6th February 2017

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Boys’ enrollment declines in K-P schools

Despite spending Rs20 billion on providing missing facilities to state-run schools and launching enrolment campaign twice a year by the provincial government, the overall enrolment of boys has decreased in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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34,000 left KP private schools to enroll in government’s: Imran

PTI chief Imran Khan on Friday praised his party’s government for large-scale educational and health reforms in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and claimed that 34,000 students left private schools and enrolled themselves in government schools.

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s first religious madrassah sold, Students went home, threatened to protest

According to the National Action Plan, KP’s first religious madrassah has been sold, due to which around 400 students went back home.

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Shahbaz visits Cadet College Pishin, students applaud his achievements

Shahbad Sharif visited Cadet College in District Pishin, Balochistan where he interacted with faculty members of the college and talked about different issues.

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Mohmand girl quits education

Hundreds of girls in Shaheed Banda area of Mohmand Agency have to quit education after passing primary school examinations, as there are no middle and high schools in the area.


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Lack of parents’ interest affects study habit of children

Lack of parents’ attention adversely affect the study habits of their children and proving to be a major dilemma.

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Several administrative positions occupied by teachers in FDE

No rules in the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) as several administrative slots in the directorate have been filled by teachers in violation of fundamental recruitment rules, Daily Times learnt reliably.

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No running away from census duty for teachers

In less than 24 hours, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s decision to spare teachers from census duties has been withdrawn, apparently on the intervention of the finance division led by Ishaq Dar.

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15,000 schools, 700 basic health centres to run on solar energy: Shahbaz

Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif chaired a meeting on Sunday to review progress on the programme to spread the use of solar energy in the province with the cooperation of Asian Development Bank and AFD Bank of France.

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Girl injured in college bonfire dies

A female student who had suffered burns in her college bonfire a fortnight ago succumbed to her injuries at the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) here on Sunday.

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Four ‘killers’ of students killed in ‘encounter’

Four suspects allegedly involved in a kidnap-cum-murder case were killed in an encounter in Manawan, claimed the CIA police here on Saturday.

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Seven killed in truck, school van accident in Layyah

Eight people, including six children, driver and his wife were killed when a truck hit a school van in Layyah district on Friday. The tragic incident occurred due to dense fog on the Fatehpur Road in Layyah. Fifteen injured schoolchildren were immediately shifted to the Trauma Centre in Fatehpur Hospital.

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Private school pupils yet to have a head start in sports

Several private schools in the provincial capital lack playgrounds and other sports facilities which are said to be a key element in raising learning capabilities of students, Daily Times has learnt.

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More laptops in the stock for students

The Punjab government is planning to give away an additional 100,000 laptops to students of higher education institutions (HEIs) based on their academic performance in the current fiscal year.

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With teachers out of school, who will teach?

The Punjab government’s decision not to spare public schoolteachers from census duties has put the school administration in a tricky situation.

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Career counselling centres to be made in 721 colleges

In 721 colleges of Punjab, Career Counseling centres are going to be established that will guide students regarding their future career goals.

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In order for our nation to develop, youngsters need to be given quality education: Rana Mashood

Provincial Minister of School’s Education, Rana Mashood Ahmed Khan said that if a nation wants to progress, then youngsters need to be given quality education. He said this while talking to educationists.

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Private Schools have increased their fees

Parents have become stressed due to the issue of private schools increasing their tuition and admission fees.

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Call for fostering creativity, love for books among children

Speakers at a two-day Children Literature Festival which concluded here on Thursday stressed the need for providing children opportunities and adequate platforms to nurture their creativity and love for literature.

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Education official granted pre-arrest bail in NAB case

The Hyderabad circuit bench of the Sindh High Court on Friday granted pre-arrest bail to Shamsuddin Dal, former director of schools Hyderabad region, for a sum of Rs300,000 in a case lodged by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

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No improvement in performance despite bifurcation of education department

There has been no tangible outcome so far in the academic and administrative affairs of colleges despite bifurcation of the Education and Literacy Department into Schools Education Department and Colleges Education Department by the Sindh government since four months.

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Canteen set up in classrooms annoys students, teachers

Two out of four classrooms of Government Pilot Higher Secondary School Larkana, have been given to a private contractor and are being used as a canteen instead of teaching purposes, DT learnt on Friday.

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Education is the road to progress: Aun Naqvi

Chief guest at one of the events held by Idara-e-Tableegh-o-Taleemat Islam, Maulana Mohammed Aun Naqvi said that with education is the road to progress for any nation, and the government and other organisations need to work very hard for this.

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No nation can develop without education: Shakir Ali

Chief guest at a science exhibition at Metropolitan Foundation School, Shakir Ali, said that no nation could progress without education. He further added that giving up-to-date education to the new generation means that they are being made comparable with the rest of the world.

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Tractor trolly injures 4 brothers who were on their way home from school

Near Kot Diji, a tractor trolly injures 4 brothers who were on their way home from school.

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Sports/Extracurricular activities are being finished from schools: Khursheed Sheikh

Divisional Director of Information, Hyderabad, Khursheed Ali Sheikh said that apart from studies, sports activities keep the students mentally fresh and improves their personalities as well.

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