Khwarzimi Science Society (KSS), formed in 1997, seeks to promote scientific knowledge and make it available more readily. It is a non-profit association which aims to perpetuate a culture for scientific research throughout the country’s schools and colleges alongside the public at large. KSS wants to ensure fluid exchange of ideas amongst students, teachers, scientists, journalists and the public.

KSS also conducts, funds, encourages and advertises international and local conferences, workshops, symposia, field visits, workshops, meetings, seminars, dialogue and tutorials. It gives up-to-date credible help to students in their research by enabling provision of literature, and counselling whilst conducting seminars and discussions too. KSS plays a strong role in bringing together educational institutions and research organisations in the country and other similar groups throughout the world. In addition, it understands that there is a void in terms of quality science literature and hence seeks to bridge the gap by producing literature in print and online. It has also organized several successful events like ‘See the Sun in Swabi 2013’, ‘Galileo Workshop’ and the ‘10th Buraq Camp’ in Islamabad.