Mar 12 2014

Over 400 Teachers in GB disqualified

Gilgit: A committee constituted to re-conduct test and interviews of the 734 teachers who were appointed in violation of merit has disqualified 418 teachers.An official told Dawn that around 1000 teachers and other allied staff were appointed in the education department since 2010, and of them 183 of them had already been sacked last year. He said that former director and deputy director of the education department had been sent on forced retirement last month for being instrumental in the illegal recruitments. 

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UNICEF for reforms in health, education sectors

Quetta: UNICEF has urged the provincial lawmakers to exert influence in policy-making in the sectors of health, education, water and sanitation to ensure the security of the children. UNICEF arranged a discussion session with the parliamentarians and urged them to scale up their influence, support policy reforms and allocate resources for a positive impact on protection, growth and the development of children in Balochistan. Members of Balochistan Assembly were present at the seminar. Malnutririon had a catastrophic impact on the children's health, cognitive functioning, mental development, school performance and on economic productivity. The speakers said that the situation regarding education is disastrous. Out of the 3.6 million children aged 5 to 16 years around 2.3 million are not going to school. There is also a significant gap between the availability of schools at primary, middle and secondary level. It is also alarming that less than half of the children in schools acquire competencies in mathematics, social science and languages, they said.

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Tragedy at School

A recent report in this newspaper about a six-year-old child being brutally killed by his peers at a government school in Faisalabad is both ghastly and terrifying. Not only is the gruesome act of a little boy being bullied and whipped by other children to the extent that he was fatally wounded is tragic to say the least, but the fact that it happened in a school during recess, which is crowded and supervised, is extremely shocking. Unfortunately, teachers in public schools are mostly permanent government employees and are assured that despite whatever performance they put up, they will get a steady paycheck at the end of the month. They are under-qualified and lack ambition. When students ask teachers questions, they get reprimanded and ridiculed, which often leads to a large number of children dropping out of school. In fact, Pakistan has the highest school dropout rate in the world.

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