7th July 2017

Kartaba School gets our positions/ Students of Frontier School get A1 grade

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Student achieves outstanding results in matric examinations

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Teachers should be adjusted according to merit: Kher Ali Khwari

There are around 15,000 empty posts on which teachers need to be appointed.

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Outstanding results achieved by students of Al-Khair Model High School, Katlang

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Mardan Model School and College gets first position

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Student of Educators Public School, Swabi Campus gets first position

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Student from Rustom gets outstanding matric results

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Girls should be given admissions in colleges: Hurmat Naswa

It is strange to see that girls are not getting admissions in colleges.

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Demanding fees for detailed marksheet of matric examinations is illegal: Controller Balochistan Board

A lot of parents are complaining of the fee issue and therefore after investigation, the registration of several private schools are going to be revoked.

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Capital Girls School to get Computer Labs


Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunications (MoITT) Anusha Rehman, on Thursday said that information communication technology was the lever for of economic progress and that the government was using the lever to empower girls hailing from marginalised sections of the society.

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Federal Board’s 9th grade result

Karlot Residential College’s student goot exceptional results in Federal Board’s 9th grade exams.

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Summer School at PNCA

Summer Arts Schools for students has been set up at the PNCA, Islamabad.

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Excellent results

In the Federal Board’s matric exams, students have produced excellent results with an average of 66.88%.

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MoU signed for more computer labs at ICT girls’ schools

The Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) and Ministry of Information Technology on Thursday signed a memorandum of understanding on the ‘Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Girls’.

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FBISE announces SSC Part-I result

Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) Thursday announced the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Part-I Annual Examination result held in March-April 2017 with 66.88 pass percentage.

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Student achieves outstanding matric results

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New Recruits to attend 8 weeks training

All the newly-inducted teachers and officers in Punjab will undergo an eight-week training before joining schools and the process has already been started by the provincial government.

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Start of new academic year

The new academic year has started at Jama Muhammad in Manga Mandi.

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Pakistan Awareness Program

Virtual University has been delivering lecturers, in their mobile classrooms throughout schools in Lahore.

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Urdu Science board set up a mobile book shop

Director General Nasir Abassi of the Urdu Science Board stated that the board will set up a mobile book shop.

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New generation and education

Bashir Rehman stated in Lahore that students will benefit from lessons in punctuality and respect of their teachers.

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65% seminaries across Punjab registered: CTD

Participants at a consultation on “Giving to the right hands: the means to safe charity” organised by an NGO, demanded the government that seminaries be nationalised and teachers for the subject of Islamiyat be appointed there as heads with proper pay scale.

Complete Story: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/214991-65pc-seminaries-across-Punjab-registered-CTD


Attempt at illegal occupation of school, case filed against UC Chairman and others

Police made the attempt unsuccessful and cases have have been registered against UC Chairman and others involved.

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Student achieves outstanding matric results

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Third party validation for hiring educators

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Newly recruited 69 AEOs given appointment letters

24 female and 45 male AEOs have been given charge of different administrative units.

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Hafizabad: Training of 45 AEOs has started, will continue for two months

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A team will arrive on Monday to audit class 5 and 7 examinations and stipends given to markers

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For the progress of the country, education promotion is imperative

Zafar Jamali, addressing a gathering in Sukkur, stated that for the progress of the country, promotion of education is imperative.

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Free School’s foundations started

In Jamal Goth, a free school’s foundations were laid. This will help in the provision of quality education facilities to the underprivileged.

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Behind the numbers



Letters to the Editor


Minister of Education Engineer Baligh-ur-Rehman needs to take notice of the schools that have opened before their time



Schools in KP



Education concern







Zakaria University, B.A results in last phase

Multan: The result of B.A and B.Sc under Zakaria University has reached to last phase and it will be declared very soon.

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VC ensures to facilitate Zakaria University Students

Multan: The Vice Chancellor Bahaull Din Zakaria University has said that students of Zakaria University Lahore campus will be facilitated.

Complete Story: http://dailypakistan.com.pk/E-Paper/multan/2017-07-07/page-3



New Generation can succeed in future focusing on Education

Lahore: A well known poet Begam Bushra Rahman has opined that new generation can succeed in future by focusing on Education. She was addressing students of Nazriyati Samar School Lahore.

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 Scrutiny of Geelani Scholarship candidates

Multan: Scrutiny has been started against Yousif raza Geelani Scholarship; 16 students were put under objection, whereas documents of 9 candidates will be verified.

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Third Party validation for recruitment of educators

Multan: The process of third party validation has been started for recruitment of Educators in District Multan.

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Approval of University in Lodhran

Lodhran: The Prime Minister of Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has given the approval of University in Lodhran. Classes will be started in December.

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Dr. Ahmed Qadri takes charge of Head of Admission Committee

Karachi: The Management of University of Karachi has given the charge of Head of Admission Committee to Dr. Ahmed Qadri. A concerned notification was issued.

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Inauguration of Advance Studies in Water building in Mehran University

Jamshoro/Kotri: The Minister for Education Jaam Mehtab Dahar inaugurated the newly constructed building for Pakistan Center for Advance Studies in Water with the support of USAID.

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DVM registration suspended due to carelessness of Management of Lasbela University

QUETTA: The members Baloch Students Action Committee has said in statement that registration of DVM Department was cancelled due to carelessness of management of the University.

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Demand for admission of Girls in Colleges

QUETTA: The central Media Cell Hurmat Nuswa Social Welfare for Women has demanded in an issued statement demanding from Government to take notice against colleges which are not giving admission to Girls.

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Decision to transfer High School to other building

Mangchar: Tribal and Political Leader Nasir Muhammad have shown seriousness over transferring of Government High School Mangchar eight kilometers away to another complex.

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Matric Student secured 983 marks

Peshawar: Aliza Qazmi, a student of matric Class Municipal Inter College, secured 983 marks in Matriculation result.

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Qartaba School reserves top four positions

Peshawar: Qartaba School and College has secured top four positions, in top twenty, under Education Board Peshawar.

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Mardan School and College stands on first position

Mardan: Students of Mardan School and College secured 100 percent position in Matriculation result.

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Leaders School and College secured 100 percent results

Swabi: Leaders School and College Secured 100 percent results in Matriculation results of Mardan Education Board.

Complete Story: http://www.dailysubh.pk/peshawar?date=2017-07-07&page=7


Seminar for Matric Students

Boneer: A Seminar was organized at Abdali School and College Joor for the students of matriculation on their difficulties and solution faced after examination.

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