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It is impossible to bring about meaningful change without a plan. For planning to be effective, reliable and up-to-date data are required. In September 2013 the Ministry of Education formulated the ‘National Plan of Action to Accelerate Education-Related MDGs.’ This is a positive step and the National Plan of Action must be properly implemented. Measures are also needed to review and strengthen the plan, where necessary, with newer and more reliable data.

There are various research reports, data sets and statistical resources that can be used to develop stronger, better plans. Some of these are listed below.

What our leaders have to say

“We have a lot of data and reports but for them to be translated into action, it is necessary that politicians are pushed. They have the reports, they realise the problem but the inertia between data and government action has proved very difficult.”

“The data Alif Ailaan has provided might have been sitting with government. We didn’t have access to it before Alif Ailaan because we don’t have that interaction with the government.”

“We cannot come out of any crisis until and unless we know the problem inside out. […] I feel with the information that I have I’m in a much better position to have discussions and raise my demands in this field.”