at universities, said by National Book Foundation Director in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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No more affiliation with federation

Provincial HEC will determine the administrative status of universities.

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Seminar entitled “EDUCATION FOR ALL” organized in Deeplo, district Tharparkar  

Seminar for the promotion of education was organized by the teachers of taluka Deeplo in village Maleehar School district Tharparkar. Teachers and social workers shared their views on the current situation of education of Thar and said that schools have been turned to be the Otaq by local influential people holding power of politics. While addressing the seminar entitled “Education for all” Mr Noor Muhamamd Bajeer a social worker said education administration is solely responsible for education destruction. Sindh is at the lowest ebbs compared to the other parts of the country. While on the occasion; other social workers and teachers Kashif Bajeer, Essa , Umar , Sajid and others also  expressed the views on the current education system. 

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Goth Sudhar Welfare Association organized a seminar on “Importance of Mother Language in Modern Education

In a seminar entitled “Importance of Mother languages in Modern Education system” organized by the Sudhara Welfare Association in village Noor Pur district Naushero Feroz. Addressing the seminar Professor Altaf Jokhio talked on the importance of mother languages in modern educational era. He showed concern on the prevalent system in Pakistan where mother languages have been kept aside. Mr Laiq Zaradri a researcher, Mr Sagar Hanif Burdi, Mr Mazhar Khaskheli, Mr Gul Moro and others also put their views. 

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Series of Seminars on the promotion of education announced in district Ghtoki

A seminar was held in NDVE School entitled “lack of Education and Its Possible Solutions “by Bhittai Youth Awareness Organization Islamabad. The former vice chancellor Laitf University Khairpur Dr. A.R Rahman  including  DOE Ghulam hyder Bullo, GSTA president Saeed Naich and others participated in the seminar. All agreed upon a decision that education promotion seminars will be organized at union council level to promote education at grass root level.  

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430 employees of education department are still looking for their salaries  in Qambar Shadad Kot

Education administration of district Qamabar Shahdad Kot has stopped the salaries of 430 employees. According to the employees the additional officer treasury Burhan Lodhi takes 80,000/= bribe for releasing the salary, however; all foretold employees could not get salaries even on Eid occasion.

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Standard Pakistani Students in the US

The HEC has not released stipends to these students for the last two months. They are living in quarters in an expensive country where they are not aloowed to do jobs or business.

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