26th Sep 2017



Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Merger of boys and Girls section okayed

Peshawar: The formal approval of Girls and Boys section of Peshawar Public School was given by the board of Governors on Monday. There will be one principle for the school whereas one headmaster for the boys section and one headmistress for the girls section, both of whom would assist in running the affairs reporting to the principle.

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Peshawar Public school heads of girls and boys sections enforced

Peshawar: A meeting held under KP Minister for Elementary and Secondary Education with Board of Governors of Peshawar Public School and College decided that boys section will be headed by Head Master and girls section will be Headed by Head Mistress while both of them will assist Principal on top.

Complete story:https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104576640&Issue=NP_PEW&Date=20170926


Service Act for teachers

Haripur: Provincial Director Elementary and Secondary Education (KP) Muhammad Rafiq Butt said that Service Act for teachers is in process.

Complete story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104575462&Issue=NP_ISB&Date=20170926


Removal of education officer sought

Lakki Marwat: Tribal elders of the Frontier Region Lakki Marwat have warned that the local residents will agitate if the government doesn’t remove the agency education officer within a week.

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Cheques distributed among deserving students

Lakki Marwat: District Zakat committee chairman Maulana Asadullah Haqqani on Monday distributed certificates and cheques of financial assistance to 66 students on completion of a computer course at a local educational institution in Lakki city.

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Raid on 2 schools, headmaster absent

Quetta: Secretary Education Abdul Fateh Bhangar visited 2 government schools in Quetta. He inspected conditions of the schools and also issued order to fire the headmaster who was absent.

Complete story: http://e.jang.com.pk/09-26-2017/Quetta/page2.asp


Provincial government unsuccessful in resolving problems

Nok Kundi: Chairman Union Council stated that provincial government has been unsuccessful in resolving problems of educational institutes.

Complete story: http://e.jang.com.pk/09-26-2017/Quetta/page8.asp


Electricity shortage in girls high school

Osta Mohammad: Girls high school in Osta Mohammad faces electricity shortage as a transformer could not be repaired since 2 years. There is shortage of drinking water as well.

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0.5 million girls out of school in FATA

FATA: About half a million girls between the ages of 5 and 14 are out of school in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

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Teachers urge PM to give them better deal

Islamabad: The teaching community employed at government schools in the capital have demanded that the Prime Minister help them secure their due rights which were available to employees of other federal government departments.

Complete story: https://epaper.tribune.com.pk/DisplayDetails.aspx?ENI_ID=11201709250406&EN_ID=11201709250133&EMID=11201709250069


Rootsians win awards in commonwealth contest:

Islamabad: The Queen’s common wealth contest allows students to express their hope and optimism out through their writing. Roots School System won 60 Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the Commonwealth competition 2017.

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Capital teachers demand promotions, incentives

Islamabad - Federal Government Teachers Association (FGTA) on Monday wrote a letter to the prime minister demanding promotions and social incentives for teachers serving in the educational institutes of the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE).

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Matric examination position holders appreciated

Lahore: A get together in the form of an event was organized for position holders of 14 girls and boys Government schools at Government High School Township.

Complete story:http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/lahore/2017-09-26/page-9/detail-18


Nations cannot prosper without education - Rafiq Rajwana

Lahore: Governor Punjab Malik Rafiq Rajwana said in an address that no country can make a name for itself in the global community unless it utilizes education as a way to move forward.

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Raid on 2 schools - both principals 21 absent teachers held

Kanjwani: Chief officer education department raided 2 schools and apprehended the absent teachers including the principals.

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Invigilators arrested for taking bribe from students

Rawalpindi: The Anti Corruption Department raided an examination center of Government Muslim High School Saidpur road and arrested Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent for allegedly taking bribe from students in an attempt to allow them to cheat in exams.

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Two Government Schools without principles

Multan: Malik Niaz of Muslim School and Khadim of pilot school retired in early July. Thus both seats are lying vacant since then.

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Invigilators held for allowing cheating

Rawalpindi: A team of Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) Rawalpindi Region raided an examination hall set up at the Government Islamia High School Number 4, Liaquat Bagh and arrested a superintendent and deputy superintendent on charges of taking bribe from students for allowing them to use unfair means in the examination, sources informed The Nation on Monday.

