6th Sep 2017


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

1.5 million children out of school in KP: report

Around 1.5 million children are out of school in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, according to the preliminary report of a survey, say sources. The survey was conducted by elementary and secondary education department to identify out of school children in the province. They said that Rs. 227 million was spent on the survey.

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Parents must send their children to school for their bright future

Provincial Secretary Education Balochistan said that parents have a vital role to play in nation building and they must send all their children to school.

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We condemn propaganda against teachers: Senior Staff Association

President Senior Staff Association says rejects hiring of junior instead of promoting a senior and he condemns the propaganda that this rule is attached to teachers of one cadre.

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Educational reforms

Despite progressive improvement made by both the provincial and Federal government the growth of educational sector is low. A rise in the number of private schools and the highlighted poor performance of government schools have made it even difficult for poor who can afford to provide quality education.

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China to build fifty schools in FATA

China is going to build over 50 girls/ schools in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), under the grant of Yuan 800 million announced during President Xi Jinping’s visit to Pakistan in 2015.

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Construction of college within a college raises eyebrows

A project to establish a government postgraduate college for women on the premises of the historic Government Postgraduate College (GPC) in Chakwal has caused some controversy among educationists and the public.

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Steps are being taken to ensure education for every child of Cholistan

This was said by Provincial Minister Imdad Bahimi when he visited Chairman Cholistan Development Authority Malik Iqbal Chanar on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha.

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More than 1000 schools without principals

Decision made to hire 5000 new workers in the education department after approval from Treasury Department. Due to lack of promotion of 2700 senior teachers in the last three years, the whole province, including Lahore, is facing severe shortage of administrators in schools, resulting in lack of management among the institutions.

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Thin attendance in offices and schools

Majority of the schools and offices experienced low attendance due to the prolonged Eid holidays as most people were away to villages. In schools the attendance noted was 50% as most had gone home along with their parents to celebrate the festivity.

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Edexcel Science Program initiated

The Roots Millennium Schools Department of Qualifications and Curriculum Assessment in partnership with Edexcel organized curriculum orientation and training lead by a trainer from UK. Science is the subject majorly focused upon as it is among the core subjects and and generates in producing great thinkers and researchers.

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Questions raised on promotions in the Education Department

The Punjab government inclusive of Khanewal district has been questioned upon with relevance to promotions and the educational department has also looked into other matters concerning the district promotions.

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Poor results of class 9 results in teacher’s inquiry

The education sector has called out to government teachers in Multan for not being able to show excellent results in the class 9 examinations. Inquiry into the process has been initiated to assess the major reasons responsible for the underperformance.

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Lecture on traffic rules for students

City traffic delivered a lecture on traffic rules at government Rifa School and also instructed safe ways of road crossing and avoid accidents that are on rise these days.

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No nation can prosper by ignoring education

Shaheed Nadeem Rana issued a statement that no nation can prosper or achieve success if they ignore the fundamentals of education.  All the prevailing issues in the society including terrorism can be curbed through the weapons of education.

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School teachers facing delay in promotion for last 8 months

Elementary, primary and secondary school teachers are facing delay in promotion to next grade. As per the CM package and in-service promotion scheme, these teachers were to be promoted long time ago. The CEO Education Authority had issued ultimatum of 5th September, and has stated again for the issue to be resolved as soon as possible.

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Increase in fees of private schools

The District Education Authority has inquired into the matter as private schools are raising fees without any concern of the law.

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Youth is a guarantee of progressing and stable Pakistan: Rana Mashood

Provincial Minister for School Education Rana Mashood while meeting teachers said that School Education Department is dedicatedly working on raising school standards. He further emphasized on the role of youth in nation building.

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24 districts school heads have been called because of poor result of 9th class

Education Department takes serious notice of poor 9th class Board results even after huge spending on schools. Heads of institutions have been called along with relevant teachers of 24 districts.

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Hyderabad GOC stresses importance of education, art

Education is an inevitably significant source of development whereas art plays a role in character-building of the youth of the country, stated General Officer Commanding (GOC) Hyderabad Major General Mohammad Ali on Tuesday. He was addressing the inauguration ceremony of a one-day art exhibition highlighting sacrifices of Pakistan Army, police and Rangers personnel.

