22nd Sep 2017


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Most new schools, colleges built in K-P are for girls

Peshawar: The KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak announced on Thursday that educating women was the main priority of his government.

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Admin puts future of children at stake

Zhob: Despite provincial government's claims of improvements in education sector, situation on ground is total opposite.The state run schools in entire district`s rural area still lack classrooms, furniture, boundry walls, wash facilities, electrically, drinking water, reading-writing material & even chairs for teachers due to apathy on the part of education authorities.

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Teachers should work for educational development

Quetta: Deputy DEO on his visit to a school stated that teachers should work for educational development.

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Enrollment in educational institutes is our responsibility

Pishin: Deputy DEO in Government Boys High School Karbala’s sports week event stated that enrollment of students in educational institutes is our responsibility.

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Preparation for second phase of schools’ upgradation


Under the Prime Minister Educational Reforms Program first PC1 for the up gradation of schools of Islamabad is under the phase of drafting

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School education should fulfill NAP

Lahore: The School Education Department (SED) in collaboration with the Society for Advancement of Education (SAHE) and UNICEF Punjab under the Provisional Girls Education Initiative (PGEI) held a workshop discussing girl’s education and need for implementation of NAP in schools.

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Registration for class 5th and 8th will start from 2nd October

Faisalabad: Registration for exams of class 5th and 8th will start from 2nd October to be held under Punjab Examination Board.

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Public sector teachers disallowed private teaching

Karachi: Provincial minister for Education & Literacy Jam Mehtab Dahar has directed that public sector teachers are not allowed to teach in private schools.

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Date for submission of SSC part 1 forms delayed

Sukkur: Date for enrollment forms for SSC part 1 examination is delayed by 13th October 2017.

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Extra-curricular activities helpful for brain development

Karachi: Dr. Saeed ud Din said that for brain’s development, extracurricular activities are important and have a positive impact on students.

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Private schools must obey court order

Karachi: Minister for Education and Literacy Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahar directed on Thursday the private institutions Director General to ensure implementation of the court order regarding fee hike by private educational institutions and protect the rights of parents and students.

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Education Ministry is to fully comply by the orders of SHC on school fees

Karachi: Sindh High Court (SHC) restrained private educational institutions to raise fees more than 5 percent. Education Department has ordered relevant authorities to comply orders.

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Government, private schools’ associations at loggerheads over SHC orders

Karachi: The two private educational institutions at the heart of the fee hike matter were on Thursday directed by the Directorate of Inspection and Registration of Private Institutions, Sindh (DIRPIS) to immediately implement the high court’s order and submit a report within three days, the All Private Schools Management Association said the decision was announced once before and was currently under review at the high court.

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We will equip our youth with quality education: Nasir Hussain Shah

Karachi: All Sindh Private Association and Directorate Private Education Institutions collaborate to present awards to position holders of class 10th. Addressing the ceremony, Nasir Hussain Shah emphasized on need of education for youth.

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Motivating teachers

We are not giving teachers enough incentives, responsibility or authority.

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Struggle will be continued for teachers’ rights

Qadirpur: The Senior Vice President Punjab Teachers Union Rana Altaf Hussain said to continue struggle for the safety of teachers’ rights.

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Education Board Directors’ meeting  

Multan: The Board of Governors Education Board Multan approved the promotions of four officers in next grade and approval of Multi-Purpose Hall.

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Middle school without teachers

Tando Muhammad Khan: The Government Middle School Bhai Khan Talpur was visited by the Session Judge Tando Muhammad Khan and the school was found without teachers. He showed anger to the DEO Secondary. While on the directives of the Session Judge, DEO ensured the villagers for availability of teachers within three days.

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Schools without basic facilities

Wali Dad Pali: The Government Schools of Wali Dad Pali have been under acute shortage of basic facilities of furniture, washrooms and safe drinking water.

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Teachers protested for salary

Jarwar: Teachers, appointed in 2012, held a protest strike against not releasing of their salary, raising voice before Press Club.

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Occupied school buildings in Tharparkar restored

Tharparkar: The Government School buildings of Nangarparker, Chachro and Chehar were under accusation of the local influential, but the schools have been restored now after the visit of Judges. A person was also arrested, involved in accusation, by the police.

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1057 school buildings in Sanghar dilapidating

Sanghar: According to the DEO Secondary and Primary Yaar Muhammad Baladi, 1057 government school buildings of the District Sanghar have been in a crumbling condition. The buildings are completely damaged, while 672 are running without roofs.

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Primary school deprived of teachers and building

Nangarparkar: The Government Primary School Sookliyu Bheel, near Nangarparkar, is without teachers and school building since 1978.

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Student lives at stake due to crumbling condition of school building

Dodapur: The building of Government High School Punhu Bhatti Dodapur looks as haunted house due to carelessness of higher authorities.

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Clash between head master and teachers

Naushehro Feroz: The Civil and Family Judge paid a surprise visit of different Government Schools of Mithayani, inquiring about education. The Teachers alleged head master of corruption. A clash happened between head master and teachers.

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Civil Judge visits schools

Shikarpur: On the publication of news reports about closure of Schools, The Civil Judge Garhi Yaseen had a visit of different government schools of the area and found most of the teachers absent from schools.

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Steps will be taken soon to improve education: DEO

Othal: The District Education Officer Muhammad Azeem Sajdi held a meeting of all DDOs. He issued directive to ensure basic facilities in the schools, adding that steps will also be taken for improvement of education.

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There is shortage of facilities in schools and colleges

Quetta: Central Committee Member Baloch Students Organization Pachar has said in his issued statement that there is acute shortage of basic facilities in government schools.

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Shortage of classrooms in schools

Bakhtiarabad: Parents have cried that most of the government school of District Lehri are facing shortage of classrooms and students are sitting in open.

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Cluster schools will be given material

Bakhtiarabad: The Cluster In Charge Abdul Razaq held a meeting of all school teachers, ensuring to provide related material to the schools, showing his anticipation for children of the schools.

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IT Teachers and IT Lab in Charge are deprived of service structure

Noshki: The District President Teachers Association Rahman Khan Mengal and others said in statement that IT teachers and IT lab in charges are deprived of service structure.

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Provision of informal education is need of time

Quetta: The Secretary Education Balochistan Abdul Fateh Bhangar said that informal education is also need of time along with informal education. He was addressing to progress review meeting.


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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


School’s security guard has started teaching students

Wari: More than 200 students of government primary school are taught by only two teachers. The school security guard has also started teaching students due to shortage of teachers.

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No compromise on teachers’ constitutional rights

Peshawar: Teachers rights are dear and no compromise will be tolerated on their constitutional rights. The views were shared by Speaker KPK Assembly.

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Protest for IT teacher’s salary

Peshawar: A protest was held last day before Press Club Peshawar for against stoppage of salary of IT teachers.

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Privatization of educational institutes is enmity

Swabi: Naib Ameer Jamiat ulmai Islam Molana Attaullah Haq has said that privatization of educational institutes is hostility.

Complete Story: http://www.akhbarekhyber.com/epaper/edition/957/akhbar-e-khyber-peshawar/page/3


Government should refrain from privatization of institutes

Bannu: It has been warned that government should keep itself away from privatization of government institutes; whereas the same has been opposed by the teachers.


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