Complete story:http://nation.com.pk/E-Paper/islamabad/2017-09-26/page-13/detail-1


More efforts are required to improve education system in Pakistan: Jawad Arsalan

Rawalpindi: Educational Counselor of Turk embassy Jawad Arsalan says that more effort and commitment is required to improve education system of Pakistan.

Complete story:http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/islamabad/26-Sep-2017/668679


Up-gradation of all Punjab teachers has been carried out

Rawalpindi: A notification was issued on Monday upgrading all teachers of Punjab which will be effective from 1st October 2018.

Complete story:http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/islamabad/26-Sep-2017/668674


Notification issues to upgrade basic grade of all teachers

Lahore: Secretary School Education has issued notification to upgrade teachers’ grade. Primary teachers grade will be upgraded from 9 to 14 while elementary school teachers will be upgraded from grade 14 to 16.

Complete story: http://e.jang.com.pk/09-26-2017/lahore/pic.asp?picname=02_14.gif


Invigilators held for allowing cheating
Rawalpindi - A team of Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) Rawalpindi Region raided an examination hall set up at the Government Islamia High School Number 4, Liaquat Bagh and arrested a superintendent and deputy superintendent on charges of taking bribe from students for allowing them to use unfair means in the examination, sources informed The Nation on Monday.
Complete story: http://nation.com.pk/E-Paper/islamabad/2017-09-26/page-13/detail-1


More efforts are required to improve education system in Pakistan: Jawad Arsalan
Rawalpindi: Educational Counselor of Turk embassy Jawad Arsalan says that more effort and commitment is required to improve education system of Pakistan.
Complete story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/islamabad/26-Sep-2017/668679

Up-gradation of all Punjab teachers has been carried out

Rawalpindi: A notification was issued on Monday upgrading all teachers of Punjab which will be effective from 1st October 2018.
Complete story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/islamabad/26-Sep-2017/668674

Teachers Upgraded In Punjab

Lahore: School Education Department on Monday issued upgradation in public schools of Punjab. Primary school posts have been upgraded from BS-O9 to BS-14. Those already working in BS-15 have been upgraded to BS-16 where those in BS-16 have been granted to annual increments.

Complete story:http://e.thenews.com.pk/lahore/9-26-2017/page20.asp


Upgradation of teachers will lead to promotion being nullified

Multan: Punjab teacher Union senior Vice president Rana Altaf Hussain stated that the approved upgradation will result in promotions being nullified.

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Audit starts at Educational Board Multan

Multan: Audit at Educational Board has commenced.

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Government Post Graduate College students awarded scholarship

Vehari: Government post graduate college Vehari awarded 101 deserving candidates scholarship. It has been seen through the historic performance and contributions that teachers have worked hard and helped it reach a laudable standard.

Complete story:http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/multan/2017-09-26/page-5


Upgradation notified for some teachers

Notification for 3 lac 80 thousand teachers’ scale upgradation issued.

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School education department to provide technical training in 1100 schools

Lahore: The department has started work on the syllabus to introduce technical education in 100 schools of the province.

Complete story: http://e.jang.com.pk/09-26-2017/lahore/pic.asp?picname=02_05.gif




‘Magnifi-Science Exhibition’ by TDF

Karachi: The Dawood Foundation (TDF) is organising the ‘TDF Magnifi-Science Exhibition, 2017’ from October 6th and to October 8th in Karachi at Dawood Public School.

Complete story:  https://epaper.tribune.com.pk/DisplayDetails.aspx?ENI_ID=11201709250363&EN_ID=11201709250115&EMID=11201709250062


Jadeed Japani Afsanay launched

Karachi:Jadeed Japani Afsanay a translation of some of the noted Japanese Fiction, reflecting upon the Japanese culture as well as approaches towards life.  The work has been translated by noted Urdu poet Shahid Hameed of Lahore.

