JUNE 16 2014

High allocation for education

Punjab Government for the fiscal year 2014-15 has allocated Rs 46.71 billion to education which includes higher education, school education, technical and special education, Daanish schools and laptops scheme.  Budgetary documents for the year 2014-15 shows 15.04 percent increase to the education budget compared to last year which was Rs 40.59 billion. Interestingly, the government revised the last year budget from Rs 40.59 billion to Rs 34.94 million which means the government did not utilize the total development budget of education.

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Building Schools

There have been recent reports that the prime minister donated a whole year’s salary to a school in Sindh. This is a laudable step by the prime minister and signals that he considers education to be very important for human development. Moreover, it also shows that the government is sensitive to the problems of education in the underdeveloped areas of the country.

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Painting a rosy picture: Education budget upholds govt’s priority illusions

By offering the lion’s share to education in its annual budget this year yet again, the provincial government carries on with the financial sleight of hand that keeps the perception of government’s ‘top priorities’ afloat. In order to understand the reality, one needs to look beyond the rosy picture that the Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah attempted to paint in his budget speech on Friday when he proudly announced Rs134.3 billion for ‘non-development expenditure’ on education in the 2014-15 fiscal year.

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Punjab enhances education budget by 10%

The Punjab government has allocated Rs 44.3 billion for education sector in the provincial budget for 2014-15 fiscal, which is Rs 4.3 billion (approximately 10 percent) more than the allocations made for the 2013-14 fiscal. The government has allocated Rs 20 billion for school education against ongoing year’s Rs 15 billion; Rs 24 billion for higher education against Rs 22 billion for the ongoing fiscal and Rs 151 million for special education against current year’s Rs 137 million allocations, respectively. The non-formal basic education sector will receive an amount of Rs 35 million. 

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Rs 7 billion set aside for schools in Rawalpindi

The Punjab government has earmarked Rs7 billion for the education department (schools) Rawalpindi in the proposed budget 2014-15. “Around Rs5.71 billion of the amount will be spent on the payment of salaries and the rest on development projects,” said Executive District Officer (EDO) Education Qazi Zahoorur Haq. There are 1981 schools in the district - 1,153 primary, 385 middle, 354 secondary and 38 higher secondary schools.

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UK aid money used to campaign against Pakistan's prime minister Nawaz Sharif 

Row over British-paid adverts criticising Pakistan's prime minister Pakistani politicians demand an explanation after UK aid pays for front-page campaign accusing Nawaz Sharif of neglecting education. Thousands of pounds of British taxpayers' money has been spent on newspaper adverts in Pakistan accusing the government of failing to tackle the country's education problems, igniting a row over political interference. The advertisements appeared last week, some of which covered half the front page.

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Panjgur schools stay shut

The All Balochistan Progressive Private Schools’ Association said here on Sunday that the authorities had failed to track down the elements responsible for closure of private schools in Panjgur district. The association’s president Haneef Khundi said while addressing a press conference along with its Panjgur chapter office-bearers Zahid Hussain and Abdul Latif that they would not give in to the elements who were out to forbid girls’ education in the district.

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20 schools in Talagang to be provided IT facilities

2 crore 60 lakh allocated for IT lab facilities in 20 public schools in District Talagang.

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Construction dispute delays school opening by four years

Almost four years after the construction of the Islamabad Model School (Primary) (IMS) building in Soan Garden, the school has yet to be made functional due to a dispute between the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and the contractor. The school is the only government school available to a locality of almost 100,000. Due to the dispute, many local residents, most of whom belong to the lower middle class, have been left with no option but to send their children to private schools – which are significantly more expensive.

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Teachers reject KP budget

The teachers organisations on Sunday rejected the provincial budget and termed it anti-government employees and aiming at safeguarding the interests of the rich people. Talking to journalists at a hotel, All Teachers Association provincial general secretary Fareedullah Shah, Jamil Ahmad, Malgari Ustazan’s district chapter general secretary and Hidayatullah of Secondary School Teachers Association said the provincial government had failed to present the budget as per the wishes of the people, especially government employees.

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KP to spend less on education, health than Punjab

Comparison of provincial budgets for the next financial year 2014-15 shows that despite all its claims, the PTI’s government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has set aside a lower percentage for education and some other crucial sectors as compared to the Punjab government. According to a study, a comparison of figures proposed for the budget of the next financial year for the KP and Punjab provincial governments show that PTI’s KP government plans to spend 21.49 percent of its total spending on education whereas the Punjab government will spend 27.3 percent.

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14pc increase in education budget of KP

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf led Khyber Pakhtunkhwa coalition government allocated Rs73684.438million for elementary & secondary education in the fiscal budget for 2014-15, marking a 14 percent increase against the outgoing year. The KP government is committed to provide free quality education to all till higher secondary level. Besides up-gradations of government run schools, the higher education sector has also planned to establish new degree colleges, a Higher Education Teachers' Training Academy in Peshawar and to establish cluster hostels across the province.

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Reforming education in Pakistan by Hassan Javid 

As part of its efforts to portray itself in a positive light, the PML-N government at the federal level, and in Punjab, has been engaged in a campaign to highlight the importance it places on education. As such, much has been made of relatively large amounts of funding that have been allocated to the Higher Education Commission, and the government has also been quick to stress its commitment to providing an increasingly large share of the budget to education over the next few years.

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