Joint efforts urged for better education

Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aaghai and Alif-Ailaan, non-governmental organisations, have started an extensive campaign, urging the national political leaders to join all the collaborative efforts being made to make education a top priority nationwide and by, in turn, mobilising votes for education.

Keeping the 2013 elections in mind, most political leaders have designed policies and manifestoes in accordance with the needs of the people. The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) survey conducted earlier in 2012 in the respective constituencies of the leaders provided a rare opportunity for them to be able to visit households to identify educational needs, requirements and perspectives of the people in order to counter the current prevalent education emergency in the country. The organisations have announced in statement that they have successfully completed six activities in different districts spread around Pakistan.The initiative began at the constituency of former education minister Zubaida Jalal in Balochistan.

She personally went knocking from door to door enquiring about the education challenges being faced by the children in her district. After having recognised these challenges she then undertook the responsibility of eradicating these issues personally by enrolling three out-of-school children into a local public school within her constituency with PKD Team Members marking the implementation of our policy of asking for votes in return for education.

Published in The Nation, 27th April, 2013

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