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Here you will find interesting media coverage related to education and the Alif Ailaan campaign. This is also the spot to see our daily Alif Ailaan bulletins - a wrap of everything education in Pakistan, every day.

Could Gordon Brown possibly care more for Pakistani children than you, dear Prime Minister?

Print advertisement to commemorate Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s one year in office. (Published 05 June 2014

Qaumi Asataza Conference 2013


On December 26, for the first time in the country’s history, nearly 400 teachers from government schools across Pakistan gathered in Islamabad to talk about education reform.

Sindh's Promise To Its Children


A political charter for 100% enrolment and dramatically improved quality of education in Sindh.

Storytelling the education story


Nine short films to give you a fresh perspective on the good things that Pakistanis are doing to empower parents, build political will for reform and help education providers do their jobs more effectively.

Alif Ailaan presents the story of education campaigning in Pakistan...


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