Although the situation is dire, the things we need to do to end the education emergency are clear. We have compiled an education manifesto, which sets out the steps that need to be taken to tackle the emergency, and an education declaration, which outlines the ten steps parents, politicians and education providers can take to contribute. We are calling on politicians of all stripes to step up and pledge they will deliver real education reform.


The election of a new government marks an historic opportunity to give every Pakistani child, and all of us, a better future. Our economy, our security and our quality-of-life all depend on educating our young people, yet fewer than half our children even complete basic schooling. This failure is a national emergency. Justice demands that we respond.

All of us can and must play a part in fixing it. Other campaigns have focused solely on politicians, and competing interests have blocked change. Today, YOU have the power to sign our Education Declaration, hold our leaders to account and vote for a better education for our children, and a better future for Pakistan.

Together, we declare that:

1. Every child in Pakistan has the basic right to a safe, free and well-funded education.

2. No child’s learning must be prevented by a lack of proper facilities.

3. Every candidate must announce his or her detailed plans for education before the election.

4. Parents must send all of their children – boys and girls – to school.

5. Provincial Education Ministers must publish an Action Plan for implementing Article 25a – the constitutional entitlement to free education for all children from 5-16.

6. Teachers must be appointed on ability, not patronage, and should be well trained and supported to do their crucial job.

7. Parents must support their children’s learning and talk with their children every day about what they learn.

8. Teachers must be present to teach every school day. Only those who contribute to educating our young people should be rewarded accordingly.

9. New governments must find cross-party consensus to act on the Education Emergency in the first 100 days after the election.

10. We are ALL accountable for making this change happen in 2013.

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