KP politicians pledge support to improve education in the province  

6 March, 2013: Calling attention to the alarming state of education in KP, a seminar titled “Education Emergency in Pakistan – Focusing on KP” was organized by Alif Ailaan here in Peshawar. 

Politicians, educationists, activists and parents present at the event agreed that Pakistan is facing a dire education emergency and political will is needed to fix the system. Speaking at the seminar Dr Khadim Hussain, Managing Director of the Bacha Khan Foundation said: “This year and the upcoming election offer an unprecedented opportunity for us to actually do something to transform the state of education in Pakistan. Unless education is recognized as a key political issue, we will continue to face a situation where not enough being done to ensure each and every Pakistani child has access to education.”

According to official figures, presently only half of the primary aged children are currently enrolled in schools in KP and given the current situation, KP will not be able to provide all children their constitutional right to education till 2064.

Speaking at the seminar Senator from FATA, Engineer Rashif Ahmed said: “Pakistan can’t overcome social and economic problems until education is prioritised. We fix education, we fix half our problems.” Representatives from PTI, ANP, PML N and ANP concurred and also stressed that education is on their agenda and like Sindh, they will work to ensure a law guaranteeing free and compulsory education for children is also implemented in KP. 

Alif Ailaan is a campaign to end Pakistan's education emergency. We work with politicians, media, civil society and partners across the spectrum of Pakistani society, to ensure that there is both a national awareness of and a commitment to fixing the problems that plague our system's failure to support the dreams and aspirations of Pakistan's more than 100 million young people. 

You can learn more about the Alif Ailaan campaign at our website, on Facebook and on Twitter at, and

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