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Raza Nazar outshines in the field of law

Raza Nazar, a student of London School of Economics managed to be on top of all headlines as he has emerged in the top 5 list of bright network future lawyers accompanied by two other mighty students.

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Schools taking fee of more than Rs. 4000 or more cannot increase profit by 5%

Government of Punjab has issued an order for schools taking fee of more than Rs.4000 or more than that cannot increase their profit by 5%.

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Improvement in education system can lead country

Multan: Eight Days training of Educators under Quaid e Azam Academy for Educational Development Multan ended. While addressing the program CEO Multan said that improvements in education system can take country out of darkness.

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Primary School roof pieces tumbling

Khairpur Mir: The building of Government Primary School Zawar Suleman Channo has reached to crumbling condition; its roof pieces are falling intermittently, while students have to sit under trees and carry on study.

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Raid on schools

Nawabshah: The Chief Monitoring Officer Nawabshah paid a surprise visit to different schools of the district and found 28 employees escaping from their duties. Concerned authorities are sent a list of the employees for necessary action.

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Education affected due to dilapidated state of school

Jamshoro: Roof pieces of Government Primary School Kotai Chandia tumbled down suddenly, while students left for homes in a danger.

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School closed after falling of roof pieces

Sanghar: The Government Girls Primary School Kao Kot was shut for the second time by the Taluka Education Officer Jhudo due to falling of its roof pieces.

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Protest against non-completion of school construction work

Thatta: A protest was carried by villagers and social organization from Thatta against non-completion of construction work of government primary school.

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Village without girls school facility

Nawabshah: Village Mitha Khan Jokhio Shaheed Benazirabad is left without girls school building, while girls of the village are kept deprived of getting education.

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School roof pieces leave students and teachers injured

Naushehro Feroz: Two teachers, including three students, got injured due to falling of roof pieces at Government High School Jaan Muhammad Sandh. The incident happened due to poor condition of the school building.

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School and education office buildings reached to dangerous condition

Jamshoro: The buildings of Government Primary Schools of Manjhand and Education Offices have reached to crumbling condition, lacking basic facilities.

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Protest against dilapidating school building

Badin: The students of Government Main Primary School Bakhri Sameja near Chor carried protest against crumbling condition of the school.

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Seminar on tile “Taleem Bachayo”

Dadu: A seminar was organized by journalists on the title of “Taleem bachayo”. Speakers pointed that education was ruined deliberately.         

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Intermediate admission list issued

Karachi: Admission lists of intermediate first year of 156 Government Colleges have been issued.

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Primary school deprived of teachers

Tando Allahyar: Hundreds of students of Government Primary School Union Council Hango Rani are deprived of primary education due to unavailability of teachers.

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Primary school building dilapidated

Tando Adam: The building of Government Primary School Village Aali Faqeer Dero is left unattended since years.

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Demand to fill vacant posts

Naal: It has been demanded to fill the vacant posts of SSTs in Government Boys High School Naal City.

Complete Story: http://dailyazadiquetta.com/epaper/m/43718/59aedeba6173a


Education emergency should be implemented

Kalat: The Provincial General Secretary Jamiat Tulba Islami Nazariyati has said in an issued statement that education emergency should be implemented in a reality.

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Kharan schools deprived of textbooks

Kharan: Students of Government Schools of Kharan have been left over without textbooks despite starting of New Year.

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Only educated nations can serve their country: Secretary Education

Suhbat Pur: The Secretary Education has said that only educated nations can work for the betterment their country; directing that parents should admit their children in schools.

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Afghan teachers present in number of schools

Peshawar: It has been exposed that Afghan teachers have been deputed in number of government schools after their illegal National Identity Cards.

Complete Story: http://epaper.dailyausaf.com/page?station_id=3&page_id=25357&date=2017-09-06


Regulator Authority formed for private schools

Peshawar: According to Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Peshawar Provincial Government has formed regulatory authority for private schools.

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Announcement for scholarship stipend

Peshawar: It has been announced to provide scholarship stipend for employees of Education Department.

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