APR 04 2014

A new push for education?

Gordon Brown, the UN Special Envoy for Global Education, has announced the international community’s intention to give Pakistan a billion dollars during the next three to four years. Simultaneously, while inaugurating the “Unfinished Agenda in Education: the Way Forward” conference in Islamabad this past week, our prime minister (PM) has also announced the government’s decision of doubling the education budget from two per cent to four per cent of GDP by 2018. It is too early to say whether donor pledges to our education sector will materialise or what strings will be attached to the release of this money.

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Educate the nation

Rarely does one come across a person who doesn’t wholeheartedly endorse the cause of education in the country. Apart from, it seems, the lunatic Taliban fringe who shoot at girls and blow up schools to further their agenda, almost anyone you meet, with or without much insight into the affairs of the state, will impress upon you the need to double Pakistan’s education and health budgets as a panacea for its ills. Despite that, teaching as a profession, particularly school-teaching is considered to be at the bottom of the pile of careers most educated young people aspire to, particularly young men.

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Adult literacy rate increases to 57pc

The adult literacy rate is based on 15-year plus age group. It is on lower side in women all over the country with few exceptions of major cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. It is highest in Punjab with 50pc and lowest in Balochistan with 18pc. These are the findings of Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement Survey 2012-13 conducted by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. The survey covered 75,520 households all over the country.

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Balochistan Education budget to be increased to 26pct of total budget

Quetta—Chief Minister’s Adviser on Education, Sardar Raza Mohammad Baraich said education budget will be increased from 23 percent of total budget to 26 percent in fiscal year 2014-15. “Data of the non government organizations about enrollment and out of school children in Balochistan is baseless and false,” he said while addressing a day-long workshop organized by the Mishal under its IlM-o-Agahi programme at Quetta Press Club on Thursday. Mr Raza Baraich expressed displeasure over the grim education situation in Balochistan.

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Teachers protest govt’s policies

Punjab Teachers Union (PTU) activists staged on Thursday a massive protest demonstration at Nasser Bagh against government’s failure to resolve teachers’ problems. Hundreds of male and female teachers gathered at Nasser Bagh while a large number of teachers also staged protest demonstrations in various districts in the province. PTU leaders also rejected School Education Department’s letter and announced that the teachers would observe academic boycott in schools on Friday (today).

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Taking the initiative: As ‘copy culture’ grows, some students say no to cheating

A large number of people can be seen outside examination centres for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) part-I and part-II exams, providing ‘support’ to candidates. The SSC part-I and part-II annual examinations started on April 2 and like every year, a large number of people can be seen helping the candidates cheat, with the approval of the police, the teachers and other school staff.

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Govt to resolve teachers’ problems: Siraj

Senior Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for Finance, Siraj-ul-Haq has said that country is facing various challenges and teaching community can play crucial role in their redressal. He expressed these views while talking to a delegation of teachers which called on him in the leadership of Khairullah Hawari here in his office on Thursday. The delegation presented a 25-point charter of demands to the senior minister.

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