Data & Evidence Campaign Manager

Since Alif Ailaan published the 25 million out of school children’s (OOSC) figure in its seminal report, “25 Million Broken Promises” in October 2014, the total number of out-of-school children has fallen to 24 million. This is a small first step to a long road to transforming education in Pakistan. Alif Ailaan seeks to make education a central part of the national conversation in Pakistan and get these children into school. Data & Evidence is a core competence of Alif Ailaan’s work and plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the campaign’s messages are credible & meaningful.

We are seeking applications for the position of Data & Evidence Campaign Manager at Alif Ailaan. The Data and Evidence Campaign Manager (D&E CM) is responsible for all aspects of Alif Ailaan’s data-related activities. These include setting the data and evidence strategy, overseeing the commissioning and delivering of internal and external data services and products, liaising with the broader education data community within and beyond Pakistan, and responding to requests for information. The D&E CM reports to the Campaign Director.

Candidates for this role should ideally have five years of experience working with government and non-government data in Pakistan, and have as a minimum a Masters degree in a related field. An understanding of Pakistan’s education sector would be an asset. They will be a self-starter, have great attention to detail, and be willing to be the public face of the Alif Ailaan campaign on data-related matters. They must have sufficient experience to be a trusted and credible representative when engaging with education data experts from the public, private and third sectors.

Roles and responsibilities include:

  • Liaising with other campaign managers and the senior leadership team
  • Identifying needs and opportunities in the field of education data and evidence
  • Drive the design and implementation of data products and activities such as Alif Ailaan published reports and the Education Data User Group
  • Supervise reports, including the conceptualisation of the study; designing methodology; managing data collection, data entry, cleaning and analysis; report writing; editing and packaging findings of the report for campaign needs; and handling dissemination of the findings
  • Coordinate with the Finance department to ensure compliance of the payment schedules and to bridge issues in financial reporting from the grantees
  • Coordinate with the Monitoring and Evaluation team for timely appraisals of the project phases

Oversight of the Pakistan Data Portal (PDP)

  • Oversee the activities of the PDP, which is an online data observatory that also acts as a platform for data, news and research related to education in Pakistan with our partner SDPI (Sustainable Development Policy Initiative)
  • Carry out rigorous analysis and review of all available data on the PDP
  • Manage and updating the District Rankings Portal (hosted on the PDP)
  • Organising data seminars in close coordination with SDPI

Internal coordination, reporting and communication

  • Ensure effective management of the data and evidence strand of the campaign while maintaining an alignment and relationship with the other strands (mainly political advocacy, media and civil society)
  • Lead the D&E component of the campaign and its strategic planning and direction
  • Collating and sharing data on education with the other strands on the campaign relating to their respective projects or activities
  • Conduct research and providing information to other strands of the education campaign thereby ensuring the accuracy and completeness of all project data

External relations, reporting and communication

  • Represent the D&E function in meetings with the client, government and other DFID projects
  • Develop and build strategic partnerships and maintain good relations with government officials and key stakeholders
  • Nurture broader partnerships with professional bodies, business associations and private sector organisations
  • Give strategic direction to the data and evidence projects by building relationships with and between data-oriented organisations working in the area of education
  • Represent the campaign in media forums and events (conferences & seminars) on education in the capacity of speaker, mentor or participant
  • Manage and disseminate D&E education related data through reports and fact sheets

Applicants should submit a short resume and covering letter detailing their suitability for the role to info@alifailaan.pk by April 25, 2016.