Saleh Muhammad

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Teachers are our spiritual parents. Their influence in shapingour personality can hardly be overlooked or denied. Good, committed and dedicated teachers are truly considered a great force for a positive changelocally and globally.

Children are like wax or raw material. It is up to teachers how to mould them into something useful and productive. These are children are builders of nations. Their future is in the hands of teachers who can greatly influence them because their students treat them as their ideals and role models.
A responsible and farsighted teacher, realizing his responsibilities, makes all-out efforts to help his students learnall moral and ethical values. He enables them to distinguish between right and wrong. He emphasises on high moral standards and inculcates in their minds to disapprove all unethical and immoral activities even at thecost of their loss.
In our materialistic world where witness our moral values on decline, teachers still enjoy great and genuine respect. People do follow politicians, but their support for them is because of getting some personal and political gains. On the other hand, teachers, though they remain aloof to the political activities, do make up the minds of students and help them take right decision.
In colleges and universities, teachers address the people whoare supposed to take an active part in the affairs of their respective countries. They guide them and help them improve theirvision, showing them how to be achieve greater success in a positive manner. They help them develop their positive thoughts and urge them devote all their energies and potential to work for the welfare and betterment of humanity irrespective of its caste, colour, race, creed and religion. They try their best to carry them away from bias, prejudice, rancor and hatred. They instill in them the great moral values. Love for mankind is their primary message for all their students. In universities andcolleges, all the thoughts and ideas are critically examined by discussing them and then practical ideas are drawn to be implemented in society .
Teachers, having impeccable character and being incorruptible,command great respect in society. They do have great say in the decision-makingof people. Their words are given due importance. Sometimes, because of dominating corruption in our society, the words of teachers seem to be eclipsed or completelyignored, but ultimately people give them high value to their words of wisdom and change their lives according to what theysay to them. They feel satisfied to follow the words of their great teachers because they know that they are right.

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