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Here you will find interesting media coverage related to education and the Alif Ailaan campaign. This is also the spot to see our daily Alif Ailaan bulletins - a wrap of everything education in Pakistan, every day.

Perceived improvement: PML-N likely to improve education, states survey


KARACHI: The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz is currently viewed as the party most concerned with state of education. This perception, coupled with the fact that 73% people prioritise education policies when deciding who to vote for, can have wide-reaching political ramifications during the forthcoming polls.

Joint efforts urged for better education


Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aaghai and Alif-Ailaan, non-governmental organisations, have started an extensive campaign, urging the national political leaders to join all the collaborative efforts being made to make education a top priority nationwide and by, in turn, mobilising votes for education.

Education moot: Illiteracy termed cause of Muslims’ decline


ISLAMABAD: With a call for politicians to make education their top priority, over 40 religious scholars from across Pakistan huddled on Wednesday and cited education as the only cause for the rise and fall of the Muslim Ummah in the past and present.

Voice for Education Raised Across the Country


Voices for education were raised across the country with the Alif Ailaan campaign shifting up a gear in the run-up to the elections in Rawalpindi, Hafizabad and Toba Tek Singh.


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