Students agitate for release of SEF funds

Hundreds of children belonging to the Sindh education foundation (SEF) schools took to the streets once again to protest the government’s lack of interest in funding the integrated education learning programme under which some 1300 schools operate across Sindh.

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Failing education

Due to the rise in population, multiple problems at the administrative and management level have raised their uglyheads and one of these problems is disparity in education at educational institutions in Islamabad and other rural areas.

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For the sake of education students and teachers protests against closure of their schools

Students of Sindh education foundation integrated learning education programme gathered at Karachi press club along with their teachers to condemn the closure of their schools.

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Urdu Story


No corporal punishment allowed in any government or private school. Bill submitted by Dr. Atiqa Anayatullah

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Abolishment  of corporal punishment bill unanimously passed in the national assembly  

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government high school bandana construction done on self-help basis

survey for identification of ghost schools continues in the whole district

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Government schools completely ignored in the N league maifesto

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