16 April 2014, Islamabad

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Why #DisruptEd?

Because without a ‘disruption’ to the way things are, a fundamental change that alters the very basics, there is little chance of Pakistan being able to deal with the education crisis.

None of the major problems in education – low enrolment rates, poor quality, lack of accountability and the total absence of a robust discourse – can be solved without a bold new approach. And none of the true potential of Pakistan and its over 100 million young people can be achieved without solving the major problems in education.

We need to stimulate thinking in the public, private and non-profit sectors about solutions to these problems. #DisruptEd is an opportunity to do exactly that. 

The three key ‘spaces’ in education that need disruption are: 

  • The management and supply of education
  • The delivery of education (teaching quality, learning outcomes and modes of delivery, including digital learning)
  • The way we talk about education

On April 16 at #DisruptEd we convene some of the brightest and most innovative thinkers and doers in the country to discuss these ideas and take the conversation for education reform further.

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