27th March 2017

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


School amenities underwent major upgrade: PTI

Around six percent of schools in KP have no sanitation facilities, according to the province’s Independent Monitoring Unit (IMU).

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Govt schools provided with requirements as education remains top priority: minister

The Provincial Minister for Sports, Culture and Youth Affairs Mehmood Khan has said that government run schools of the province were made sufficient of all requirements as education remain first priority of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI).

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Parents perturbed over shifting of students to new branch of school

The parents of hundreds of students enrolled in Peshawar Model School for Boys-V are perturbed over forceful shifting of their children to another school located several kilometres away.

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Government, private sector responsible for quality education: Jhagra

The Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Iqbal Zafar Jhagra on Friday said provision of quality education to new generation is responsibility of the government and private sector. He expressed his views during the inauguration of Millennium Roots School System Marballaj Campus in Mardan.

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Another board paper with misprints disturbs students

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE), Malakand, on Firday hurried up to provide examination halls with the ‘master copy’ of the mathematics paper for grade-10 students because the paper sent to the halls had misprints, sources said.

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Shahbaz hosts students, teachers of Mastung Cadet College

The Chief Minister presented the cadets with laptops and assured that Punjab Government will continue needful cooperation like before.

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Teaching allowance summary for College teachers in last stages: BPLA

BPLA President Professor Syed Mandokhel said that summary of teaching allowance for college teachers is in its last stages.

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Home schools: the panacea to Diamer’s female literacy problem

Education, especially for girls in the Diamer district of Gilgit-Baltistan, is amongst the lowest in the region.

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Waseela-e-Taleem to be expanded in 50 districts

Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) has planned to expand the network of Waseela-e-Taleem (WeT) initative to atleast 50 distrcits till the end of next year.

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Students from 1,600 schools to compete in contest

The use of technology has become way of modern day life so its correct usage among the youth particularly among students is the dire need of the hour. We are entering into an era where knowledge coupled with technology will enable us to achieve excellence in all fields.

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4th Islamic Science Exhibition held at Al-Huda Int’l School

Al-Huda International School Islamabad hosted its two-day Islamic Exhibition at H-11/4 campus. The theme of the exhibition, which is the 4thsuch exhibition, was Space-Beyond the Horizon.

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We have failed to provide a uniform education system to our children: Abdul Qadir Baloch

Minister for States and Frontier Region Lt Gen Retired Abdul Qadir Baloch said that provision of a uniform education system is the need of the hour.

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70 govt high schools have no science labs

Over 70 government high schools are functioning without computer and science laboratories in Rawalpindi division.

Complete Story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/e-paper/2017-03-25/lahore/10538/75512


A committee session soon for registration of Private schools: Qazi Zahoor

CEO District Education Authority, Qazi Zahoor said that a session of the committee will soon be called to discuss registration of private schools.

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Decision made to distribute laptops among students of 17 colleges

Decision has been taken to distribute laptops and tablets in the 17 Model and FG Colleges of Islamabad first time under PM laptop scheme.

Complete Story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/e-paper/2017-03-26/lahore/10567/75630


FBISE chairman visits exam centre

Chairman Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Dr Ikram Ali Malik and Controller Examination Tariq Mahmood Chaudhary visited examination centre for checking arrangements for SSC annual examinations 2017.

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Education imperative for development of nation’

PML-N leader Barrister Danyal Chaudhry has said that any nation or country couldn’t develop unless its whole population is equipped with wealth of education.

Complete Story: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/194664-Education-imperative-for-development-of-nation


First-ever national conference on childcare today

The first ever two-day national conference on early childhood care and pre-primary education will take place on Monday (today) at Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU).

Complete Story: https://issuu.com/abidoon/docs/epaper-lhr_27-03-17/4

Complete Story: http://nation.com.pk/E-Paper/Islamabad/2017-03-27/page-14/detail-3

Complete Story: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/194333-Early-Childhood-Care-and-Education-Centre-to-be-set-up-at-AIOU

Complete Story: http://www.radio.gov.pk/27-Mar-2017/national-conference-on-early-childhood-care-begins-in-islamabad-today

Complete Story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/pakistan/26-Mar-17/aiou-to-hold-first-ever-national-conference-on-childcare


Female teachers to be appointed for primary classes in Govt schools

It has been decided that in all schools, female teachers are to be appointed at the primary level.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/Lahore/2017-03-27/page-3/detail-38


New academic year to start from 1st April

Control rooms are to be established in Govt Schools for monitoring.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/Islamabad/2017-03-27/page-2/detail-36

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104102647&Issue=NP_ISB&Date=20170327


Annual day at Fazaia Public School E-9

Prizes were distributed among students of FG Public School in E-9 during its annual day.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/Islamabad/2017-03-27/page-3/detail-36


Education play a prime role in the development of a country: Raja Sajjad Sarwar

Through education, we can brighten up our children’s future, said Raja Sajjad Sarwar, Chairman Union Council.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/islamabad/2017-03-27/page-4


Without education, progress is impossible: Zubair Kiani

Representative PML-N, Zubair Kiani said with up-to-date educational curriculum, we can compete with the rest of the world.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/islamabad/2017-03-27/page-5


Lethargic principals: 2937 teachers not promoted

Since the past 3 years, teachers have not been given promotions.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104102551&Issue=NP_ISB&Date=20170327  


Schoolgirl abducted on way back from examination centre

A 9th grade girl student has allegedly been abducted at gun point within Westridge Police jurisdiction.

