junaid rehman

commented on Politicians Knocking on Doors 2013-05-10 21:53:56 +0500 · Flag
PML-N has never done this and they cant. why? reason is that i cant accept that a buisnessman whose business is increasing but when he rules the country the country goes down. at least pml-n cant do that for education. zubaida did nothing when she was education minister. the solgan " give vote get education" is ridiculous, you are asking for begging. it means if you will come in power you will do that otherwise not. the developed nations have a think tank always and they never compromise on their country policies. we dont need rooti kapra makaan, we need education and environment and other things will come itself. when you are a family and have kids, you always think for kids education then about any of your luxuries. these politicians have preferred luxuries. we dont need them.

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