Complete story:https://e.thenews.com.pk/9-26-2017/page19.asp


PTI slams education department over non-payment of electricity bills

Karachi: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MPA Khurram Sher Zaman on Monday slammed the School’s Education Department (SED) for non-payment of electricity bills leading to a number of schools in Karachi having to operate in the dark.

Complete story:http://nation.com.pk/E-Paper/karachi/2017-09-26/page-13/detail-7


No student from 32 colleges could pass intermediate exams

Karachi: In the exams held under Karachi Inter Board, no student from 32 colleges could pass pre engineering and general science exams.

Complete story:http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/karachi/26-Sep-2017/668523


Intermediate Pre Engineering and General Science part II result has been announced

Karachi: Result of Intermediate Pre Engineering and General Science part II 2017 has been announced.

Complete story:http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/karachi/26-Sep-2017/668460



PTI slams Education Department for failure over electricity dues

Karachi: Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaaf MPA Khurram Sher Zaman has censured school Education Department For non-payment of Electricity bills resulting in a large number of schools functioning without electricity.

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Moot held on women empowerment

Hyderabad: Speakers spoke at a Moot that focused on women empowerment. It broadly talked on mindsets, level of society, education process and subject matter. Hyderabad is a city that is open to sending the females to pursue higher education.

Complete story:http://dailytimes.com.pk/e-paper/2017-09-26/lahore/14352


Education Department seeks records of its worker

Larkana: In order to tackle the illegal inquiries and ghost workers in various districts, Sindh School Education and Literacy Department Secretary Abdul Aziz Uqaili has written a letter to Health Department Pechuho or providing last 27 years record of medical fitness certificates.

Complete story:http://dailytimes.com.pk/e-paper/2017-09-26/lahore/14351/108805


Education Board announces 9th result

Sukkur: Secondary and Higher Secondary Board announced result for SSc part 1.

Complete story: http://e.jang.com.pk/detail.asp?id=380728


Electricity supply at two govt-run schools suspended

Karachi: For over three months, students at Qurtaba Primary Government School have been suffering due to power supply after the Education Department failed to clear its electricity dues.   

Complete story: https://epaper.tribune.com.pk/DisplayDetails.aspx?ENI_ID=11201709250358&EN_ID=11201709250113&EMID=11201709250061


Five-year strategy for amenities in public schools launched

Karachi: WASH, a five-year strategy for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in schools, said to provide a roadmap for the Education and Literacy Department and partners working on education programmes, was launched by the Sindh Government in collaboration with Unicef Pakistan here on Monday.

Complete story: http://epaper.dawn.com/DetailImage.php?StoryImage=26_09_2017_118_006


Girls grab top positions in intermediate pre-engineering and general science exams

Karachi: Girls bagged all the top positions in the annual Pre-Engineering and General Science Part-H exams as the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) announced their results at the Sir Syed Government Degree Girls Science College here on Monday.

Complete story: http://epaper.dawn.com/DetailImage.php?StoryImage=26_09_2017_118_009



SHC gives out an order to raise wall between school and college building

Karachi: The Sindh High court on Sunday allowed the Aisha Bawany Trust to construct a wall between the school and college but ordered that educational activities of the college should be suspended. The authorities and administration feared that the dispute had caused fear among the students and was greatly harming their academic progress.

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Teachers do not teach whole curriculum

Karachi: HSSC part II examination position holder said that teachers do not teach whole of the curriculum and because of this they have to join tuition centres.

Complete story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104575103&Issue=NP_KHI&Date=20170926




Biased Pakistani textbooks



Letters to the editor


Bottom of the class






Teachers up gradation process is deliberately violated

Multan: The Senior Vice President Punjab Teachers Union Rana Altaf Hussain said that process of Teachers up gradation was deliberately violated.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104577659&Issue=NP_MUX&Date=20170926


Lodhran Education department prey of violation

Lodhran: Corruption has surrounded the Education Department Lodhran; the department has been prey of violation.

Complete Story: http://epaper.dailykhabrain.com.pk/popup.php?newssrc=issues/2017-09-26/40149/lodhra-.jpg


Half of Sindh schools without water and toilets: UNICEF

Karachi: UNICEF declared in Wash Strategy, 2017-2022 that half of the schools of Sindh Province are without facility of safe drinking water and toilets. The report explained that 49% primary, 30% middle and 1% high schools of Sindh province are completely lacking facility of toilets; whereas 53% primary, 40% middle and 6% high schools are facing unavailability of safe drinking water.