Complete Story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/e-paper/2017-03-26/lahore/10558/75619




Integrating maths, science and technology in education

A four-day international conference on discussing the possibilities of revamping Pakistan’s education system by integrating mathematics, science and technology came to an end on Sunday.

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Error in question papers of Class IX, X baffle students

Mistakes/errors in the question papers of ongoing class-IX and the recently-concluded class-X annual examinations under the aegis of the Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education have confused a large number of students.

Complete Story: http://epaper.dawn.com/DetailNews.php?StoryText=27_03_2017_002_004

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/Lahore/2017-03-27/page-3/detail-35  


School turned into cattle pen in Hassanabdal village

A school located in the Hassanabdal town has been turned into a cattle pen by the local people showing the apathy of the government towards the promotion of education even though it has launched an education emergency in the province.

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Interviews for 1100 vacant position of science educators completed

Dept of Education received around 6000 applications for 1100 vacant position of science educators.

Complete Story: https://jang.com.pk/print/288961-todays-print-city-news


BPLA demands special education allowance

The Punjab Blind Professors and Lecturers Association (PBPLA) has demanded of the Punjab Government to pay the Special Education Allowance (SEA) to the special persons without discrimination. Professor Muhammad Tahir, President PBPLA, said that all special teachers were entitled for SEA which was being paid to special persons in all the institutions of special education but, unfortunately it was not being given to the special teachers working in the regular education institutions.

Complete Story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/e-paper/2017-03-27/lahore/10587/75899

Complete Story: https://jang.com.pk/print/288936-todays-print-city-news


A ‘school’ sans classrooms, boundary wall

Ramzan has to daily erect a tent-fabric wall around a specific area in a ground sans boundary wall that serves as a collective classroom for some 200 girls and boys who study at the Government ‘Model’ primary School at Kot Farid Kathia, Jhang.

Complete Story: http://epaper.dawn.com/DetailNews.php?StoryText=27_03_2017_178_002


Computerised firearm licenses: Educational institutes, worship places get May 16 deadline

The Punjab Government has asked the management of worship places, educational institutions, commercial and business centres as well as private security companies to get their firearm licenses computerised till May 16 or else ready to face strict legal action under the National Action Plan (NAP).

Complete Story: http://epaper.dawn.com/DetailNews.php?StoryText=27_03_2017_178_005


Hepatitis screening, vaccination held at Daanish Schools

Additional Secretary (Admin) Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department Dr Adnan Zafar has said that the Punjab AIDS Control programme was providing free Hepatitis B and C screening, testing and Hepatitis B vaccination to staff and students of all Daanish Schools in Punjab.

Complete Story: http://epaper.pakobserver.net/201703/26/page18.php


Prosperity linked to education promotion

The promotion of education is essential for the regional development thus special steps are being taken for the purpose in tehsil Noorpur Thal, an officer claimed on Thursday.

Complete Story: http://nation.com.pk/E-Paper/Lahore/2017-03-27/page-21/detail-9


Education dept to appoint 80,000 new teachers

The Punjab Education Department has given approval for the appointment of 80,000 new teachers. New teachers will be hired for teaching arts, science and computers, with the recruitment process to commence from April.

Complete Story: https://issuu.com/abidoon/docs/epaper-lhr_26-03-17/6

Complete Story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/e-paper/2017-03-26/lahore/10558/75621


Punjab Govt to provide free schools bags in 4 districts of South Punjab

Minister of Education Punjab, Rana Mashood said that Punjab Government will provide free school bags to children coming for new admissions in 4 districts of South Punjab.

Complete Story: https://jang.com.pk/print/288928-todays-print-city-news


Load shedding causes stress among students preparing for examinations

In cities of South Punjab, including Multan, load shedding has already started and has reached to 10 hours per day.

Complete Story: https://jang.com.pk/print/288908-todays-print-city-news


Multipurpose hall inaugurated at Govt High School Chak 71

During inauguration of multipurpose hall at Govt High School Chak 71, Deputy Commissioner Liaquat Ali Khan Chatha and others said that giving such facilities to schools allows provision of quality education.

