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Here you will find interesting media coverage related to education and the Alif Ailaan campaign. This is also the spot to see our daily Alif Ailaan bulletins - a wrap of everything education in Pakistan, every day.

The Alif Ailaan Taleemi Karavan makes its first stop


The Alif Ailaan Taleemi Karavan set out from Islamabad today to drive 1,578 km through 14 districts of the Punjab. The caravan made its first stop in Dina where an inaugural press conference was held to welcome the travellers. 

Five days, fourteen districts, one mission – the Alif Ailaan Taleemi Karavan takes to the road


Alif Ailaan, a campaign that seeks to put education at the front and centre of public discourse in Pakistan, supports efforts to increase enrollment in the Punjab. The Alif Ailaan Taleemi Karavan will head out from Islamabad on the morning of August 26 and travel 1,578 km through 14 districts of the Punjab. It will spread the word about every Pakistani child’s right to a free education and the importance of putting children in school. 

Alif Ailaan’s analysis on Education Budget 2013-14


KARACHI: Since corruption is rampant in almost every single sector and department of the country, shattering the hopes and future of the nation, even education is not immune to this trend. Corruption and mishandling of resources in this particular sector has lead to chaos, confusion and threats to the academic future of Pakistan. Governments although announce large amounts in education budgets, nothing worthwhile is achieved during the course of any political rule.

Alif Ailaan's Analysis of the 2013-14 budget for education


In the run-up to the May 2013 general elections, political parties promised to increase financial allocations for education. Every major political party committed to raise the share of education to at least 4% of GDP.
To assess whether this commitment was reflected in the budget announced last month, Alif Ailaan carried out a detailed analysis of the federal and provincial budgets for the fiscal year 2013-14.


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