3rd February 2017



Proper training of children stressed to bring positive change in the society

First Lady Begum Mehmooda Mamnoon Hussain on Thursday said children were the future of our country and their proper training can bring a positive change at home and the society.

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Public school in rented building for 40 years

The Government Boys Elementary School, Businessman Colony (English medium), has been functional in a rented building for the last 40 years in front of the nursery ground.

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Teachers and students should be trained morally

On the occasion of Mehfil-e-Milad at Government Boys Degree College, Kalar Syedan, Chief Guest of the event, Director Colleges Professor Malik Muhammed Asfar said that both teachers and students should be morally trained.

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Educational programs will be carried out in all jails of Punjab

An Educational Program will be carried out in all jails of Punajb. It’s a 4 months course in which prisoners will get a basic understanding of how to read and write.

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Class 5th and 7th examinations: Students face difficulties in exam centres

Class 5th and 7th examinations, organised by Punjab Examination Commission, have started from today and problems have already started to arise. In some centres, the number of exam paper received was less than the number of students present.

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Educated women can make the society a better place: Dr Jamal Nasir

Revolution can be brought about through education and girls should work hard in their schools, said Dr Jamal Nasir at Government Degree College for Women.

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Govt Girls Colleges lack day care centres

The day care centres have so far been established in only five girls colleges out of total thirty on in the Rawalpindi district despite the fact that it is necessary to establish such centres in all public sector offices including colleges and universities in line with Punjab Women Empowerment Package.

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The Government is putting pressure on private schools: Khalid Shah

All Private Schools Management Association Sindh’s Chairman, Khalid Shah and others said that the government is putting pressure on private schools, due to which the management of such schools is worried.

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Strict action will be taken against corrupt employees of Education Department

Divisional Commissioner Hyderabad, Qazi Shahid said that strict action will be taken against corrupt employees of the education department, who, through their actions are disturbing the nation.

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Tandowalayar: Protest against selling of drugs to students

A protest was carried out by Usman Shah Youth Organization and different schools, to stop selling of drugs to students.

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Oxford Cambridge School gets 1st position in Science exhibition

Oxford Cambridge School gets 1st position in Science Exhibition. Mayor of Karachi, Waseem Akhtar, was the chief guest of the event.

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Two tiny people dream to get higher education in future

Small height but tall intentions, two little men, Aadil Jamal and Muhammad Faisal Paracha run their tuck-shops in Karachi University which is not only an example of audacity for students but for the little people's community as well. They are wishing to get higher education in the varsity and set an example for their community and society.

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