1. Regional Campaign Organiser (RCO)


Strand: Community Engagement

Location: Various regions/constituencies


Position Overview

This is a leadership position for an entrepreneurial and energetic leader with experience in working in the social issues and campaign organising. The Regional Campaign Organisers will work in their designated regions to mobilise communities to act towards empowering people to vote for education in general elections of 2018 in Pakistan. Over the next two years they will activate hundreds of new volunteers to whom they will offer supervision and training. RCOs will work as part of a larger team, reporting directly to the Assistant Managers under Community Engagement team in Islamabad to meet weekly and long-term targets. They will also be responsible for grouping volunteers into sub-teams of their own to maximise the effectiveness of the volunteer base.

Specific Responsibilities

Establish Local Chapters

  • Identify new local activists in targeted geographical areas and among key constituencies through different methods of outreach
  • Recruit volunteers as per the goals set by the campaign through phone, email, and in-person outreach through meetings and local events
  • Identify opportunities for activists’ capacity building, and coordinate the provision of training, mentoring and other assistance required
  • Conflict management between the activists/volunteers and ensuring their adherence to the policies of the campaign


  • Equip local activists with the communications assets to conduct activities that resonate in line with Alif Ailaan objectives, themes and messages
  • Establish and oversee Alif Ailaan’s local online presence including developing the Facebook and Twitter accounts for local chapters
  • Develop and deploy communications campaigns for events and activities to attract local, regional, national and international media coverage where appropriate
  • Develop relationships with key media representatives, bloggers, and community influencers to impact the discourse with education related information and news stories.
  • Develop and implement local advocacy campaigns around Alif Ailaan’s main education themes, including production and dissemination of public education materials, media outreach and coordination and organising public outreach events.

Information Management

  • Organisers will keep consistent records about the supporters they identify, the leaders they develop, the actions they plan and execute, and other information that could be useful for future organising efforts.
  • Collating information and uploading to central database and sharing relevant content to media and social media strands, working to the Civil Society team.
  • Collating and providing data/information of activities for monthly and weekly reporting/updates Managing a calendar of on-the-ground activities

The successful applicant will have exceptional interpersonal skills and keenness and passion for fundamental change in the status of education in Pakistan. 


Send your CVs at info@AlifAilaan.pk