Government Allocations for Education in Pakistan The Road to Getting to 4% of GDP


In May this year, Alif Ailaan launched a broad-based field and media campaign to inform and spur the debate on the budgetary allocation for education in Pakistan. We used the government's own, oft-stated commitment to spend at least 4% of the GDP on education as the starting point.

In light of the international conversation around development financing in Addis, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the need to keep education at the forefront of the international and national agenda, this conversation is even more urgent and important.

This short report looks at the state of allocations for education in the 2015-16 provincial and federal budgets in Pakistan and the magnitude of funds required to get to 4%.

The admirable aspiration of spending four percent of the GDP on education is shared by the full range of Pakistan’s political parties, all four provincial governments and particularly the federal government and ruling party. Achieving the goal should be a national priority.

This report is yet another contribution by the Alif Ailaan campaign as it seeks to continue assisting and engaging with all stakeholders in both seeking to achieve the goal of four percent of GDP allocations for education, and sustaining the debates needed for Pakistan to eventually get there.