Head of Digital Campaigning

Alif Ailaan is a campaign that seeks to make education a central part of the national conversation in Pakistan and get all our children in school and learning well. Media communications, including digital media, is a central to Alif Ailaan’s work and plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the campaign’s messages are delivered effectively to its target audiences.

We are seeking applications for the position of Head of Digital Campaigning at Alif Ailaan. The Head of Digital Campaigning (HDC) will be required to conduct and optimise Alif Ailaan’s digital internal and external communications, based on an excellent understanding of market developments and user habits for digital media in Pakistan.  The HDC will ensure that Alif Ailaan has the best possible engagement with its target audiences among parents, politicians and providers, using all its digital assets (spanning all social, online and mobile media) to best effect. In doing so he/she will be conversant with best practice in how other campaigns and organisations use digital media and will apply that understanding for the benefit of Alif Ailaan. The HDC reports to the Campaign Director.

Specifically, the chosen candidate will:

  • Review, refresh and apply a coherent and effective digital media campaign strategy
  • Administer and populate the campaign’s digital platforms, with assistance
  • Manage content inputs from all four campaign strands (political advocacy, media, civil society, data and evidence) and optimise campaign content for digital channels
  • Build knowledge and capacity in digital media competence among members of the campaign team.
  • Manage creative and production partners to deliver engaging digital communications content
  • Ensure that our digital media assets meet high editorial, usability and effectiveness standards
  • Draw on best practice in digital communications from other fields (corporate, marketing, political activism)
  • Direct online lead acquisition and the conversion of online leads to support for the campaign
  • Manage data-based digital media experimentation and build understanding of digital opportunities throughout the campaign team
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable legal and best practice standards
  • Manage digital budgets

The ideal candidate will have:

  • A passion for education
  • Creative, lateral thinking
  • A Masters, a Bachelors, or equivalent indicator of intellectual promise
  • A demonstrated ability to set strategy and adjust course as needed
  • Highly effective interpersonal and leadership skills
  • International and cross-cultural experience
  • A broad social network 
  • A proven ability to work with a diverse team
  • Comfort with pressure and short deadlines

The chosen candidate must demonstrate the following essential competencies:

  1. Demonstrable expertise and insight in effective use of multiple digital media applications under a cohesive strategy.
  2. At least 3 years professional experience in managing multiple digital media assets.
  3. Ability to understand the Alif Ailaan campaign and apply strategic options that will enable campaign effects.
  4. Proven experience in managing content and directing creative and production suppliers.
  5. Leadership skills to inspire collaboration and support from key stakeholders across multiple strands of the campaign.
  6. Ability to work with minimal supervision to produce consistently high standards of outputs to agreed deadlines.

Applicants should submit a short resume and covering letter detailing their suitability for the role to info@alifailaan.pk by June 06, 2016.