MAR 18 2014

Students protest against deteriorated road condition

MANDI BAHAUDDIN: Students of Higher Secondary School King Road protested in front of their school over the apathy of local administration to repair the road. They said the road in front of their school had turned into a pond due to lack of repairs and maintenance. Water had accumulated during the recent rains but the water accumulated on the road had still not dried. 

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Building a school from scratch

Humaira Bachal knows firsthand how the lack of education had hurt her community.She had a cousin who died because his mother could not read the expiration date on a bottle of medicine. Through hard work and a sweet-but-stubborn attitude, Bachal has gone from a teenager who hid her schoolbooks from her father (who opposed her education) to running a foundation that teaches 1,200 boys and girls at her Dream Model Street School.With help from domestic and international donations — Madonna is one of them — the foundation is building a new 18-room home for the school, which has grown to 33 teachers. Complete Story:

Educational deprivation in a feudal culture

It is no coincidence that both these iconic cases of feudally-inspired and protected rape occurred in district Muzzaffargarh, a bastion of feudalism in southern Punjab with the lowest education ranking in Punjab (below DG Khan’s) and 76th in Pakistan, out of a total of 140 districts. Its inhabitants are among the most deprived and underprivileged people in the country, whose lives are almost totally at the mercy of a small number of feudal families who own most of the land. A major reason for the continued dominance of these families is the deliberate exclusion of the population from access to education. Even where educational facilities existed in the past, they have decayed, become dysfunctional or disappeared through the deliberate actions of the feudal aristocracy and their collaborating petty bureaucrats. 

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