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Here you will find interesting media coverage related to education and the Alif Ailaan campaign. This is also the spot to see our daily Alif Ailaan bulletins - a wrap of everything education in Pakistan, every day.

Alif Ailaan Gains Support at the Karachi Literature Festival


The Karachi Literature Festival 2013 wasn’t just a gathering of writers, poets, activists, academists and educationists but a celebration of the art of writing and other creative forms of expression. Alif Ailaan, represented by Campaign Manager Imran Khan was also a part of the event. 

Campaign: reclaiming the right to education


Campaign: Reclaiming the Right of Education for over 25M | By News Desk | Published: February 14, 2013

A new campaign aimed to tackle the country’s worsening education crisis was launched at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts on Wednesday. The campaign, Alif Ailaan unites a diverse alliance for change devoted to delivering good quality education to children aged between five and 16 years, said a press release.

Education campaign launched


From the Newspaper |  | 14 February

At the Pakistan National Council of Arts on Wednesday, singers, filmmakers, writers and students gathered for the launch of the Alif Ailaan campaign.

Funded by multiple donors, the campaign is an attempt to unite government, civil society and private citizens to address important issues in the education system.

NA passes ‘right to free and compulsory education bill'

national assembly Pakistan

 and  | 13th November, 2012 | ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly on Tuesday passed the Right to free and Compulsory Education Bill 2012 unanimously to ensure free and compulsory education to all children of aged five to sixteen years as enshrined in the Article 25-A of the Constitution.


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