Education key in unlocking Jhang’s true potential

7 March, 2013: With only 56 percent of primary school age children currently enrolled in Pakistan’s schools, Jhang district is facing an education emergency like the rest of the country. At a seminar titled ‘Implementing Article 25 A – Lack of political will or resources?’, it was agreed that urgent measures need to be taken to address the situation.

The seminar in Jhang was organized by Alif Ailaan as a part of its nationwide efforts to start a dialogue among stakeholders to ensure education is recognized as a top priority this election.  Speaking at the seminar, senior PPP politician Syeda Abida Hussain said: “It’s high time that we fix our broken system of education. However, this cannot be done until politicians combat the corruption in education. If it continues we won’t be able to make much progress.”

Given the situation of schools, standard of education and school facilities in Jhang, it is estimated that among those who attend school, almost half drop out before completing primary level education. The situation is even more dire at secondary school level where only 25 percent of matric level children are actually attending school.

Ms. Hussain further added: “Investing in Pakistan’s children is investing in Pakistan’s future. There are numerous positive examples of how education can transform lives. Dr. Abdus Salam is a shining example from our district.  He went from being a student from a humble school to one of the greatest minds in Pakistan. This is the power of education and this is what all our children deserve – a fair chance to unlock their true potential.”

The event concluded with participants pledging support to take the movement forward, continuing the dialogue within their networks to garner support to end Pakistan’s education emergency. 

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