JULY 27 2014

Seminar on Her right to Education held

Inequality in Education has remained an unfortunate reality across the globe-especially in terms of Gender. While the Situation in Developed Countries has significantly improved, the under developed and developing countries still face considerable Gender gaps in Education access and Learning. We are all aware of the status of girls education in Pakistan and the plight they face as neglected members of the society. Currently there are 11.3% girls out of school, according to the ASER Pakistan Report (2013). Additionally gaps in learning outcomes for girls at a national level are strikingly low as compared to boys, where only 40% girls can read at least sentences in Urdu/Pushto/Sindhi in comparison to 46% boys.

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Denial of salary dampens teachers` spirits for Eid

Teachers of Banda Daud Shah tehsil have complained about denial of salary before Eidul Fitr despite the government orders. All Primary Teachers Association president Javed Iqbal Khattak told reporters here on Saturday that hundreds of primary schoolteachers of the tehsil had accounts in the National Bank of Pakistan branch of Lachi but the salary had so far not been transferred to their accounts due to some problem in the banking system. He said like other government employees, teachers direly needed money to go shopping for Eid, so the situation had stressed them out. Khattak said teachers visited the bank several times, but to no avail.

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Arms but not books

I find it really depressing that we can buy weapons from countries such as the US, but its online book retailer Amazon.com does not ship books to Pakistan.

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Online Admission System failed in Government Colleges

The Project of Punjab Government for Online Admission System in Government Colleges of Punjab failed. Billions of Rupees wasted for the System just after an year.

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Urdu University seeks FIA help to bust Rs150m scam

The Vice Chancellor of Federal Urdu University of Arts, Sciences and Technology (FUUAST) on Friday requested the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to probe transfer of Rs150 million university funds to a secret account by some employees. The transfer was made in connivance with the manager of a local bank after an internal inquiry confirmed the massive embezzlement. According to the inquiry report, a copy of which is available with The News, an amount of Rs150 million was transferred from the evening fee account No 1742-79001307 to a secret account on July 31, 2013, by the university’s director accounts, auditor and treasurer while the manager of a local bank, located in H-9, opened the illegal account without obtaining signatures of the competent authority.

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Jinnah library needs backup power supply system

The Government Jinnah Public Library, the third biggest library of Punjab, has no power generator, causing problems for readers in sweltering and muggy summers amid prolonged electricity load shedding. Readers and permanent library members demand that the library is provided with a generator or a solar panel installed at three-kanal roof for backup. The management says the ongoing load shedding has severely affected library readership because it becomes hard to read in hot weather conditions. The library remains nonoperational half of the time as everybody moves out of it in case of load shedding. About 300 to 400 people visit the library daily.

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Law students in limbo after PBC decision to disown Fuuast

Future of law students studying at the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology (Fuuast) in Karachi is at stake following a recent decision of the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) to withdraw recognition of their institution, it emerged on Saturday. The Urdu university Karachi campus is one of the oldest institutions offering law education in Pakistan. Speaking to Dawn, students said that they were extremely worried as the decision meant that nobody would offer them an opportunity to practice law and get a job. If the university had violated the council`s rules and regulations, they said, only the university administration should be made responsible for the mistake/s and not the students whose future had been jeopardized by the unfair decision.

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Different strokes

Knowledge is power. It enlightens the masses and creates a consciousness among them to understand their environment and to improve their economic situation. In the past, in nearly all class-oriented societies, knowledge was monopolized by powerful groups such as the Brahmans in the subcontinent who did not allow the lower caste to become educated. Education provided religious domination to the Brahmans. They conducted religious ceremonies and rituals and were appointed at high administrative posts. The privileged classes were not interested in educating the common people lest they become aware of their situation.
In early American history, slaves were not allowed to read and write by law. It was far easier to rule over the ignorant and illiterate rather than educated people. However, whenever political change disturbed the hierarchical system of society, the old aristocratic class made attempts to preserve its social status on the basis of family relations and claimed to have the same status that they had inherited from their ancestors.

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