22nd March 2017

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Without education, the status of women cannot be improved: Neelum Toru

Chairperson Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Commission on the Status of Women, Neelum Toru said that our aim is to provide women their constitutional rights.

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The issue of not giving admission to girls at Girls High School Haji Ghaibi Road is problematic: KP Mili Awami Party

KP Mili Awami Party condemned the situation where girls were not given admission at Girls High School Haji Ghaibi Road and have asked the Elementary and Secondary Education Department to take notice of this situation.

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Interviews will be held on 24th March at Elementary and Secondary Education Department

For the post of District Education Officer (Male), interviews of top 10 NTS scorers will be held on 24th March, whereas for females, the interviews will be held today and on 24th March.

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Vacant position of headmasters and principals should be filled: Teacher’s Association

From 8th April, new academic year will start and there are around 1500 vacant positions of principals and headmasters.

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Blast near Girls School in Chaman

A blast has been occurred near Girls School in Chaman. Reportedly, the building was affected in the explosion but fortunately no casualties were occurred.

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The government is taking adequate measures to ensure availability of quality education: Tahir Iqbal

PML-N member Tahir Iqbal said that Primary education builds the main foundation of every child and if the foundation is strong, then the child is able to perform well in any field that he/she wishes.

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SC orders Tayyaba to be shifted to SOS Children’s Village

The Supreme Court (SC), while ordering to shift minor maid Tayyaba, a victim of violence, to the SOS Children's Village for two months from next Monday has adjourned the hearing of the suo moto notice case indefinitely. Complete Story: http://epaper.dawn.com/DetailNews.php?StoryText=22_03_2017_151_004

Complete Story: http://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2017/03/21/sc-orders-tayyaba-be-shifted-to-sos-childrens-village/

Complete Story: http://92newshd.tv/tayyaba-torture-case-sc-orders-shift-minor-girl-sos-childrens-village/

Complete Story: https://www.samaa.tv/pakistan/2017/03/tayyaba-sos-childrens-village-torture-case/

Complete Story: https://thefrontierpost.com/article/189873/sc-orders-shifting-minor-maid-tayyaba-sos-children-village-two-months

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Curriculum review a top priority for quality education: Baligh

The Minister of State for Federal Education and Professional Training, Baligh-ur-Rehman on Tuesday said that government has put the curriculum review on its top priority to improve the quality of education.

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FDE chief’s post remains vacant for 4 months

While the authorities are reportedly busy in enhancing the educational standards in the capital with billions of rupees from the Prime Minister Education Reforms Programme, the key post of the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE)'s Chief is lying vacant for over four months.

Complete Story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/e-paper/2017-03-22/lahore/10477/75020

CADD assures timely provision of syllabus to students

The Ministry of Capital Administration & Development Division (CADD) is expecting to provide syllabus to students without any delay, as the new session begins, official said on Tuesday.

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Students Awarded

Three students of The Smart School, Ghauri Town, received first position in their respective classes. Similarly, a student of Nursery of Lahore School System obtained 183 out of 200 marks

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104094581&Issue=NP_ISB&Date=20170322

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104094581&Issue=NP_ISB&Date=20170322

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76 pc of seminaries in Islamabad illegal

According to a survey in the federal capital, there are chances that 76pc of seminaries are illegal.

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Teachers should perform their duties with honesty: Chief Education Officer Attock

CEO Attock said that in order to improve the education quality of government schools, teachers should perform their duties with honesty.

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Students of Government Primary School, Jhelum suffer due to lack of proper roads

Students of Government Primary School are facing difficulties to travel to their school due to lack of a proper road.

Complete Story: https://www.dailyjinnah.com/islamabad/main.php?action=epaper&id=main&page=3&dt=22-03-2017

Attention was not given to education in the past: Malik Asif

Malik Asif Ali said that a nation’s progress and failure relies on education.

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Punjab Dropout rate, govt apathy on the rise

The Education Department’s negligence and hollow claims have badly affected the teaching system at various government schools in Sialkot district and as a result the dropout rate is rising.

Complete Story: http://nation.com.pk/E-Paper/Lahore/2017-03-22/page-22/detail-10

School’s staff asked to buy computer tabletsPunjab Information Technology Board has prepared an Android software and School Education Department, Punjab has asked schools staff to buy computer tablets.

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249 schools without principals

249 schools in Punjab do not have principals.

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Funfair and Islamia College for Women

A funfair was organised at Government Islamia College for Women.

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Education Foundation distributes free books at partner schools

Punjab Education Foundation in its ‘New School’ Program has uploaded names of its potential candidates on their website.

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Education Department Rawalpindi sold poor quality books at cheap rates

Education Department Rawalpindi has sold books that were of poor quality due to misprinting.

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Prize Distribution ceremony at Primary School Hajweri Town

Prizes were distributed amongst position holder students at Government MC Imtiaz Ahmed Shahed Primary School Hajweri Town.

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Sindh Experiments at science festival captivate children

“We learnt about an English scientist. His name was Noocan. Things would remain stationary until he gave them a push,” said Mahnoor Ansar Rahman, a class six student of Qamar-ul-Islam School where on Tuesday Alif Ailaan, in collaboration with the Pakistan Alliance for Maths and Science, Robotics Lab, Science Fuse and Pakistan Science Club, conducted a mini science festival to ignite children’s curiosity and interest regarding science.

Complete Story: https://www.dawn.com/news/1322092/experiments-at-science-festival-captivate-children

Complete Story: https://tribune.com.pk/story/1361809/students-learn-love-science-interactive-learning/

City School holds symposium on Early Years Education

Pakistan’s largest private school system, The City School (TCS), organised the country’s first-ever symposium on Early Years Education, entitled “Thought Leaders”. The symposium convened a platform for renowned experts and influencers to exchange best practices and cutting edge research in designing, developing and managing high performance learning environments for early childhood education.

Complete Story: http://nation.com.pk/karachi/22-Mar-2017/city-school-holds-symposium-on-early-years-education

Key positions in seven education boards across Sindh lying vacant for past two years

Sindh government has not made appointments, even after the lapse of two years, on the key positions in the seven education boards across the province, Daily Times learnt reliably on Tuesday.

Complete Story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/e-paper/2017-03-22/lahore/10488/75013

Out of 4100 schools, 2500 should reopen this June: Murad Ali Shah

Chief Minister Sindh, Murad Ali Shah has ordered the Education and Literacy Department to reopen 2500 out of 4100 schools by this June.

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Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104093594&Issue=NP_KHI&Date=20170322 

Science labs available in only 30 schools out of 1196 in Larkana district

Science Laboratories are available in only 1200 out of 46000 schools in Sindh whereas in Larkana district, only 30 schools out of 1196 have science laboratories, but even then no experiments are carried out there. This was revealed by Regional Coordinator, Alif Ailaan, Junaid Dahar, here on Tuesday, while briefing media about the importance of science and mathematics in education.

Complete Story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/e-paper/2017-03-22/lahore/10478/74999

 Will not tolerate cheating in examinations: Jam Mehtab

Minister for Education and Literacy (Sindh) Jam Mehtab said that cheating in intermediate and matric examinations will not be tolerated.

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‘Pakistan Day’ event at Government College

Government College Hyderabad will host ‘Pakistan Day’ event on Thursday. Chief Guest of the event will be MPA Nisar Ahmed Khoro.

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