Complete Story: http://sindhexpress.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=130555588&Issue=NP_HYD&Date=20170926


School roof parts collapsed

Thatta: The Government Primary School Sarhad Colony, Union Council Bhanbhor’s roof parts fallen up on a student, breaking his arm. After that incident, a protest was carried by the students and parents against crumbling condition of the school.

Complete Story: http://sindhexpress.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=130555344&Issue=NP_HYD&Date=20170926


Students held a rally against unavailability of facilities

Hyderabad: Sindh Students Organization and All Sindh Students’ Action Committee held a protest rally against unavailability of basic facilities in educational institutes.

Complete Story: http://sindhexpress.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=130555380&Issue=NP_HYD&Date=20170926


School building shut due to dilapidated state

Jholl: The building of Government Primary School Sindhi was announced dangerous due to its dilapidated condition. The building was directed to keep closed.

Complete Story: http://sindhexpress.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=130555458&Issue=NP_HYD&Date=20170926


Land lord stopped school work

Dadu: The residents of Village Bahram Chandio protested against local land lord on stopping the construction work of school building.

Complete Story: http://sindhexpress.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=130555423&Issue=NP_HYD&Date=20170926


Primary school roof tumbled down

Jacobabad: Roof of Government Primary School Ghari Khero collapsed, but students and school staff remained safe.

Complete Story: http://sindhexpress.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=130555522&Issue=NP_HYD&Date=20170926


Higher secondary school building crumbling

Daro: The building of Government Higher Secondary School Daro was left in a crumbling condition and unavailability of basic facilities.

Complete Story: http://dailyjeejal.com/e-paper/2017-9-26/news/page3/1%20(42).htm



School construction work left incomplete

Thatta: Extension of ten rooms, science lab, library, computer lab and drawing room could not be completed in Government Boys High School Makli.  The construction work was left incomplete by contractor.

Complete Story: http://dailyjeejal.com/e-paper/2017-9-26/news/page3/1%20(1).htm


Primary school deprived of building

Jacobabad: The Students of Government Primary School Village Edan Sarki, near Garhi Hassasn Sarki are compelled to sit under tree due to unavailability of school building. Even there is acute shortage of basic facilities.

Complete Story: http://dailyjeejal.com/e-paper/2017-9-26/news/page8/1%20(61).htm


Students confined to poultry farm due to unavailability of building

Khanpur: The Students of Village Muhammad Soomar Pahor are confined to poultry farm due to unavailability of school building. Education authorities are silent to take notice of the situation.

Complete Story: http://www.dailyibrat.com/beta/pages/jpp_26092017032745.jpg


Teachers found solution against biometric verification system

Sukkur: Biometric system was installed to verify teacher’s attendance in Sindh, but the system has been surpassed by the teachers. Teachers keep a leave application in schools in a pending, when biometric staff visits the schools that application is shown to them.

Complete Story: http://ummat.net/2017/09/26/news.php?p=d-72.gif


Karachi Board declared intermediate result

Karachi: The Education Board Karachi announced intermediate result of pre engineering and science general group.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104575092&Issue=NP_KHI&Date=20170926


Secretary Education visits schools

Quetta: The Secretary Education Balochistan Abdul Fatieh Bhangar paid a visit of Government Boys High School Prince Road and inspected the school collectively. He directed for suspending absent headmasters.

Complete Story: http://dailyazadiquetta.com/epaper/m/46507/59c969a18ca96



Increasing of fees in private institutes is injustice

Quetta: The Joint Vice President Balochistan National Party Malik Abdul Wali Kakar said that increasing of fees by the private educational institutes is injustice with students.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104574992&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20170926

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Kalam school teachers transferred

Mingora: The Education Department Kalam went against its policies. All teachers of Kalam Higher Secondary School have been transferred.

Complete Story: http://epaper.dailyausaf.com/page?station_id=3