APR 24 2014

Government of Punjab promises to address teachers’ problems

The Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, in a meeting with Alif Ailaan Campaign Director Mosharraf Zaidi, stated that the Punjab’s commitment to 100% enrolment is unflinching, and the target of meeting it by 2016 will, inshaAllah, be achieved through the cooperation of parents, administrators, and especially teachers, whose role is vital. 

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KP gov announces education fund

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Sardar Mahtab Ahmad Khan on Wednesday announced establishment of endowment fund to the tune of Rs1 billion to sponsor needy tribal students. The governor announced this while addressing a representative tribal jirga at the Governor House on Wednesday. He said in the past, tribal areas have been neglected and now time has come to think realistically. "Let us work sincerely and make a merit-based development in every field of life aimed at taking people out of the prevailing difficult circumstances," he added.

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Schools in Pindi district still short of textbooks

Majority of students in Rawalpindi district have been attending classes without textbooks for the last 23 days as the academic session began from April 1. The Punjab government was supposed to provide free of cost books to all students before the start of the session, but this year it couldn’t meet the demand resulting into shortage of books for hundreds of nine and ten graders. Tehsil Murree and Kotli Sattiyan are the worst hit areas where books of mathematics, physics and chemistry could not be supplied in full.

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High school stationary, textbooks, textbooks become more expensive

A sharp rise in the prices of school stationery, particularly notebooks have baffled from low income families in the twin cities. This price is well-timed with the beginning of new academic year.

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Student urged to concentrate on education

Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa minister for Zakaat, Auqaaf and religious affairs, Hajji Habib ur Rehman while stressing on the importance of education has termed it pre-requisite for real progress and development.

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Education inaccessible to rural girls

The minister of state for education said that government was committed to promoting girls’ education across the country especially in the remote areas. Talking to French Ambassador Phillipe Higbaud and Ex minister for youth and associations Jeannette Bougrab at his office, Balighur Rehman said due to lack of access to education, the people had stopped sending their girls to schools. However, he said, whenever the girls were given a chance, they perform better than the boys do.

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Immigration & culture beat: ARC: Girls in schools will boost Pakistan

One of the answers to stability for the restive country of Pakistan is to improve the disparities in how its boys and girls are educated. The Minneapolis-based American Refugee Committee is working on bridging the gap, particularly among boys and girls through high school. The issues are daunting, from the cultural to the geographic to the tribal to the religious.

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Ghost schools in Sindh

It is an open secret that education is the only key to progress and prosperity. It is saddening to state thateducation in the Sindh province is steadily breaking down. Especially in rural areas of Sindh, education has only become a dream for the poor msses.

Complete Story: Pakistan Observer/ Opinion / page number 05



3G/4G: strategy and impact

In the absence of a well-thought out strategy, society will not benefit fully from the 3G/4G mobile technology rollout. Access to cost-efficient electronic communication is a citizen’s right and such access must have the attributes of a public good. It is akin to free access to school education, clean drinking water and uncontaminated air for breathing. So is 3G/4G based internet access on a mobile phone or a tablet for the benefit of society or should it be treated as a treasure that can be auctioned off as a one-time windfall for the government? A broader strategy would transform the lives of ordinary Pakistanis in significant ways, creating tens of billions of dollars of measurable and quantifiable value to society.

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Education in Pakistan is just limited to degree’s: Hafiz Hussain Ahmed

Senator Hafiz Hussain Ahmed said that education in Pakistan is only limited to degree’s. Leaders of Pakistan should admit their children to public schools so that education system can be made better.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/islamabad/2014-04-24/page-6