MAR 04 2014

Minister says education must to solve militancy, economic problems

Winding up the debate on the education system, he said that 80 percent problems would automatically solve if the education system was improved. He added this would be only possible by taking collective decisions to stop political interference in the recruitment, training and transfers of teachers. The minister said the government had increased the education budget from Rs66 billion to Rs 85billion and development budget from Rs9 billion to Rs23 billion. He said 2.5 million students were out of school even though the schools in the province now totaled 28,500. He said there were 150,000 teachers imparting education to four million students. He said another 200,000 employees were serving in the education department, adding that it was impossible to improve such a huge department within six months. The minister said reforming it could become possible with the cooperation of the opposition, asking it to stop interference in the education department for the better future of the coming generations.

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Rally in Haripur for free education for all children

Free education for all children rally was held in Haripur in which a large number of teachers as well as student took part. It started from press club at 11 O’clock in the morning and ended in front of district education officer’s office.

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Eve teasers hover around government girls college and secondary high school in Attock

Outside Government College and higher secondary for girl’s eve teasers hover around at daily basis which has caused troubles for students, teachers as well as parents. Parents of the students studying there told media that at the time of school end eve teasers gather around girls and scream in front of them.

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