JULY 28 2014

Govt schools’ employees

There was a time when government schools were the elitist schools of the system, and admission to these schools was a symbol of prestige. Much can be said and written about the shortcomings of our schools at present. Nothing comes out of these cries, because those who matter in our society don’t send their children to government schools.

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The students keep suffering

I want to highlight the current issue being faced by Cambridge Board students who are doing their O and A levels. The students work hard to get good grades by burning the midnight oil. Afterwards, they go for the “equivalence certificate” issued by the Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC) so that they can gain admission in Pakistani universities as demanded by most of them. Unfortunately, the students who get the equivalence certificate are punished by the formula that converts their marks.

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Training of Teachers is our first priority

Training of Teachers is Our first Priority said by Malik Taqueer Ahmad Khan, adding to that he also said that Youth is taking equal benefit from Allam Iqbal open University without any Biasness.

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School library, official record torched

Some unidentified miscreants torched the library, syllabus books and official record of the Government Girls Elementary School, Chak Meeran, in Karianwala police precincts on Sunday. Reports said that some unidentified people barged into the school building by breaking a window. They took out the books and torched the entire stock by placing it in the main yard. The miscreants also broke into the principal`s office and burnt the syllabus books and official record.

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Matriculates set to compete for college admissions

Punjab`s higher education sector is seemingly on a decline in terms of quality education as more and more students (and their parents) prefer private colleges. There are only a few public colleges, which can literally be counted on fingers, across Punjab that are ranked among the top colleges, and top scorers compete for admissions there. The maximum pressure for admissions is seen in Lahore.

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Sardar Ghulam Abbas bashes Chakwal College’s Registration

Sardar Ghulam Abbas played a role of a wall by Bashing Government over Chakwal College’s Registration with University of Gujrat. Abbas said: Government is trying to take over Property of Chakwal’s College on the name of its Registration with University of Gujrat.

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