Education emergency from 14th

The Punjab government is going to introduce education emergency in the province from Aug 14.

Announcing the measure aimed at enrolling all children between four and nine years in schools, Education Minister Rana Mashhood told the Punjab Assembly during the Question Hour on Friday that 21,000 teachers would also be recruited to fill the vacancies in the state-run educationalinstitutions.

He said four more Daanish schools would be opened in the province during the year.

The assembly session that started two hours late than its scheduled time of 9am offered fateha for assembly secretary Aftab Joiya who had died of a cardiac arrest while sitting in his office on Thursday morning.

PML-N MPA-elect Bushra Anjum Butt took oath of her office during the session, while four bills Punjab Local Government Bill 2013, Nawaz Sharif Agriculture University Multan, Punjab Boiler and Pressure Vessels (amendment), and Animal Slaughter Control Bill -were also introduced before proceedings of the House were adjourned for Monday morning by acting speaker Sardar Shair Gorchani.

Published in Dawn on 26 July, 2013 


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