Complete Story: https://jang.com.pk/print/288828-todays-print-city-news


It is compulsory for every man and woman to gain knowledge: Ghulam Bashir Naqshbandi

Ghulam Bashir Naqshbandi said that it is compulsory to gain knowledge and those parents are lucky who not only educate themselves in worldly affairs but also learn about their religion.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/islamabad/2017-03-27/page-5


15 schoolgirls injured as van overturns

15 students were injured when their school van met with an accident near Dunyapur about 60km off here (Bahawalpur) on Friday.

Complete Story: http://epaper.dawn.com/DetailNews.php?StoryText=25_03_2017_178_005



Sindh government wants to create cultural, educational hub in Karachi

The Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi, National Academy of Performing Arts (Napa), Faizi Rahimeen Art Gallery, National Museum, Hindu Gymkhana, Sindh Muslim Law College and DJ Sindh Government Science College will be among the institutions that will be aprt of the cultural and educational hubs.

Complete Story: https://epaper.tribune.com.pk/DisplayDetails.aspx?ENI_ID=11201703270235&EN_ID=11201703270070&EMID=11201703270037


CM implores parents to help end cheating menace

In an open letter to parents of candidates appearing for matric and intermediate exams this year, Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on Sunday urged them to help authorities eliminate use of unfair means to clear board examinations.

Complete Story: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/194631-CM-implores-parents-to-help-end-cheating-menace

Complete Story: https://epaper.tribune.com.pk/DisplayDetails.aspx?ENI_ID=11201703270241&EN_ID=11201703270072&EMID=11201703270038

Complete Story: http://epaper.pakobserver.net/201703/25/page17.php

Complete Story: http://nation.com.pk/E-Paper/Karachi/2017-03-25/page-13/detail-2

Complete Story: http://epaper.dawn.com/DetailNews.php?StoryText=25_03_2017_118_003

Complete Story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/e-paper/2017-03-25/lahore/10537/75483


Judge extends stay against deportation of Turkish teachers

Further extending the stay against the deportation of Turkish teachers, the Sindh High Court (SHC) once again directed the additional attorney-general to produce the law that provides for deporting ‘peaceful’ foreigners.

Complete Story: https://epaper.tribune.com.pk/DisplayDetails.aspx?ENI_ID=11201703260004&EN_ID=11201703260001&EMID=11201703260001

Complete Story: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/194483-Govt-told-to-explain-policy-on-Turkish-schools-staffs-deportation


‘Non-inclusion of differently-abled persons issue resolved’

The issue regarding the non-inclusion of differently-abled persons in the ongoing national headcount has been resolved, the federal government informed the Sindh High Court (SHC) on Friday.

Complete Story: https://epaper.tribune.com.pk/DisplayDetails.aspx?ENI_ID=11201703260009&EN_ID=11201703260003&EMID=11201703260002  


Serious measures needed to make Sindhi effective medium of instruction in schools: experts

Despite lapse of 45 years and appointment of more than 80,000 teachers the Sindhi language could not be made effective medium of instruction, particularly for non-Sindhi students, in the province mainly due to non-serious attitude of the concern departments.

Complete Story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/e-paper/2017-03-27/lahore/10577/75871

Prices of textbooks to witness 5% to 10% increase

The retail prices of text books for secondary school will witness a surge of up to 5 percent to 10 percent. The increase will take place in the garb of using quality cardboard for title covers, including glossy fine paper for text pages.

Complete Story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/e-paper/2017-03-27/lahore/10580/75790


NTS qualifying teachers’ verification from tomorrow

The bio-metirc verification of the government school teachers who were appointed after qualifying the NTS test will start in 9 districts of Hyderabad division from March 27.

Complete Story: http://epaper.pakobserver.net/201703/26/page03.php


Teachers protest

New Teachers Action Committee has decided that they will protest on 28 March for non-payment of salaries since the past 4 years.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/karachi/2017-03-27/page-2


Ghost teachers still exist despite biometric system

There are more than 700 ghost teachers in Nawabshah.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/karachi/2017-03-27/page-5


Clerks of Education and Literacy Department protest

Clerks of Education and Literacy Department protested infront of Karachi Press Club.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/karachi/2017-03-26/page-2


Absent teachers, lack of facilities

Civil Judge Niaz Hussain visted two schools in the area where they found only 7 teachers present out of 24.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/assets/nawaiwaqt/uploads/epaper/2017-03-26/Karachi/epaper_images/epaper_img_1490486541.gif


Board examination in Hyderabad will start from Tuesday

Commissioner Hyderabad Sajid Jamal said that during BISE exams part 1 and 2, Section 144 will be imposed.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/karachi/2017-03-26/page-12

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104100404&Issue=NP_KHI&Date=20170326


College education department yet to have a secretary

For the past 23 days, the position of secretary lies vacant at the department of College Education.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104102319&Issue=NP_KHI&Date=20170327




A spark in the dark: Rising beyond disabilities



Quality or quantity of education?



Sindh’s education woes